Der Spiegel lies and spins

By Ted Belman

With the 40th anniversary of the Six Day War upon us revisionists are hard at work.

Der Spiegle has a major article entitled ISRAEL’S PYRRHIC VICTORY Don’t you believe it.

The paragraph headings tell the story.

    Refugees Deprived of their Land
    A Massive Land Grab

The ignorance or malevolence is mind blowing as represented by this extract

In 1967, he (Shaul Arieli) says, about 2.4 million Jews and 1.2 million Arabs lived in the region between the Mediterranean and Jordan, which the settlers call Erez Israel.

As a result of their higher birth rate, the Palestinians have almost made up the difference today. While the number of Jews in Israel has more than doubled, four times as many Palestinians live there today than 40 years ago. Today there are 5 million Arabs and 5.3 million Jews living on Israeli territory.

“The Arabs will be the majority in a few years,” says Arieli. In Israel’s core, there are five Jews to every Arab. If this ratio were expanded to the territories captured in 1967, he says, 16 million Jews would have to emigrate to Israel. “There aren’t that many Jews in the entire world,” says Arieli.

What nonsense.

The American Israel Demographic Research Group (AIDRG) in a new demographic study concluded that for the next 25 years Jews will outnumber Arabs between the Mediterranean and the Jordan, excluding Gaza, by a margin of 2:1.

Our 2005 study, “The Million Person Gap: Arab Population in the West Bank and Gaza,” documented that the PA exaggerated its 2004 resident population by 1.34 million. The AIDRG correction, a figure in line with previous Israeli population figures for the Territories, is 1.4 million for West Bank and 1.1 million for Gaza in 2004. Jews are a 67% majority in Israel and the West Bank.

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