Desperate measures for desperate times.

By Ted Belman

First Netanyahu stakes his ground for the upcoming elections whenever they may be.

    “I am willing to die for this, and I’m certain you are as well. This faith and devotion will be upheld forever. Hold your heads high, be proud of our tradition and safeguard Jerusalem,”

Now Mofaz does likewise no doubt in part or in full because he is way behind Livni. (desperate measures for desperate times.)

    he pledges to “keep Jerusalem united as Israel’s eternal capital.”

    “We will keep alive the magnificent dynasty of the days of King David, who named the city as our capital 3,000 years ago,

    “Jerusalem is not a piece of real estate, and no one has the authority to redivide it.”

    “Hamas and Fatah will end up back in each others’ arms. Qassams are still falling, (kidnapped IDF soldier) Gilad Shalit is still there, and today it is totally clear to us that an IDF operation will come,”

    “This is not the right time to pursue a permanent agreement or make concessions.”

Now we have to watch the Kadimah polls to see if that helps his standing against Livni.

Meanwhile Mofaz approves revised route of security fence in Jerusalem area. Since Arab areas are included it is argued it is useless as security. On the other hand what parts of the undivided Jerusalem he now stands for are on the other side?

PA: Mofaz as head of Kadima would be disaster for peace

    A victory by Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz in next month’s Kadima Party leadership race would be a disaster for the peace process, senior Palestinian Authority officials say.

    The officials said that an American-Palestinian plan for the continuation of the process is contingent on Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni winning the primary. A Mofaz victory, in contrast, would send the talks into a deep freeze, given his hawkish views.

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