Israel delivers warnings

By Ted Belman

To Syria and Iran

Yet the most worrisome development has to do with a new component that Hizbullah is attempting to set up in Lebanon with Syrian assistance. We are talking about an anti-aircraft system that is aimed at limiting Israel’s ability to gather intelligence above Lebanon, and later make it more difficult for the Israeli Air Force to strike in Lebanon and Syria. Should Iran, Syria, and Hizbullah be able to establish a massive anti-aircraft system in Lebanon, this will fundamentally change the strategic balance of power. [..]

The message to Syria, which is also being conveyed via Wednesday’s cabinet meeting and through other means, some of them clandestine, is as follows: Israel would not accept the establishment of an advanced anti-aircraft system in Lebanon; should it be set up, Israel will not hesitate to act against it.

To Hezbollah

Israel is also warning Lebanon against granting Hizbullah the freedom to act, in light of the latest government decision in Beirut that in fact defines Hizbullah as part of the national army. And the third issue: A warning to Hizbullah to refrain from carrying out acts of revenge for the killing of Imad Mugniyah; such acts would meet a “disproportional response.”

To Hamas

The first message has to do with Gilad Shalit, and it was conveyed Monday by IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi; it was not slip of the tongue by the army chief while he spoke with new recruits.

Israel is very concerned about Hamas’ foot-dragging on Shalit. In fact, Hamas refuses to embark on negotiations at this time for three reasons: Firstly, Hamas views Shalit as an “insurance policy” against a large-scale military operation. Secondly, Hamas wants to see Israel opening the Gaza Strip crossings and Egypt releasing detained group members. Finally, there are disagreements between Hamas and the other parties to the abduction.

[..] The words uttered by the army chief Monday were meant to make it clear to those holding Gilad and those who may hurt him that Israel knows who they are and will “settle the score with them” should Shalit be even slightly hurt.

Regardless of whether Israel knows precisely where Shalit is held or not, it is quite clear that a ground operation to secure his release is out of the question at this time because of current conditions, and because it would risk the soldier’s life.

Yet when the army chief says “we know where he’s being held, and by who,” this is more than a warning message. Ashkenazi also clearly noted that Israel knows Gilad is currently alive and well. That is: Any change in his condition will draw a harsh response against the perpetrators, even if it takes years to get to them.

The Barak Doctrine

As noted, Israel prefers to convey messages rather than embarking on a confrontation and violating the stable ceasefires on both fronts, in the north and south. The government is aware that the security threats on both fronts are growing in a way that requires immediate action. However, in line with the “Barak doctrine,” it tries – by conveying diplomatic and media messages – to neutralize or at least delay the expansion of the threats, in the hopes of postponing the confrontation as much as is possible.

[Can’t say that I like or understand the Barak Doctrine.]

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  1. Yamit82,

    I agree. Less talk and more action in defense of the Jews of Israel. This pathetic Israeli government, which has done all it can to endanger Israel, talks tough as though that means anything to the Muslims. They know by now that Israel will always back off before delivering the decisive blow, if she uses force at all. Deterrence doesn’t work when your enemies don’t think you will use force. It also doesn’t work when your neighbors brag that they prefer death.

    Israel must act to protect its people. Enough with holding back so that Israeli response will be “proportionate;” enough with phony negotiations; enough with international “peace-keeping” forces; enough with trying to convince a hostile “international community” of our peaceful intentions; enough with stopping the fight before the enemy that started it is defeated. If the world can’t already see the difference between democratic Israel and its jihad-loving, terrorist-supporting Muslim neighbors, then there is no convincing them. The “international community” would rather cave to terrorists threats, secure unlimited access to Arab oil and economic markets and appease their own hostile Muslim communities. The self-righteous talk of the “legitimate rights of the Palestinian people” is not a result of a fair application of principles, but an indicator of crude self-interest or anti-Jewish prejudice dressed up as morality. Enough.

  2. Israel has one big problem to overcome, and that is the Arabs don’t believe our hollow threats anymore and we are viewed as a paper tiger who are afraid to lose soldiers, do not protect our civilians, or national sovereignty. So we warned them again! I can see them laughing so hard at us. Yes we warned them again!! Those diaper heads are really quaking in their sandals!!!