Did Abbas make a concession or didn’t he

By Ted Belman

GIL HOFFMAN reports today that Netanyahu told a confidant in a private conversation Monday, “You don’t understand how much influence he has over Trump,” Evidently Netanyahu was furious about the American Jewish leader’s meeting with Abbas. Netanyahu also said ““Out of the people around Trump, he is my biggest challenge to overcome.””

Likud MK Anat Berko said Netanyahu is in favor of reviving diplomatic talks.

But another Likud MK expressed resentment over Lauder’s intervention, saying “well-meaning American Jews who want to push peace don’t realize how much damage they are causing.”

As late as a week ago Abbas said that the Palestinian leadership “will not accept any solution” that does not include a state along 1967 lines and east Jerusalem as its capital.” I guess that settles it.

The PA is starting from the premise that the are entitled to all the land to the greenline and if they give up an inch of it they are being flexible. And much of the world agrees with them.

This is Israel’s fault. She should be forever repeating that she is entitled to keep all the land to the Jordan River because of the Mandate, the “67 War, Res 242 and the Levy Report.

That should be the starting point of any negotiations.

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5 Comments / 5 Comments

  1. xx
    “The starting point in any negotiations”….. meaning that the negotiations should advance from there to “how many backward steps the squatter Arabs will take without being pushed”, then push until they have to cross the River. Speaking metaphorically ….ofP course.

    On another matter, I have found for the past few days that getting this site has become much easier and now only takes about 6-7 secs, where before it took a minimum of 15, and most often up to a minute or not at all. So can I say that the site is much improved -from my point of view.

  2. Edgar G. Said:

    where before it took a minimum of 15, and most often up to a minute or not at all. So can I say that the site is much improved -from my point of view

    possibly your using a slow PC or using dial up, or as one gets older they go at a slower pace not to get to that final place to soon

  3. So far the only things the Islamists offer are: taqiyya and hudna. Hopefully someone will explain that to Trump!

  4. What is the historical precedent for a Muslim to concede anything, anywhere? We have been told that Muslims cannot make any concessions to infidels. Isn’t it enough that they have voiced over and over how they will destroy Israel, slice by slice, if they have to? Have they not written in their books that they intend to rule a worldwide caliphate? Why then do so many writers, media items etc. keep repeating the need for negotiations? No, there should be no negotiations, only the choice given the Arabs to either leave Israel or agree to live in peace with whatever autonomous status is finally agreed upon for their areas. That’s already more than they deserve. They can take it or leave. Make it simple enough for them.

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