Did Israel allow this attack to take place in order to justify leveling Gaza

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  1. Ber, you are correct! In one kibbutz last Saturday where the security came upon the terrorists entering the chicken farm, they killed the first terrorists and the rest fled. No one was hurt in that kibbutz.

    When I lived on the Golan almost every house had someone with an UZI or M16. The first thing the IDF Colonel in charge of Security when I arrived was ask me if I wanted an M16 or Uzi and made sure I knew how to use it.

    We were always required to have someone armed when we left the kibbutz center and went into the Orchards to work.

    This total dependence on the IDF is counter logical. Many terrorist attacks in many places in Israel are stopped by a civilian with a gun.

  2. All this focus on the intelligence failure is to miss the point. Sophisticated barriers have a long history of failure. The Maginot Line in France and the Bar Lev Line in the Sinai are two that come to mind. Yes, even the vaunted Israeli intelligence can f*ck up. But what really allowed the slaughter was the seemingly complete failure of the individual security teams of the kibbutzim and small towns. It is incredible that in a border area such as Gaza there weren’t constant 24/7 armed civilian patrols as in the past. The citizens of Israel have been disarmed over the years. The individual with a gun is the ultimate last line of defense and, as a result of longstanding government policy They were left completely defenseless. The false flag idea is nonsense. This isn’t the American Empire.

  3. The intelligence failure that led to the Yom Kippur War was the fault of one man, Eli Zeira*, we now know. All the intel went to him and he downplayed it. The movie, “Golda” that just came out, has a scene in which Meir incredulously asks why he would have had the listening posts on the Egyptian border shut down and was told, “because nobody wants to be wrong.”

    In another scene, Dayan argues that maybe the Egyptians are trying to wreck the Israeli economy by making the government continually mobilize for false alarms like the one the previous year with staging exercises.

    This is an argument for a standing professional army, in my opinion. The U.S. had both systems in place during the 2nd Iraq War. After the Civil War, and World War I, as in every war, up to that point, The U.S. army was reduced to a skeleton force. That changed after World War Two.

    Maybe the problem is that there are no checks and balances in the intelligence community? There are apparently cons as well as pros to a tightly centralized chain of command and the secrecy this entails. Without it, Bibi could not have obtained the intelligence about the Iranian nukes that he presented to the U.S. congress. But, maybe these people need commissars of a sort looking over their shoulders reporting to the PM (not the kind of adversarial insanity of an AG who is the enemy of the government). “Who watches the watchers?”

    This wasn’t the only damage he did. Decades later, the retired Zeira hungering for glory, he exposed the identity of Israel’s informant in the Egyptian high command in 1973, Dr. Asaf Marwan, Sadat’s son-in-law, then living in London decades later to a reporter in an interview. Marwan was assassinated, shortly thereafter.

    The sheer magnitude of the disasters caused by the ego of one bureaucrat. Could that have happened again on the 50th annniversary of the last time Israel was caught unawares, a kind of gruesome zombie jubilee*?

    *gallows humor: trailer for Jane Austen horror parody, “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” (2016)

    “Five sisters in 19th century England must cope with the pressures to marry while protecting themselves from a growing population of zombies.”


  4. How Could Israeli Intelligence Miss the Hamas Invasion Plans?

    The intelligence community knew plotting was ongoing, but the warning was too general to result in decisive, preventive action or improved defenses. Policymakers often expect precision: an attack by this entity will occur at this place at this time. Rarely—if ever—does a picture that clear come together. The Hamas assault on Israel may turn into a case of nonspecific warning: some reports indicate that U.S. and Israeli intelligence were watching for rising tensions, but there was no precise warning of an impending attack. The New York Times reported that Israeli intelligence issued a specific warning to border guards immediately before the attack, flagging a surge in activity, but those warnings went unheeded for unclear reasons.

  5. @Bear

    Israel intentionally let Hamas cross the border with 1500 terrorists to murder, rape, mutilate its babies and destroy kibbutzim. NO WAY IN HELL!!

    You’re right. My point was that it is hard to believe they knew nothing.

  6. What a disgusting load of unmitigated crap. Yes Israel intentionally let Hamas cross the border with 1500 terrorists to murder, rape, mutilate its babies and destroy kibbutzim. NO WAY IN HELL!!

    Ted, you really post some crap some times. This is one really takes the cake.
    Ted, do some research:

    Hamas knows Israel listens to all electronic communications, they provided disinformation on this to the tune that they were not interest conflict now. They only told a few commanders the whole picture and executed their whole plan. This was done directly and not over the phone or via email.

    There will be time after the war to find out what we did wrong which certainly was many things. Intentionally letting them attack Israel was not one of them for the purposes of attacking Gaza.

    I read best in English but live news reports I watch extensively in Hebrew on Channel 11 and 14. The flavor and depth of the news I get this way is not passed on the second or third hand reports that come out in English spoken or written news. I think that is the only reason someone could possibly post garbage like this video and think it had the tiniest credibility.

  7. So, according to this spook, Israel sealed off Gaza, persuading Egypt to do the same and denied them food, water and necessary supplies just to be mean but looked the other way when they imported sophisticated weapons somehow and this Judge is the one vouching for him. So, now that’s Judge Napolitano as well as Tucker on the American anti-Globalist Republican right who hate Israel. I think the lesson here is to be very careful of who if anybody to vote for in any given election, without just looking at the party or even if Trump endorses them – which he will do if they do the same for him. And just throwing out there that Menendez, who was the only U.S. senator besides Schumer, who was bought off with the Majority whip chair, to oppose the Iran Deal. Wow! What are they going to accuse Israel of next? 9/11?

    And look at this ex-spy grin when he talks about quadruple crosses.

    I’m sure he’s having fun spreading doubts about the IDF and Mossad at this critical moment when morale is so crucial. In fact, they both look like they’re having fun.

    I will never take Napolitano, who looks and talks like somebody who stepped out of a movie about the mafia, seriously again.

  8. Hi, Ted
    I would be surprised if neither Shin Beit nor the NSA knew what was going on. I think they are both Deep State institutions, though, and might not have passed on the needed information to their PM & president. Whatever the case, I see no basis for those two (Nap & Giraldi) to accuse Netanyahu of deliberately and premeditatively plotting to wipe out Gaza. Jewish leaders have character flaws, and the Jewish people have done many foolish things; but until shown otherwise, I take this as a slur against God’s chosen from N & G.

  9. It is very hard to believe that Israel didn’t know about this attack in advance.Israel is not oblivious to what is going on inside Gaza. Look at the hundreds of targets Israel has identified should a war take place. Surely Israel had an inkling of the weapons smuggling and the training. It is their job to know what is going on. At a minimum Israel must have been aware of the preparation.
    How much she knew is yet to be determined.
    Israel also watches Jordan and Egypt very closely.
    The US advised Israel before the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War, to allow the Arabs to strike the first blow because subsequent reaction is easier to back than a pre-emptive strike.
    But whether this was a false flag or not is irrelevant todayh. There is time for this discussion in the aftermath. Not now.

  10. Did Israel allow this attack to take place in order to justify leveling Gaza

    I seriously doubt this. That would be seriously out of character for Jews, even secular Jews. I don’t know Trotsky, but I can’t even imagine him doings such a thing. To the Muslims, of course, such a thing would be second nature. Our Deep State actors could very well do such a thing, but they would try to hide it. Now let me see if I can last through a few minutes of Judge Nap…

    I can’t believe I actually sat through and listened to most of this. Napolitano and Giraldi are enemies of Israel. Yuck!