Putin cautions Israel that ground attack on Gaza would be unacceptable

T. Belman. Russia said Hamas attack was “unprecedented in its cruelty”. Til this, both Russia and China did not acknowledge this truth. Putin is going out of his way to call for “the creation of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as it capital.”  Why? He probably thinks it will get Russia more friends in the Muslim World.

Whereas the West has taken the position for the moment that Israel has the right to defend itself.  Here, Putin rules out a ground invasion.  Why? Many suggest Putin welcomed this war so that it would take presure of him in the Ukraine War. This stance says otherwise.

by Reuters • 5h

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) leaders’ summit in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, October 13, 2023. Sputnik/Pavel Bednyakov/Pool via REUTERS© Thomson Reuters

BISHKEK (Reuters) -Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Friday for an end to the bloodshed in the Middle East and cautioned Israel that a ground offensive in Gaza would lead to an “absolutely unacceptable” number of civilian casualties.

Israel’s military on Friday called for all civilians of Gaza City, more than 1 million people, to relocate south within 24 hours, as it amassed tanks for an expected ground invasion in response to a devastating attack by the militant group Hamas.

Putin said Israel had been subjected to “an attack unprecedented in its cruelty” and had the right to protection, but that the bloodshed should cease, cautioning that a ground attack would lead to “serious consequences for all sides”.

“And most importantly, the civilian casualties will be absolutely unacceptable. Now the main thing is to stop the bloodshed,” Putin said at a summit in Kyrgyzstan with other former republics of the Soviet Union.

“Russia is ready to coordinate with all constructively minded partners,” Putin said, adding that the key to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was the creation of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as it capital.

Russia, which has relations with Israel, the Palestinians, and groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah, Iran and major Arab powers, has repeatedly blamed the United States for ignoring the fate of Palestinians and thus sowing chaos in the Middle East.<

“The major tragedy that Israelis and Palestinians are currently experiencing is the direct result of the United States’ failed policy in the Middle East,” Putin said.

“The Americans, with the support of their European satellites, tried to monopolise” the Middle East peace process, Putin said.

Russia built much closer relations with Israel after the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union and Israel was cautious about openly criticising Moscow for its 2022 invasion of Ukraine, which has left hundreds of thousands of people dead or injured.

Since the devastating Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel, both Kyiv and Moscow have sought to compare the events in the Middle East to the war in Ukraine. Kyiv has compared Moscow to Hamas while Russia has said the West has ignored the fate of the Palestinians while supporting Israel.

“More than a million people from Gaza must urgently evacuate… at the demand of the Israeli army. Yet all the ‘Western partners’ are shamefully silent,” former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said.

“I wonder what their reaction would be to a similar demand to the Kyiv regime to evacuate one of (its) major cities?”

(Writing by Guy Faulconbridge; editing by Mark Heinrich)

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  1. Denys Davydov
    pilotblog 6 hours ago
    Open in
    Hamas thanked Putin for supporting militants in the war against Israel

    “We in the Islamic Resistance Movement appreciate the position of Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding the ongoing Zionist aggression against our people and his rejection of the siege of Gaza, the cessation of humanitarian aid supplies from it and attacks on the civilian population there,” the militants said.


    “Thank you” letters are a sign of politeness.

    PS. I second Reuveni’s suggestion.

  2. I agree with other commentators that Putin is an opportunist and sees a temporary vacuum of support for Hamas and Iran. He is looking to create a great rival to the West in the Global South. In addition, anyone who uses their power to dissuade Israel from what she needs to do to survive, is on the side of the barbarians. But we already knew that Putin was an ally of Iran, so this is nothing new. He can hardly remain allies with Iran if he publicly supports Israel. At this point what Putin said is not surprising. What would be surprising is if he said he fully supports Israel doing whatever she needs to do.

  3. @dreuveni

    f Putin loves the Palestinians so much, is he willing to invite them as immigrants to Russia?

    😀 Love your comment.

  4. Hi, Ketzel

    When will you give up on this guy?

    I am not mightily impressed with the mental capacity of humans, starting with myself. What impresses me mightily, is that God created us while making a universe uniquely designed for us, on a planet uniquely designed for us, gave us His word so we could come to know Him, ourselves and everything else, taught us laws of truth and good, made covenants with us, watched us all completely botch them, raised up a human like us who actually “got it”. then allowed him to be killed so we, who deserved to die, could live.

    As for our intelligence and ability to reason, it is very much over-rated. If a human can be convinced of anything, he can just as easily be unconvinced. Nevertheless, even after he has long convinced even himself that he is wrong, he will cling to his opinions as though they have become vital organs.

    I’m glad you got to run a “victory lap” 🙂

    Putin is a human being; and woe to him who puts his trust in him or any other piece of flesh. To me, he is one of the leaders of a coalition (the Eurasian Axis) that wants to take over the world. The US, G7, etc. are the modern descendants of the Roman Empire. They already HAVE taken over the world to a great extent; and their leaders would like to take even more. They have our bodies, and are going for our minds. If it were possible, they would devour our very souls. Neither Putin, nor Xi, nor anyone else, will rescue us from their clutches; because they control us from inside out. Only we can overcome them, through the God who made us.

    Shalom shalom.

  5. BTW, there is no point in offering a critique of USA policy toward Israel and everything else on this article, because I rememberr when I first got online in 1999 or so, I immediately found common cause with people who advocated a military coup a la Pinochet. I briefly had a photo of Pinochet as the header on one of my first blogs. So when I dump on Russia, I’m not excusing the USA. But really, Putin’s remarks about Israel, please…there is absolutely no excuse, he’s really gone to the dark side like Madonna, who also seemed nice enough at first.

  6. Peloni, I’ve called the USA a frenemy even before I started reading this blog years ago. I don’t excuse the USA,, but we are discussing Putin’s reaction to the current crisis, and I am especially qualified to point out that this blog used to be the Putin Fan Club, and will no longer be that since he compares Israel to Nazis. That’s all. And I only resumed posting here because of the war, the Putin Fan Club here was too much for me. I am not fixated on Putin, far from it, my relationship with Eastern Europe and Putin is complex, but that isn’t the subject at the moment.

    When I read the otherwise excellent commenter scraping the bottom of the barrel about how Americans see Putin a certain way because of American propaganda, I really had to provide a reality check.

    FWIW, I too somewhat enjoyed Putin the pop star, and when I was in Bulgaria and often saw his speeches on tv, I thought, thank god for the beauty and refinement of the Russian language. When you live in Bulgaria, Putin represents culture, no offense to Bulgarians. Just some folksy but relevant observations. That’s exactly what’s been missing from this blog, actual experience. Russian family values, oy gevalt. You’ve all been sold a bridge.

  7. @ketzel2
    Good to see you posting again.

    Now I’ll take my victory lap, because when Putin sold Iran weapons, I knew they would be used against Israel, and most people here swept it under the carpet because Putin stood for family values.

    Keep in mind from where the funds came to pay for those weapons which Russia notably sold, and not gifted, to Iran as you note. Contrasting with the bartering of money for arms conducted by Russia to support its economic needs (made all the more necessary by the botched US economic war on it), billions of US dollars have simply been given to Iran over the past decade by first Obama and then Biden. It is this US aid which has provided the means for Iran to pay for what Putin sold to them. So when you suggest that it is blood money which Putin is taking from Iran during its trade with them, recall that it is US policy which made that trade possible, specifically due to US financial tranfers, not sales, not trade, but simply gifted financial transfers, to the Mullahs. We all pay for what we need, and sell what others want, but when we give money for nothing, nothing at all, well that indicates sponsorship and such sponsorship should be seen as being far more condemnable than the sales being made between Russia and Iran. Furthermore, the US has specifically provided a carve out in US sanctions against Russia such that Russia can use the Western trade system to facilitate nuclear trade between Russia and Iran, making it clear that the relationship which now exists between Russia and Iran was desired and supported by US economic policy which is still ongoing amid the economic war against Russia. Trump’s policies focused on making America great again, but the US policy before him and since him specifically made Iran great again, and more specifically, it made Iran a nuclear power, and it manipulated Russia to cooperate with this goal, irregardless of how much or little Russia desired to do so.

    Consequently, I would suggest that the blood which stains the streets of southern Israel, is far more relatable to US aid going to Iran, the PA, Jordan, Lebanon and Hamas, than to the weapon sales between Russia and Iran. Since you seem fixated on Putin, perhaps you would comment on the broader context of this reality than just Putin.

    As EvEr1 well states,


    and their state sponsorship of terror against Israel has stood as a far greater threat and enabler of terror against Israel than the arms sales which that sponsorship has facilitated. Perhaps in your diatribe focused solely on Putin, you might address this perspective.

  8. @EvRe1

    >Very few people I know idolize Putin. In fact I know of no one who idolizes Putin. I do not know what the information is like in Israel that is available to the average citizen, but in the US, our media is now State Media. Therefore very few Americans have knowledge of any real facts about Putin.

    You may have missed some of the pro-Putin chat on this blog and conservative blogs in general. The gist of it was that Putin is a nationalist who puts Russia first, he is pro religion, pro family values, etc. unlike the decadent West that tolerates all those fegeles. We should be more like Russia.

    This was always frustrating to me, because I lived and traveled in some shitholes in Eastern Europe, met many Russians, and know firsthand that Russia is not what people think re family values, and I always knew Putin was not a friend of Israel because he was selling Iran weapons years ago.

    Even this blog uses the disgraced and disgraceful Scott Ritter as a trusted source. IMO, someone who has been caught more than once in an underage internet sex sting, is not a source for any subject. Putin has obviously been leading him around by his schlong, including providing his wife, even before he got arrested.}

    You may not know the history, but people on this blog should own this. Putin isn’t what some conservatives hallucinated he was. Eastern Europe, especially Russia, is a low trust society, with alcoholism and high rate of abortion. You can’t trust anyone to do what you pay them to do, unless you go to a notary. There are notaries on every block in Eastern Europe.

    I mention all this, because you have stated that people’s opposition to Putin is based on American propaganda. This is simply not true. For many years, I think conservatives have seen Putin as a pop star, because his image was different and refreshing, and even I got a kick out of his macho image and the horse picture. So your argument is a bit of a straw man.

    Now I’ll take my victory lap, because when Putin sold Iran weapons, I knew they would be used against Israel, and most people here swept it under the carpet because Putin stood for family values. Maybe I was immune to that because I am not run by homosexual panic. I like fegeles, although they’ve become more annoying lately.

    Also, Putin had that annoying line about how he cared about Israel because there were so many Russians there. That turned my stomach. Israel has so many Russians because they can’t live comforrtably in Russia, being Jews. His oligarch pals don’t prove anything, some of his best friends are Jews, especially if they’re billionaires and have private armies. Y’all got fooled, I’m one of the few who got it right early on.

  9. @Seb, have you ever read about the Bahia religion. It is the fourth monotheistic religion and is quite peaceful. I talked to some Bahia’s ansd they are very pleasant. I am not changing religions but their religion is very interesting and non threatening. A Bahia Uber driver once explained a lot of it to me and then I did a bit of reading about it.

  10. I see people are responding to the comment of mine that the AI ate as I was presumably adding too much to it.

  11. Putin’s main point is that the US has had a failed approach to the Middle East. Now, how many people here disagree with that?

    Quoting from the JNS article, “Putin repeated previous criticism of the United States, saying the current tragedy was the outcome of the failure of US policy in the Middle East.”

    Whatever else Putin does, he is in the position, based upon YET ANOTHER failed OBAMA-BIDEN US policy, this time towards Russia, of having to defend his country from the US which went into Ukraine with the goal of regime change in Russia, despite the fact that there was no national security reason for fighting in Ukraine. This, despite the fact that Ukraine had been in the past part of Russia.

    So let’s see, if Putin went in to northern Canada with the goal of “regime change” in the US, we would feel how towards Putin?

    Let me help you: we would feel he had no right to be there. We would feel he was looking for a fight, looking for a reason to make war.


    Very few people I know idolize Putin. In fact I know of no one who idolizes Putin. I do not know what the information is like in Israel that is available to the average citizen, but in the US, our media is now State Media. Therefore very few Americans have knowledge of any real facts about Putin.

    We have been told he is a thug and a wealthy one. So is Joe Biden.
    We have been told he is a war criminal. We have been told this by US media that represents the US. The US is also a war criminal.

    Conservative Americans now do not trust anything the media says about anybody, especially Putin. Is it any wonder that Americans, fed up with the Obama Biden created upside down world that is now the United States wonder if even Putin might have something positive about him?

    We Americans are in an abusive relationship with our government. We trust nothing. When I was growing up we were told that is what it was like living in the Soviet Union. And now we are to believe everything the media says that is horrible about Putin?

    Wake up everyone. All the people here who hate Putin can take a victory lap if you want to. Everyone else can relax and realize no one here ever said Putin was Mother Theresa.


    That is what we should be paying attention to, even though it is one of the most painful realities in the life of any American Jew who loves Israel.

    Putin can say what he wants to show he is important in the world. Meanwhile the perverse Obama-Biden team is up to their necks in Iranian spies, and has NOT SHOWN ANY WILLINGNESS TO STOP FUNDING IRAN.

    Let’s keep our focus on our Israeli brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, grandparents, cousins, and friends. Let’s try to understand THEIR/YOUR perspective.

    It is clear that Hamas worked hard to dupe the US and then Israel that they were [kind of] negotiating partners. At least that goes for anyone in Israel or the US that never read their charter. Anyone else who read their charter has no excuse for being duped.

    But that is also beside the point. The point is, and this is painful: I think Israelis have known for a long time that the US had poisoned their relationship with Israel by their empowerment of Iran, but no one in Israel who knew this for sure could come out in public and admit it, (except Caroline Glick) and no one could really come up with a plan based upon that reality.

    That is the issue: If Israel cannot count on the US as an ally, if the US is an adversary towards Israel, what are Israel’s options?

    Caroline Glick raised this with former Ambassador Friedman in an interview just in the last 4 weeks AND HE COULDN’T DEAL WITH IT EITHER. He said “Israel shouldn’t give up on the United States.” He couldn’t really come up with an explanation of why. The implication was it was dangerous.


  12. @Sebastian we agree! I am for expelling them or if some are allowed to stay it must be under very tight circumstances. You clearly have the correct flavor.

    I am worried the politicians will not go as far as we advocate. On the Hebrew spoken news there are many debates about this now. There are more people than I have heard talking about making sure the Gazans are gone. The man on the street is also saying this. Not all but many!

    At the end of the war in Gaza, I am for having the Mossad do an operation in Qatar that kills the Hamas heads (politicos) that live there and operate from there.

    The situation in Judea/Samaria must also be change and Sovereignty must applied there and the demographics changed. Kahane was absolutely correct!

  13. @Bear

    If Hamas is still a military force at the end of this war that will be a complete disaster for Israel.

    Or even a political force. One will inevitably generate the other. Hamas must be exterminated and whether they can be completely expelled or not, the Arabs cannot ever be permitted self-rule again. The experiment has failed. All the threats of sanctions in the world will not make this a a safe gamble. Clearly.

    An Israeli military government must once again be tasked with controlling education, religion and culture in all its forms to make sure that antisemitic or nationalist content is not permitted anywhere.

    If they are allowed to stay, the Arabs must not be in charge of educating their own young anymore. It will always lead to the same place.

    It’s a pain, I know, but considering the alternative, it’s just “the Jewish man’s burden.”

    And besides saving Jewish lives, these heathen savages will be the better for it (says the secular agnostic Jewish Buddhist) 😀 (Hey, we’ve got a Trotskyist Zionist or two, a Christian Zionist, why not?) “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. “Self-Reliance.” 1841. not be be confused with Juche (Self-Reliance) 1982 by (or ghost-written for ) Kim Il Sung. 😀

    I let a couple of Chabad characters put the tefillin on me for Israel on the street today. I said, what the hell, I’ll try anything. Nobody knows what’s up there, anyway. If a Zorastrian comes and says the same thing next, I’ll try it. anything but Christian or Muslim. (too much negative baggage there.)_

  14. @Sebastian so far the USA is not restraining Israel. In fact they have given instructions to their diplomats specifically not to do that.

    I will tell you something I have thought for a longtime Putin did not try to stop Israel in Syria, one it was not that important to him and two the IAF is more advanced than his military and in short battles the Russian’s would likely lose. The IAF has beaten all the Russian air defense systems that are in Syria. Sure would be hard for Russia if the Israelis defeat the systems they are trying to export, especially in direct battle.

    Also there was nothing in it to be a direct adversary of Israel for Russia. They are indirect adversary of Israel because their allies are Iran.

    The Israeli military needs to completely destroy Hamas and change the situation in Gaza completely. That is the minimum Israel needs to do. If Hamas is still a military force at the end of this war that will be a complete disaster for Israel.

  15. @Bear

    He called for collective efforts to secure an early ceasefire and stabilize the situation on the ground.

    from the article you cited. This has been his position consistently in the Middle East. This is why he didn’t stop Israel from destroying Syrian bases of his ally in Iran and only started making grouchy noises about it when Israel began assisting Ukraine with humanitarian aid as well as holding up the decision about giving Russia that disputed church in Jerusalem.

    He’s not Israel’s friend. He’s nobody’s friend. He wants to keep Muslims from pouring into Russia where they already represent a demographic threat so he wants to stabilize the places they already live and keep them calm. He’s Iran’s ally because we gave him no choice.

    He only represents Russia. So, he’s a hypocrite. And yes, a brutal hypocrite. There is no reason the Russian areas that seceded should return to Ukraine or NATO should have bases there if there is a negotiated peace.

    He’s playing the even-handed game with Hamas that the U.S. has been playing with the PLO and before that Egypt and before that Saudi Arabia. The U.S. has been funding UNRWA since it’s inception in 1950!

    It is not in Israel’s interest for that war to continue. It plays into Iran’s hands.

    Peace with Hamas is not an option. Clearly.

    So, in this context, screw Russia and Screw the U.S. They both want to restrain Israel in the next phase. It’s the quartet, all over again.

    Putin wants an ceasefire in both places but in Ukraine he should get what he wants but in Israel, nobody should get what they want, stalemate, again.

    “Well, It’s good to want things.” – “Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael.” (1990)j American movie.

    I hope the Israeli leadership has the balls to “just say no.” – Nancy Reagan in the “War on Drugs” commercial.

    Monday, December 10, 2012
    Israel, US and the Stinking Fish – 1976

    “KAHANE” MAGAZINE September 1976

    Israel, US and the Stinking Fish
    Rabbi Meir Kahane

    “Many times I have spoken of the Talmudic parable of the king, his servant, and the fish. Never was it more apt. [Events of today between Bibi and Obama.]

    Once there was a king who sent his servant to buy a fish. The servant returned with a fish that stank. In fury the king gave the servant a choice of three punishments: “Eat the fish, get whipped for the fish, or pay for the fish.” In common with most people, the servant chose not to reach into his pocket and he decided to eat the stinking fish but after two bites the stench made him give up and he decided to get whipped for it. The pain of the lashes, however, made him stop that, too, and he cried out, “I will pay for the fish!”

    And so the fool ate the fish, got whipped for the fish and, in the end, had to pay for it, anyhow. Those in Israel and without, who refuse to understand that nothing will deter America from demanding that Israel make the maximum concessions, play the same fool. Those who do not understand that there is nothing that Israel can possible do, that there are no compromises it can make, that there is nothing short of full retreat to the 1967 borders that will satisfy the United States-are the same fools as the servant who ate, got whipped and in the end had to pay anyhow,

    Their refusal to make the difficult choice of telling the Americans “no”, now, at this moment, will see them making the retreats they hope will avert American anger; it will see this effort fail even as the frontier moves from its present lines within the Arab heartland to new ones close to the Jewish cities; and most important, the Americans will make the same demands they always have envisioned since the days of the Roger Plan-total Israeli withdrawal. And since this is a thing that not even the most dovish of Israelis will agree to, the result will be an ultimate Israeli firm “no”, an ultimate American anger of the kind all men of “new initiative” propose to avert today by compromise, and exactly the same conditions of confrontation that would come anyhow if the Israelis said their “no” today. There would be one great difference, however, a “no” today will bring the crisis while Israel stands poised near the Arab capitols. A “no” tomorrow, after all the hapless and confused compromises and “initiatives,” will bring the same crisis near Tel Aviv, Beersheva and Netanya.

    This is what happens when foolish and confused Israelis, by refusing to pay the price of saying “no” to the stinking fish of pressure, attempt to eat it, submit to getting beaten over it and then learn to their dismay that there is no escape from the difficult decision that they should have made in the first place.

    Let the Israeli government, its men of “new initiative” and the Jewish leaders in America understand several basic axioms:

    1) America is committed to the Roger Plan and the world’s interpretation of Security Council Resolution 242, i.e. Israeli withdrawal from all (but insignificant) parts of the lands of 1967. This includes the Golan Heights, Gaza, the entire West bank and the entire Sinai as well as changing Jerusalem’s present Jewish sovereignty status.

    2) American interests lie, in the minds of most officials in Washington, with Arab oil, the huge potential Arab market and with supplanting Soviet influence with American. This means, at best, an “even-handed” policy rather than a pro-Israeli one.

    3) America is moving steadily to recognition of the “Palestinians” as a people and of whomever they decide to have as their leaders. Those leaders are clearly the PLO and already the move to “moderate” the PLO, “public-relations-wise” is underway so that Washington can more easily pressure Israel into recognizing them.

    4) The Ford-Kissinger administration is determined to prevent stagnation and will pressure Israel into concession after concession.

    5) No administration will got to war for Israel and no administration will continue the present aid level no matter what Israel does or concedes. The frantic search for human allies will end as unsuccessfully as those Jews in the past who forgot what faith in the Jewish G-d was and who turned to Egypt or Assyria or other “allies” for help, only to learn to their dismay that the allies betrayed them.

    Stinking fish are not made to be eaten or to get whipped or. One must have the courage to look at the truth and pay the bitter price of honesty. America is tired of the Israeli nuisance and wishes it would ea t the fish already. The time to loudly proclaim “no” is now.”

  16. Putin Is Said to Compare U.S. Policies to Third Reich

    Wow, from 2007! Apparently, everybody’s a Nazi.


    “The tradition of all dead generations weighs like a nightmare on the brains of the living. And just as they seem to be occupied with revolutionizing themselves and things, creating something that did not exist before, precisely in such epochs of revolutionary crisis they anxiously conjure up the spirits of the past to their service, borrowing from them names, battle slogans, and costumes in order to present this new scene in world history in time-honored disguise and borrowed language.” – Karl Marx, “The 18th Brumaire of Louis-Napoleon”. 1848.

  17. Putin compares Israeli action in Gaza to WW2 Nazi tactics

    Putin said there had been calls even in the United States for a blockade of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip on a par with “the siege of Leningrad during World War II.”

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday an Israeli ground offensive in Gaza would result in a level of civilian casualties that would be “absolutely unacceptable.”

    Putin was speaking after Israel’s military called for all civilians of Gaza City – more than 1 million people – to relocate south within 24 hours, as it amassed tanks ahead of an expected ground invasion in response to a devastating weekend attack by the Islamist militant group Hamas.

    He said there had been calls even in the United States for a blockade of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip on a par with “the siege of Leningrad during World War II.”


  18. Can the resident Putin Fan Club rationalize this? When will you give up on this guy? The photos with the horse were a long time ago. All that’s left is evil and saggy tits.

  19. NYT reorted yesterday:

    In a televised speech, the Hamas spokesman Abu Ubaida said the group had achieved more than it had hoped for in its attack, which he said involved a 3,000-person battalion and a 1,500-person backup force. He confirmed reports that Hamas had successfully duped Israeli intelligence into believing that it did not want a major conflict.