Do not sell or give arms to Saudi Arabia or Egypt

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Hugh Fitzgerald, JIHAD WATCH

The Bush Administration announces in the same breath that “over ten years” Israel will receive “$30 billion in weapons,” and that Saudi Arabia will get “$20 billion” in weapons to stave off Iran (over what time period? 10 years, like the Israelis? Or more like a year or two?). And it announces also that, furthermore, a country that is in every way hostile to us, Egypt, will receive “$13 billion” in weapons as a gift.

What shall we say about this? Israel is not only a temporary ally but a permanent ally. It is a permanent part of the West and central to the West’s history, at this point, and must be kept alive not only for our own moral sanity, but also because its disappearance, or reduction to dhimmitudinous despair and reliance on Arab Muslim willingness to allow it to survive would whet, not sate, Arab and Muslim appetites. But this weapons transfer, billed as “$30 billion,” in fact is misleading. Over ten years that amounts to $3 billion a year in weapons aid, which is only one-quarter over the amount now given, and gratefully received. (And need one point out how many advances, in aerospace technology, and in everything from unmanned aircraft to explosives-resistant vehicles that ought to have been, but were not bought, by the Pentagon for use in Iraq, are developed by the Israelis for their, and of course our, use?) CONTINUE

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  1. I track the Saudi-sponsored expansion of militant, extremist Wahhabi Islam on my blog, Wahaudi. In just four months, I’ve collecting almost 500 relevant articles from around the world. There is so much more wrong here than the arms deal, and yet so little concern.

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