Does the “J” in “J Street” really stand for jihad?

By Steven Plaut, Jewish Press

“J Street” is the leftist radical anti-Israel lobby group funded by George Soros and others who hope it will neutralize AIPAC.

In a few days it will be holding a large shindig in Washington, DC. They are calling it “Give Voice to your Values.” (Get it? The Zionists do not let critics of Israel have a voice!)

We thought you might want to get to know some of those “voices” who will be speaking there:

    * Suhail Khan, and Islamic radical, often proclaimed incorrectly as a
    moderate, who has consorted with and praised the Muslim Bortherhood.

    * Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf, the radical pro-jihad Islamofascist
    anti-Christian Imam from the proposed Ground Zero Mosque. See sample statements of his here.

    * Maen Rashid Areikat, PLO terrorist and its “representative” in
    Washington, DC. Has been jailed by Israel for terrorism. Defender of
    anti-Semitic bigotry (see this)

    * Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, whose daughters were killed in the crossfire
    when Gaza terrorists opened fire, inlcuding with RPGs and missiles, at
    Israeli troops. See this. He sued Israel for returning fire at
    terrorists when his daughters were killed. He did not sue the Hamas.

    * Imam Yahya Hendi, a chaplain at Georgetown University, is the
    closest thing around to a moderate Moslem. He has spoken out against
    terrorism. Just how that makes him a bona fide lobbyist for this
    radical group funded by George Soros is unclear. (A true moderate
    would refuse to attend!)

    * Mustafa Barghouti, anti-Israel “activist,” arrested by Israel
    several times for involvement in terrorism, leader in the Boycott
    Israel movement

    * Amjad Atallah, legal advisor to Chief PLO Terrorist Mahmud Abbas,
    propagandist and apologist for the Hamas – see this, in which he
    falsely claims Hamas accepts the existence of Israel.

    * Nadia Bilbassy Charters, “journalist” for the pro-jihad Al-Arabiya
    news service

    * Mona Eltahawy – Arab anti-Israel blogger. See this. See her
    Israel-bashing quotes here.

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