Does the Left Know Who The Enemy Is?

By David Horowitz

Does anyone wonder where the Tom Hayden-Jane Fonda SDS radicals went? The ones who chanted “Hey, hey LBJ how many kids did you kill today?” and cheered on the Communists in Vietnam, and went into the streets to demand America’s withdrawal from Vietnam and became suddenly silent when our troops were pulled and the Communists proceeded to slaughter two-and-a half million Cambodians and Vietnamese? Well today they are the heart and soul of the Democratic Party, calling for a capitulation in the war in Iraq and referring to George Bush as Hitler, or perhaps merely suggesting that his mentality is fascist, while insisting and that America’s war in Iraq is a mask for conquest and imperial goals.

These aging New Lefties are also busy digging graves for the Jews in the Middle East by pretending that the genocidal Muslims in the Palestinian territories are really victims and that they only express genocidal desires because they’re frustrated and reduced to desperation by American and Israeli power. The lefties I’m referring to are grouped around magazines like the Nation and the American Prospect and websites like Daily Kos and Common Dreams; their organizations are among the netroots and Democratic Party caucuses like the “Campaign for America’s Future,” which are mandatory stations on the road to the White House for the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates.

August 17, 2007 | Comments Off on Does the Left Know Who The Enemy Is?

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