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  1. It is without a doubt that the winds of deceit are upon Israel; just as the same deceit is upon the American Citizens. A while back we find that President Bush stated to the Arab Nations that he would deliver Israel to them. Since then there has been continuous delivering to the Arab Terrorist of Fatah, Hamas Hezbulloh and the like…Saudi Arabia as one like. There has been airplanes, tanks, cannons, rockets, ammunition and guns of all sizes and descriptions. And the like Saudi Arabia is being assisted in becoming Nuclear with out going through all the processes of research and development as Iran and North Korea have gone through.

    Then the question of our American Fleets stationed in the middle east and Mediterranean to the point of war games played with the French? Why the French? They are not very friendly with Israel and quit friendly with the Arabs. Then we let Iraq buy 100,000 weapons from the Russians? Why? We have been supplying such to them all along. Have we really protested the United Nations as to how it has performed in Lebanon? How come our President gives orders to Israel and it cows down to follow out instructions…all of which has caused Israel to become weaker and less able to defend itself with the loss of buffer territories around it? There are too many arrows pointing directly to Israel. We have given Billions to Fatah knowing full well it will end up in Hamas’s hands….and all of it has thus far. Not anything if anything at all went to the citizens other than wages for Hamas warriors.

    Meanwhile President Bush is structuring his own laws within the Administrative Circle leaving our Congress out and it is aimed that we are to become Trilateral nation with Canada and Mexico. Our borders will move to north of Canads and South of Mexico. there will be new parliaments, courts that will usurp our supreme court, etc. Congress will be sent home without a job. We will become the lowest paid workers in the world so 300 to 800 members of the Cliche’ will reap the best profits on the World Market. The American dollar will disappear and the Amero will be issued in our Bankruptcy. Under those conditions the American Citizen has nothing to say about it. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights will be trashed. We will then be hearing about ‘We the People of the North American Union……’

    So where will all the agreements, charters and the like be with Israel and the once United States… know full well…null and void. All is planned and targeted by this cartel of President Bush for the year 2010. Also he has written laws by Executive order which congress has not challenged in 30 days sense their writings and are therefore law. It allows him to take full control of the nation without input from Congress or anyone else if a major incident hits this nation. There are no conditions set for any return to the original laws. Therefore, he remains then our Dictator. Persons, as my self, who speak out against all this may wel be declared any enemy or threat to the State. Therefore, with out charge and without aNY FUTURE OF LEGAL COUNSEL OR COURT APPEARANCES will be left to rot away in one of the (14) fourteen new detention centers built in various States.

    Fortunately for Israel You have a God who has laid forth covenants and promises to provide protection that will let Israel (God’s Land) to survive it all. We have no such promises as a nation God Speed to all of you! Return to Him and keep His Commands and you will even reap greater rewards.

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