Double standards

By Ted Belman

Sky News Arabia reported:
35 Islamic State fighters said killed in Jordanian airstrikes

Israel Radio reports:
25 IS-linked jihadists said killed in Sinai

In both cases we are not told who gave this info, nor are we told who counted them nor how they determined casualties were Islamic Jihadists nor whether there was any verification.

But when it comes to Israel, we know the media accepts what Hamas tells them and Hamas tells them they were civilians.

February 6, 2015 | 8 Comments »

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8 Comments / 8 Comments

  1. Israel watching the little King closely as the end results will or may determine who will man our Eastern border____ISIS or the Little King?

  2. @ Bear Klein:

    Bear really, you well know the /American press NEVER lies, just ask that great war hero Brian Williams. You don’t trust handsome blue eyed, blond men ?????????

  3. Ted Belman: Ted, yes there is a complete double standard. The US has been bombing in Syria and Iraq for a while now. We know their was no unintended deaths from the US because the media has not reported any.

  4. A military doing its job kills and destroy. They operate in that fashion, we in turn, have created a rubber bullet styled political machine in uniform. There are more attorneys in there than sharpshooters.