Ehud Barak instigates a coup- VIDEO

July 26, 2023 | 3 Comments »

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  1. Any person, and I mean anyone who is involved with the trafficking of under children for sex should be executed. Barak was with Jeffrey Epstein for way too many visits. He is scum just like Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and all the other Israeli Jews involved in sex trafficking, like Noah Berlatsky in the US (an apologist for pedophiles) and Assi Ben-Moosh in Colombia. I am just guessing but almost all these pieces of garbage seem to be Leftists. Surprise – surprise.

  2. After watching Ehud Barak in his 2020 video rant with his big ego talking openly about his support for the riots and illegal protests against an elected government and PM, I now understand his long-term plan to seize the government in a violent coup d’etat. That man is deranged and should be institutionalized either in a tight mental facility or in a secure prison with no provision for pardon or release or contact outside the walls. His arrest is clearly warranted. He is a traitor. In other democracies he would already be in prison or even executed. His failures as PM show that he does NOT have half the qualifications as the incumbent PM for ‘taking over” the high public office. He is a clear and present danger to democracy and the rule of law. Likewise, Att. Gen. Gali B-M should be removed from office for acting against the govt. herself and personally, instead of providing legal counsel to support the government and supporting it within the framework of her judicial responsibilities to it which she oversteps or ignores in accordance with her leftist political opinions. Why isn’t she taken to task immediately? Her performance as A-G is highly biased against the ruling government and cannot be condoned. Make this part of the “judicial reform” including a civil service cleansing of the legal fraternity.

  3. This video can not be watched too often. This is among the best opportunities for how the Jewish people might be deprived of their Jewish state once more. I am not sure who it was that provided a copy of this video, but they should be celebrated for having done so, while chided for not doing so sooner. Barak should be arrested and interrogated before he disappears or is found suicided. There can be no higher priority for the country than to see the breadth and depth of this conspiracy exposed and remedied.