Ehud Barak: When the State is shut down, Netanyahu will resign

Peloni:  This is outrageous.  As Bibi forms a symbol of unity from which the nation might achieve total victory, Barak acts to redeploy his campaign of pressure and protests to stymie the unified support for the war which could only lead to total defeat.  The very claims of personal interests dominating national interests with which he assails Bibi is in fact a suit far bettered tailored for Barak to wear.

Former PM calls on 30,000 Israelis to encamp outside Knesset for 3 weeks to pressure PM Netanyahu to step down.

Israel National News | Feb 25, 2024

Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak shared his plan for how to force the current Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to resign.

In an interview with Galai Tzahal (IDF Radio) this morning (Sunday), Barak “We need 30 thousand citizens to encircle the Knesset in tents for three weeks, day and night. When the state is shut down – Netanyahu will realize that his time is up and that there is no trust in him.”

He also noted that ministers Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot should remain in the war cabinet, “I have come to the conclusion, they should definitely remain in the war cabinet,” in order to counter the initiatives of more right-wing ministers such as Itamar Ben-Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich.

Barak accused Netanyahu of putting the restoration of his image as a leader who is strong on security ahead of the lives of the Israeli hostages in Gaza in resisting a deal with Hamas to free the hostages.

“It’s more important to Netanyahu to look strong than to get a deal; he’s willing to risk the hostages’ lives,” he said.

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  1. With the war with Hamas and Hezbollah still reging. the insurrectionists have gone back to waging their insurrectionists have returned to their efforts to drive Netanyahu out of office–as if October 7 had never happened. People who behave this way should be tried fpr treason and executed..

    Abraham Llincoln, during our American civil war, labeled people in the Union states who behaved this way as ‘copperheads,” because unlike rattlesnakes, they attack without warning. Franklin D. Roosevelt revived this phrase dung the second world war to characterize those Americans who supported the Axis powers even after the U.S/ was at war with them. In Israe l, the snake that strikes without warning is the viper. So my proposed name for Ehad Barak and his ilk is “vipers.”

  2. Peloni1986’s comments are a very shocking revelation but not surprising!
    Dayan gave up the Temple Mount to genocidal fanatics!
    Barak ran away from S Lebanon in exchange for Hezbollahs!
    Rabin, as per Peloni!
    Sharon screwed UP and gave us Hamas/Iran and Bho!
    No more general! Please!!!
    As we now know, the top brass of IDF and Intel cause the death of thousand+ innocent Israelis!

  3. The Israeli left (leadership: political, IDF and Intel) with the support of the US left, betrayed the Israeli people?
    Anyone will be court martial?


    …On 7 August 2005, Olmert was appointed acting finance minister, replacing Benjamin Netanyahu, who had resigned in protest against the planned Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.[13] Olmert, who had originally opposed withdrawing from land captured in the Six-Day War, and who had voted against the Camp David Peace Accords in 1978, was a vocal supporter of the Gaza pullout. After his appointment, Olmert said:

    I voted against Menachem Begin, I told him it was a historic mistake, how dangerous it would be, and so on and so on. Now I am sorry he is not alive for me to be able to publicly recognize his wisdom and my mistake. He was right and I was wrong. Thank God we pulled out of the Sinai…Beginning in the mid-1980s, Olmert was subjected to a string of corruption allegations that resulted in multiple police investigations. According to Israeli journalist Yossi Melman, the repeated investigations led some to believe that Olmert was corrupt but a master at covering his tracks, while others believed that the authorities were simply obsessed with harassing him.[54][14]…In his memoirs, Olmert claimed that he and Abbas were very close to an agreement, but Abbas’ hesitation, Olmert’s legal troubles, and the Gaza War caused the talks to end…During at least two meetings, Olmert made a secret promise to Abbas: Once a prisoner exchange deal for captive Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was finalized with Hamas, Israel would bolster Abbas’ government by releasing Fatah prisoners. After a prisoner exchange deal was agreed upon in 2011 under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Olmert’s successor, Palestinian officials demanded that Netanyahu live up to Olmert’s promise and release Fatah prisoners.[36]..

  5. Just found this:

    Israeli Corruption Probe Threatens Begin Coalition
    By William Clairborne
    September 7, 1980 at 8:00 p.m. EDT

    JERUSALEM, Sept. 7, 1980 — A police investigation into alleged bribery and corruption in the Religious Affairs Ministry has deeply divided the pivotal National Religious Party, threatening to undermine the fragile Likud coalition of Prime Minister Menachem Begin.

    While no allegations have been substantiated in court, relentless attention to the affair by Israel’s press has shaken Begin’s Cabinet and raised far-reaching questions about not only the current coalition government’s stability, but about the ability of any alliance of parties to form a new government without a united Religious Party.

    Attention so far has focused on Religious Affairs Minister Aharon Abuhatzeira, who is at 40 the youngest member of Begin’s 18-member Cabinet and a scion of a prestigious Moroccan-Israeli family with broad influence in the Sephardic (Oriental) community that comprises nearly half of Israel’s population. Sephardic Jews, many of them from North Africa, were instrumental in the election of Begin in 1977.

    The investigation entails the most serious allegations brought against a Cabinet minister since 1977 when Avraham Ofer, the housing minister at the time in prime minister Yitzhak Rabin’s government, committed suicide during an investigation into the diversion of funds from a housing corporation owned by the Histadrut labor union federation.

    Abuhatzeira has denied any improprieties and accused the national police of “intentional leaks meant to blacken” his reputation. He said the affair was designed to weaken the Sephardic faction of the National Religious Party.

    Abuhatzeira and six close associates reportedly are being investigated on suspicion of funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars of Religious Affairs Ministry funds to nonexistent religious seminaries. Some of the money, Israeli newspapers have reported, turned up in Swiss bank accounts of some of the persons being investigated.

    A Tel Aviv magistrates’ court issued travel restrictions against six persons connected with the case after, it was reported, three of them left the country.

    Interior Minister Yosef Burg, head of the mainstream faction of the Religious Party, has come under increasing criticism for permitting a “witch-hunt” of Abuhatzeira and his associates by the national police, which Burg’s ministry controls.

    Burg last week angrily walked out of a meeting at party headquarters when members accused the head of the national police fraud division, Binyamin Seigel, of “destroying careers” and launching a “concerted attack on the Oriental communities’ leaders.”

    Traditionally, the Israeli national police has used the freewheeling Israeli press to pressure suspects in white-collar crimes into implicating themselves publicly, and this investigation appears to be no exception.

    Detailed leaks of allegations made by witnesses to police interrogators have appeared almost daily under banner headlines, most notably involving Yisrael Gottlieb, acting mayor of the Orthodox Jewish community of Bnei Brak, a suburb of Tel Aviv.

    Gottlieb, who authorities said will be a witness for the prosecution in exchange for immunity, reportedly has told police that he transferred large amounts of Religious Affairs Ministry funds earmarked for Bnei Brak religious schools back to Abuhatzeira at the minister’s request. Scores of other religious schools that never existed were said to be involved in the transfers, the most recent concerning the alleged allocation of $9,000 on May 20 to a nonexistent institution.

    Similar transactions, according to press reports attributed to the police and never denied by the national police authorities, extend to three years ago, when Abuhatzeira took office after serving as mayor of the city of Ramle.

    Moreover, Israeli newspapers, quoting police sources, said that Gottlieb gave Abuhatzeira receipts for the funds marked with the forged rubber stamps of existing and fictitious religious institutions, and that other persons receiving money posed as officials of nonexisting schools. The police have raided Religious Ministry offices to collect evidence in the case.

    So far, Burg, who is also Israel’s chief Middle East peace negotiator, has sought to distance himself from the affair, and Begin has confined his reaction to better attacks on the Israeli news media for trying the case publicly before indictment.

    The key questions arising from the Abuhatzeira affair are what effect it will have, regardless of its outcome, on the Religious Party, and how it will effect Begin’s Likud coalition, which has a thin, two-vote majority in the 120-member parliment. With 12 members in parliament, the Religious Party could become so divided between Abuhatzeira’s Sephardic faction and the two other factions — led by Burg and Education Minister Zevulun Hammer that the coalition would collapse.

    On the other hand, all elements of the party realize that in order to survive politically and remain viable as a coalition partner in any government, the party must remain united or the religious community’s representation will be on the sidelines of power.

    So far, the opposition Labor Party has restrained itself from fueling the controversy, because it realizes it may need the Religious Party to form its own coalition government after the next elections, just as all elected party alignments have since the founding of the state in 1948.

    “They’re in there fighting in the dirt, but you don’t see anyone standing around cheering. There’s too much at stake for that,” said a Likud political strategist.

    Meanwhile, in keeping with Israel’s rough-and-tumble style of politics, purported evidence against Abuhatzeira continues to dominate the newspapers, with scarcely a suggestion that it may prove unfounded.

    At a reception last week in his home town of Ramle, which happens to be site of Israel’s largest prison with the same name, a supporter stood up and assured Abuhatzeira, “There will always be a place for you in Ramle.”


    Rabin was a true warrior but also an old style Mapainik devoid of flair and not able to read Mischief .

    Upon reading these words I honestly became ill. Rabin was a crook, and a murderer. Do recall that it was Rabin who betrayed the nation with his cooperation with the Arabs to pass Oslo even as he lacked a majority to do so. Also, let us not forget that Rabin was the commander on the Tel Aviv beach which oversaw the slaughter of Jews on the Altalena, he was responsible for it sinking, and for the exposure of French Operation Bid which would have sent a total of 5 such massive ships laden with much needed military cargo to Israel in opposition of the international blockade on Israel along with a total of 5,000 French trained soldiers to take part in the War of Independence. Rabin’s forces demanded Begin’s complete capitulation with just ten minutes to comply. Following this, they opened fire upon the ship killing more than a dozen Jews, including Abraham Stavsky who had previously been falsely charged in the Arlosoroff affair and was personally responsible for saving thousands of Jews during the Holocaust. Even after the Irgunists had raised the white flag of surrender, Rabin’s forces continued to fire on the ship til it caught fire, and they also continued to shoot those fleeing the ship as they swam to shore. Stavsky and his shipmates deserved greater honor than to have been butchered on a Tel Aviv beach, just as Israel deserved to have a secure work around for the international boycott raised against it, and the people of Israel deserved to have not been forced to suffer the slaughter by thousand deaths which was the gift of Oslo.

    You will have to forgive my very great dislike of Rabin, but I believe that my dislike of the man was very well earned.

  7. Does this make sense?

    …Recall how Sadat insisted on personal talks with the leaders of each of
    Israel’s many political parties after his Knesset speech. His main target
    was Shimon Peres, leader of the opposition Labor Party. Sadat invited
    Peres to various meetings in Europe, the last in Salzburg under the
    auspices of Austrian Chancellor Bruno Kreisky, whose hostile attitude
    toward Israel is notorious. Sadat was thus able to negotiate with the
    Israeli opposition at the same time as with the Israeli government,
    coming to agreements with the opposition that put pressure upon the
    government to make still more concessions. …

    Nevertheless, such were the domestic (and international) pressures
    that Israel came forth with the Begin Peace Plan. In response to Sadat’s
    demand for self-determination and statehood for Arabs on the West
    Bank, the Begin Plan offered “autonomy” with the question of
    sovereignty to be taken up at the end of a five year period.

    In addition, the
    plan gratuitously acknowledged Egyptian sovereignty over the Sinai,
    thereby surrendering the strategic port of Sharm el-Sheikh and
    compromising retention of the Sinai air bases, the backbone of Israel’s
    defense forces. At the Camp David Summit, Israel of course agreed to
    relinquish control of the Sinai air bases…

    …Even Labour thought the wholesale surrender of the Sinai was dangerous. The major difference, however, was over the West Bank. The Labour Party argued that the autonomy plan would eventually lead to the establishment of an independent Arab state. Labour preferred a “territorial compromise” the effect of which would be to place most of Judea and Samaria under Jordanian sovereignty…

  8. Does this make sense?

    Peres immigrated with his family to Palestine in 1934. In 1947 he joined the Haganah movement, a Zionist military organization, under the direction of David Ben-Gurion, who soon became his political mentor. When Israel achieved independence in May 1948, Prime Minister Ben-Gurion appointed Peres, then only 24 years old, head of Israel’s navy. In 1952 he was appointed deputy director general of the Ministry of Defense, and he later served as director general (1953–59) and deputy defense minister (1959–65), during which service he stepped up state weapons production, initiated a nuclear research program, and established overseas military alliances, most notably with France. Peres resigned in 1965 to join Ben-Gurion in founding a new party, Rafi, in opposition to the succeeding prime minister, Levi Eshkol.

    The Rafi Party was unsuccessful, and in 1967 Peres initiated merger negotiations between the Mapai (Ben-Gurion’s former party) and the Ahdut Avodah, a more leftist workers’ party, which led to the establishment of the Israel Labour Party, of which he became deputy secretary-general. He became defense minister in the Labour cabinet of Rabin in 1974.

  9. Just found this:

    Rabin Quits Over Illegal Bank Account
    Rabin Quits Over Illegal Account in Washington Bank
    By H. D. S. Greenway and Yuval Elizur
    April 8, 1977 at 12:00 a.m. EST

    JERUSALEM, April 7, 1977 — Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin announced his withdrawal from politics tonight because of a scandal involving an illegal bank account he and his wife held in Washington.

    Under Israeli law, Rabin cannot resign as prime minister until next month’s general election, but in a radio and television interview he said he is withdrawing his candidacy for Parliament and considering what, if anything, he can do to terminate his responsibilities in the present government.

    The surprise announcement, less than six weeks before the election, leaves Israel’s already turbulent political scene in turmoil.

    Observers here expect the ruling Labor Party to turn now to Defense Minister Shimon Peres, whom Rabin narrowly defeated at the party’s convention in February.

    It is uncertain now, however, whether Rabin will have to remain as a figurehead prime minister until the elections.

    The Labor Party, which has ruled Israel since independence in 1948, was already plagued with scandals and accusations of corruption, and it is likely that Rabin’s sudden resignation involving financial impropriety will further hurt Labor’s fortunes at the polls.

    The first indication of the scandal that now appears to have ended Rabin’s political career came to light last month when a reporter for an Israeli paper learned that Rabin’s wife, Leah, held a U.S. dollar account in the National Bank of Washington left over from 1973 when Rabin ended his term as ambassador to the United States. It is illegal for Israeli citizens to hold foreign bank accounts.

    Leah Rabin readily admitted this but allowed it to be said that the amount involved did not exceed $2,000. The Prime Minister later announced that he shared the responsibility for the account and asked the Ministry of Finance to investigate. He offered to pay a fine.

    Given the small amount involved, and the Prime Minister’s frankness over what seemed little more than a technical violation, the public and press tended to play down the affair and it did not become a major campaign issue.

    But the bank transcripts that were handed over to the Ministry of Finance, by Rabin’s lawyer about 10 days ago showed major discrepanices between the facts and what Rabin and his wife had said. There were actually two accounts amounting to a total of $18,000 when the Rabins left Washington in 1973 and about $10,000 remaining when the story broke last month during Rabin’s official visit to Washington.

    A committee made up of several government ministries who usually deal with such cases had originally decided to ask the Rabins to pay a penalty of about $15,000, which would have ended the matter. But the government’s legal adviser, Aharon Barak decided that in the case of Mrs. Rabin a fll criminal investigation by the police was warranted.

    Israeli newspapers learned last night that the Rabin bank account exceeded the amount originally admitted to by the Prime Minister’s office and that the legal adviser was being consulted.

    Tonight, in his announcement resigning his candidacy, Rabin admitted to holding the larger amount in the Washington bank and said he was not “hiding the fact that it was a mistake. It was negligence that we did not close the account in the time allotted after the termination of my office (as ambassador).”

    Announcing that his wife was to be the subject of a criminal investigation, Rabin said, “I could not accept that because I feel the formal responsibility is a joint responsibility and, if my wife is to be investigated, I will not hide behind parliamentary immunity.”

    Rabin added that he did not try to hide the fact of his joint bank account and that he had done everything he could to rectify his mistake within the law.

    But, he said that the issue might “precent the Labor Party from receiving the maximum number of votes that I think it deserves.” Therefore, he said, he was withdrawing as his party’s candidate for prime minister and considering “what I can do to wind up my respobsibility in the interim government.”

    In a dignified and somber manner, Rabin wrote his won political obituary tonight. “I permit myself to say that this is a sad ending to my public career,” he said. “I am very sorry that a matter which in my eye is secondary shoule have caused this. I feel that by and large I have been successful in the three main tasks which I was given.

    “As chief of staff it was my responsibility to prepare the Israeli army for the challenge it had to face during the Six Day War in 1967 and I think I did so admirably.

    “As ambassador in Washington (1968-73) I helped to forge an alliance between Israel and the United States which enhanced Israel’s international position.

    “As Prime Minister, I succeeded to a large extent in taking Israel out of the doldrums following the Yom Kippur war.”

    Having served as a professional soldier most of his working life, Rabin came to politics late in life deciding to run for Parliament in 1973 after his tour as ambassador. Long a protege first of Prime Minister Levi Eshkol and then of Prime Minister Golda Meir, when Labor was looking around for a fresh political face after the October 1973 party turned to Rabin to head its list. He became Prime Minister in June 1974.

    His strengths as a soldier, diplomat and Prime Minister were considered to include an analytical mind, courage of decision which was often interpreted as stubbornness and a bluff frankness of expression.

    His weakness was an inability to form a team with in his government and an introverted moodiness that seemed to suit him poorly for the shove and push of Israeli politics.

    The last few months of his term were marred by a declining economic situation, a series of debilitating strikes, and a number of financial scandals involving important figures in the labor party.

    Rabin’s announcement came as Israelis were dancing in the streets of Tel Aviv and blowing horns in Jerusalem over the upset victory of Israel’s basketball team in the European Cup competition held in Belgrade tonight.

    After Rabin’s dramatic announcement late in the evening, most political parties quickly called urgent meeting of their governing body for Friday morning to discuss the new situation Rabin’s own Labor Party will have the most difficult decision to make. There are only four days left before the parties must submit their final list of candidates to the central election committee.

    While it is almost certain that Shimon Peres will be the party’s choice, the left wing of the party may try to get Rabin to change his mind.

    The present political crisis comes as the situation on Israel’s Lebanon border is deteriorating. The Israeli government may have to make crucial decisions about Israel’s response to the recent setbacks of Israel’s Lebanese Christian allies at the hands of the Palestinians.

  10. Does this make sense?

    Barak was drafted into the Israel Defense Forces in 1959, thus beginning a distinguished military career (he changed his name at this time). He was a commander in battles in the Six-Day War (1967) and the Yom Kippur War (1973) but became especially known as the leader of special forces units that conducted commando raids. These included a group of soldiers (with Benjamin Netanyahu among them) who stormed an airliner hijacked by Palestinian guerrillas at Lod International Airport near Tel Aviv in 1972, freeing all the hostages. Barak served as head of military intelligence, and in 1991 he became chief of General Staff. In 1994 he participated in the negotiations that resulted in a peace accord with Jordan. When he retired in 1995 as a lieutenant general, the army’s highest rank, he was the most decorated soldier in Israeli history.

  11. @Sebastien : Barak is not at all blackmailed ; Barak runs for Soros a head-on collision to smash down Israel’s institutions either Parliament , Justice and – unfortunately – Army . Soros is the funder , Biden-Obama are purveying the ideas . Also not far you will hear Yuval Noah Harari , philosopher of the WEF-Davos Club who explained on Youtube that October 7th was the failure of the ” Populists ” with the meaning that he and his fellow ” elites ” are the only one able to get rid of such tragedies created by the ” populists ” when actually it was them the ” Elites ” which have fed and financed for decades the so-called ” Peace Process” .
    To draw a parallel between Rabin and Barak is outrageous for Rabin . Rabin was naive, and manipulated by Shimon Pérès . Rabin was a true warrior but also an old style Mapainik devoid of flair and not able to read Mischief .
    But the Barak incitement to block the Knesset is a criminal offense and must be treated by Police , Judge and also by ” populist ” citizens in the Supreme court .

  12. @John Galt III Do you suppose it’s possible Barak is being blackmailed the same way Sharon was? We’ve been asking ourselves forever how did all these politicians and distinguished military officers suddenly do an about face? Including Rabin and Peres. Rabin had been a hawk and then suddenly he was a dove? I mean overnight? Though as Caroline Glick, who was in a position to know, pointed out, Rabin was never quite the dove the leftists of today are. And it has been suggested elsewhere that his assassination was a false flag operation prompted by his starting to get cold feet in the face of Arafat’s open show of bad faith that provided a pretext for a state of emergency and suppression of legal opposition to Oslo, thus killing two birds with one stone.

  13. @dinestar: the problem with your proposal is that the police and the judges are probably among the 30,000 holligans surrounding the Knesset. People don’t usually arrest themselves.

  14. I pointed alol this out in a recent comment in another comment spaceon Israpundit, before I saw this report either in Arutz Sheva or Israpundit. “I told you so!”

  15. Penal law 1977 : article 144 D 2 ; If a person publishes a call to commit an act of violence or terror , or praise , or words of approval of, encouragement for, suport for an act of violence or terror and if because of the inciting publication contents and under which circumstances it was made public, there is a real POSSIBILITY that it will results in act of violence or terror , then he is liable to five years emprisonement .
    It is the Law
    Barak incites to encircle physically the Knesset i.e to attack the parliament
    He calls for 30,000 hooligans to perform that attack.
    Here there is no space for finesse .
    He must be summoned by the police and meet a judge to indict him .

  16. Jeffrey Epstein’s pal Ehud Barak.

    He must like using underage girls.

    This guy is a pig. Maybe he will convert to Islam and leave Israel.


    .Barak must be indicted and put in jail until his trial will start .

    Yes, well this was of course the first thought which comes to mind, but you should ask yourself what would come from such an action. to be certain, Bibi would be painted as a petty tyrant as Putin was when Navalny was imprisoned.

    The US is a very powerful opponent, and it should not be forgotten that the insurrection from last fall, which Barak is calling to re-new, was partially financed by the US State Dept, the very same State Dept whose foreign dictates Bibi has recently gained the support of the full Knesset to oppose. Hence, Barak’s perfectly timed renewal of the street insurrection with Bibi throwing down the gauntlet with Bliken should not be overlooked. Notably, the Israeli Legal fraternity will no doubt come to support Barak over the govt should this become a legal contest, following which the govt would certainly be in a far less viable position than that in which it stands today. The angst and friction from such open contests are the means by which color revolutions are conducted with ease, and none is better experienced at this than the US State Dept with which Barak is coordinating his call to insurrection.

    We will see how many people actually answer Barak’s call to mounting an insurrection during war, but I am not sure that the better move would not be to let the people support their govt rather than for Bibi to fall prey to being cast in the role of being a tyrant by the US and Israeli allies who are once more trying to destabilize Israel from the streets. Just my own thoughts of course.

  18. Barak call to insurrection is a criminal offense ; And call to insurrection in time of war is nearing treason .Barak must be indicted and put in jail until his trial will start .