Eldad tells US: Prepare for Abdullah’s Fall

By Ted Belman

Mk Aryeh Eldad has long championed Jordan is Palestine. I keep him posted on all my contacts with Mudar Zahran.

    Today he told U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro on Wednesday that the plan for two countries west of the Jordan River has reached a dead end.

    Eldad advised him to talk to his higher-ups in Washington about the need to develop an alternative plan, with an emphasis on opportunities that will open up when Hashemite rule in Jordan ends, and Jordan will become the Palestinian nation state.

March 13, 2012 | 11 Comments »

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11 Comments / 11 Comments

  1. Jordan was a completely fabricated state which had no prior history or culture aside from the general arab culture. Therefore Jordan was non existent prior and the balance of the mandate territories Jews were referred to as “palestinian”, also a european fabrication. As the arabs of the area never referred to themselves as “Palestinian” until the 60’s when it became convenient to forge a separate national “identity” there was no Palestine but only Jordan and Israel. The arabs of the mandate territory, I believe, referred to themselves as southern syrians. a pot pourri of lies fabrications and more lies. A mythical national identity for a mythical people occupying a mythical state. They are simply all arabs who invaded from arabia. I understand thet the only country in the mideast or africa that has thrown of the yoke of the islamic arab invsions, and is ruled by its indigenous people and culture, is Israel. In the rest the arabs descendants, and islamic culture still rule with the rest as minorities or majorities under their boot.

  2. You are soo right Bernard, we Jews/Israelis contributed to quite a few of our own troubles. I cannot breng myself to rationally explain why for instance we never put the Jewish refugees of Arab lands in the balance, why we never exposed the lie of a previously unknown Palestinian people or identity, worse even endorsed their fake narratice ouselves, their frodulent remake of history etc.. By not opposing all that, from the very beginning, we helped the Arabs to promote their lies.

  3. when Hashemite rule in Jordan ends, and Jordan will become the Palestinian nation state.

    Please to explain how Jordan is not the “Palestinian” state while under Hashemite rule. Then is Syria not the Syrian state because it is under Alawaite rule? If 80% of the Syrian population are “Syrian” but ruled by 20% Alawaites and no one says it is not the Syrian state, then how come Jordan with an 80% population of local Arabs that call themselves “Palestinian” and ruled by 20% Hashemites, is not in fact the “Pal” state?

  4. Yes, Eldad has done many excellent things.

    Can someone please explain the following to me?

    Do you guys remember the film “Meraglim” which documents how the Yesha Council sold out to Sharon and ran a phony protest movement against Sharon’s Destruction?

    Watch this scene starting at 6:36 and ending at 7:39 of this section of the film. The link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lQfws5peIQ

    MK Eldad makes his appearance at 7:17 and then shakes hands with the police and is in the video until 7:35. He is with the Yesha Council leaders as they sell out the protest movement, and he did nothing about it.

    Please help me understand this better than it looks for Eldad.

  5. It is Jewish and Israeli ignorance which have allowed the swindles to remain in place. Every Jewish and Israeli child should be educated as to the extent of how the world swindled the Jews before, during and after slaughtering them. They should be aware of the repulsive threats made through the centuries, and now by Obama, of rulers threatening the Jews to unleash their Jew slaughtering mobs if they dont get what they want. Jews dont get it, they just still cannot bring themselves to see the extent of the evil arrayed against them and that begging from the same jew killers descendants for sympathy will bring no results.

  6. I hold the firm conviction, based on rock solid bases that the Jewish people and Israel by extension have the exclusive historic, moral, spiritual, nantional and indeed the legal right on the land some by ignorance and/or by deceit call Palestine. There is not a single other party which can present a better case of ownership on the land than the Jews and Israel. What claims could the Arabs possibly have on the land to rest their case? Give up the Eastern part of Palestine, now Jordan, which was part of Mandatory Palestine or 75% of the landmass is already a huge concession from us the Jews..

  7. If Abdullah were a wise man and I don’t see any indication of him being wise–but rather Abdullah like his father before him is a very foolish and unwise ruler!

    Jordan will never become the so called but not palestinian state–there goal has never been a state of their own–but rather to destroy Israel!

  8. Aryeh Eldad deserves to be Prime Minister of Israel some day – when the majority of nationalists wake up from the spell Bibi cast on them, and when Moshe Feiglin stops giving legitimacy to Likud and its fraudulent party platform.

    Aryeh Eldad is an amazing individual with vision and integrity, and with all the qualifications to lead Israel into success as a self-respecting Jewish country.

    He deserves all our support and prayers.