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  1. Avigail Said:

    ghetto Jews had far more dignity

    As a descendent of ghetto Jews, I thank you. Ghetto Jews keep our people alive even in the most difficult of circumstances.

  2. @ the phoenix:
    EXACTLY what I was thinking reading this.
    Behave like a doormat, end up treated as such.
    Behave like a man, end up treated as such.

    I have to say that, for me, the worst burden here is to be represented by these people who are humiliating us with their slavish mentality (and I won’t use the ‘ghetto Jews’ cliche because ghetto Jews had far more dignity than this ‘enlightened’ bunch will ever dream to have).

  3. @ Avigail:

    but somehow, it worked:

    Further to this quote, is not blatantly obvious that Israel’s attitude must NEVER be a defensive one? To NEVER allow the slightest slight, go unanswered and or punished?
    There were so many opportunities for Israel’s so called diplomats to verbally cut the opponents to pieces (starting of course with the so called news anchors…)
    Great job, mr ettinger!

  4. The ambassador knows well what he was talking about. That is the type of person that should be at the forefront of PR campaign for Israel around the globe.

  5. @ Avigail:

    but somehow, it worked:

    From your link under the picture advertisement for Botox:

    Something slapped John Kerry in the face.

    I would have recommended a 2×4 (or better yet, 2×6) which would have required yet ANOTHER plastic surgery for this despicable shpose…
    It could be spun as “we are looking out for the image that you project, mr secretary, it was for you own good (hihihihi…bwahahahaha)