IDF is pouring into Gaza, tanks and all

I think this is a turning point.

PM Netanyahu to address the nation at 8:00 pm.

July 28, 2014 | 23 Comments »

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23 Comments / 23 Comments

  1. @ NormanF:
    Netanyahu, Livni, Hamegbi, Livnat, Shalom, etc are intrinsic part of “disengagement” and will never concede return to Gaza as it must be.
    Only a new leadership may do it.

  2. @ sabashimon:
    Correct you are. That outfit got a license from Livni’s MoJ very fast because it is in fact led by “former ha’aretz” or Ynet folk.

  3. Hamas must be defanged and gaza demilitarized. however, eliminating Hamas has its own high risks.
    Abu mazen, the PLO and Fatah are greater threats to Israel than is Hamas. Arafat in a suit cannot be allowed to become the sole representative of the Arabs west of the Jordan river.
    Hamas has few if any friends outside of Qatar. thus leaving them in a responsible unarmed position is a plus. reminding the world of the hamas and PLO charters is important.
    having a defanged hamas in gaza will hasten the day that israel wakes up and annexes or declares sovereignty over all of yehuda and shomron. (even if the transition is phased in). israel must act with dispatch adn with clear military objectives.

  4. Ted, you gave i24 as a source, and while I might understand you going there for variety, I am deeply disappointed in their overtly leftist bias. There is one woman host who actually thinks Israel is in the right generally, but I usually have to turn their crap off.
    It’s almost a tv version of Ha’aretz.

  5. @ SHmuel HaLevi 2:

    Its actually Hamas that has upped the ante. Its made it clear no formula acceptable to Israel is something it can live with. What is clear is that Israel’s return to Gaza is more or less a settled fact. Only Israel can keep it demilitarized.

  6. We have been summing up don Netanyahu for years. Trust that speechster at your own risk. He is forced by the military, in particular from field commanders and troops, clearly not on his own, to retake the fight he craftily was always ready to abandon.
    He will betray given half a chance. That is basically, Netanyahu.
    He must be sent packing and replaced urgently.

  7. Saudi Official Says Hamas Responsible for Deaths in Gaza; Columnist Calls for Peace With Israel

    this is a first, obviously the GCC and Israel are with one voice and i have been saying this for a long time. this must be a factor in the gaza situation. Egypt will do what saudi say. However, one cannot know wheat exactly they want, perhaps they seek some restraint also to put in abbas, not ruining abbas chances.

  8. Demilitarized Gaza has been a loudly stated goal. Bibi and others state this can happen diplomatically to Obama, Kerry, Moon, etc. I do not believe he is naive believe this can happen any other way than the IDF destroying Hamas. I believe that is why he is saying this will take a long time. The tunnels we found would not take more than a week to destroy. Have we found all the tunnels? Unlikely! What you do not know you do not know.

    In the security cabinet I believe only Lieberman, Bennett and maybe one more out of the eight want to re-establish Israeli rule in Gaza.

  9. @ yamit82:

    Actually its Hamas that is behaving differently than before. In the past, Arabs used to run to the international community when it looked like Israel was winning. Instead of giving Netanyahu the exit he looked for, Hamas has decided to throw caution to the winds and go for broke. Since it loves death more than life, that’s fine with me. Let them have their loftiest wish delivered to them.

  10. if only BB had the gonads to depose and kil all hamas and demilitarize gaze he would be elected king of israel 😛
    (NB…for a day)

  11. @ Ted Belman:

    The original goal before the tunnel discovery was to silence the rockets against Israel. To my knowledge this war aim has never been rescinded or abridged. The Tunnels are a distraction and a ladder for BB and the IDF to climb down from.

    Even if they find all existing tunnels which is doubtful in-time they will be re-dug and present an even more lethal threat as Hamas will improve and learn from the current experience. As long as Hamas leadership survives and is operational at the end of this mini war they will have won. All the other Palis will flock to Hamas banner and so will all other militant wannabees. Hezbollah is watching carefully Israeli weakness and so is AL-Qaeda and other militants.

    Israel has lost all deterrence and we are in deep shit because of weasel coward BB .

    A result of Hamas victory over Israel and the IDF Abbas days are numbered. Hamas will take over the PA by popular support.

    Whether that scenario is good for Israel or not depends on how soon BB will be replaced and by who. Could be a final nail in 2 state solution.

    Therefore BB’s weakness may in the end be a providential even if it wasn’t planned that way.

  12. I hope that the war aims are much higher than what was announced. I hope the higher war aims are not announced for not getting our weak kneed-ed friends from getting hysterical on us because the shooting will not stop soon! If the aims are as stated it will be a major mistake of strategic proportions.

  13. @ yamit82:

    I think that while he does want to stop he cannot because the people will not let him and Hamas is not going to give him a moment’s quiet. Netanyahu is being forced to conduct an extended war due solely to the circumstances. And where we come from its still better than nothing.

  14. I also suspect that Netanyahu is scaling up the war and its goals without openly announcing it. He will just continue to find tunnels and use it as a reason to keep after Hamas.

  15. I have said hundreds if not thousands of times never believe a word out the mouth of the Lying SOB.. BB. Yamit

    Netanyahu: We’re prepared for an extended operation in Gaza
    07/28/2014 20:38

    “We will not end the operation in Gaza without neutralizing the terror tunnels,” says prime minister; defense minister says Israel won’t hesitate to expand actions against Hamas.

    In essence he said nothing new and even more of the same. The infiltration tonight by 4-5 terrorists probably came from an as yet discovered tunnel. Truth is they don’t know how many there are.

    Yet BB was and still is ready to pack it in for international interference and agreement. He does not want to win this battle and will do all in his power to end it asap. The rest is his political spin. Sure he will destroy more buildings and kill a few more terrorists and civilians but he will not touch the Hamas leadership political or military…

    Every Israeli killed by Hamas from this point is murder by BB and the leaders of the IDF. They could have taken Gaza in a walk over a week ago.

    In for a penny in for a dime, is not part of BB’s mindset. He worries what Obama and EU think more than the lives of Israeli citizens. He is not worthy to represent Israel.

    His military adviser is still Ehud Barak and that might partially explain where he is coming from One loser advising another.

  16. I listened to the speeches and was disappointed. Israel may have widened the area for destruction but it still wants to deal with the tunnels. It did not changed the goal from destroying tunnels to destroying Hamas.

    Kemp says that Israel should destroy Hamas/