Eugene Kontorovich Speaks about Businesses in Occupied Territories at the UNHRC

June 20, 2017 | 1 Comment » | 252 views

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  1. Good argument but, does law really know no borders? Isn’t the answer: “sometimes?.” Case in point, look at all the successful cases against Iran and the PA by terror victims’ families that were overturned on political grounds. Isn’t it true that most of the time, it depends on who is interpreting the law and who is in a position of power to twist arms behind the scenes? We’ve seen how legal decisions benefiting Israel and Jews have been completely turned on their head. Look at how Plessy V. Ferguson permitted segregation and Brown v. Board of Ed. banned it, using the same legislation as their template. How the 15th Amendment was specifically intended to support Blacks legal rights, was re-interpreted to support giving personal identities to businesses, and then re-interpreted again for the original purpose a century later. As long as we tolerate Judge made law, Common Law, the law will be the mercurial province of an inaccessible elite. Common law is the enemy of democracy.

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