European nations discuss UN Gaza truce resolution

Ted Belman.This proposed resolution is ridiculous. First of all, Hamas has said it won’t affect them. Secondly the borders are open as Bennett said save for military supplies. This is exactly what the resolution intends. Thirdly, it suggests a joint EU/UN monitoring of the borders. But the EU had this task pursuant to the Rafah Agreement. At the first sign of trouble they abandoned their post. The Agreement provided “The PA will act to prevent the movement of weapons and explosives at the Rafah crossing.” and “The 3rd party (EU) will have the authority to ensure that the PA complies with all applicable rules and regulations concerning the Rafah crossing point and the terms of this agreement. In case of non-compliance the 3rd party has the authority to order the re-examination and reassessment of any passenger, luggage, vehicle or goods. While the request is being processed, the person, luggage, vehicle or cargo in question will not be allowed to leave the premises of the Rafah crossing point.” There is no provision for demilitarization. It intends to replace Hamas with Fatah. Its all about positioning for the peace process. The EU is determined to force us back to the 67 lines.

Diplomats say proposal, likely to be joint UN-EU effort, will include opening of Gaza’s borders, return of PA to Hamas-controlled territory, security assurances for Israel.


With Egyptian efforts to end the Gaza war collapsing, Britain, France and Germany are discussing a possible Security Council resolution calling for a sustainable ceasefire and an international monitoring mission to ensure its implementation, UN diplomats said Thursday.

One diplomat said both Israeli and Palestinian officials have privately suggested Security Council action would be helpful in persuading their constituents to accept measures to end the conflict, which has killed more than 2,000 Palestinians and 67 people on the Israeli side.

“The message that we are getting from both sides is that it would be helpful to prescribe some elements to enable them to sell it internally,” the diplomat said.

Diplomats said the resolution would include opening up Gaza’s borders and a return of the Palestinian Authority to the territory, now controlled by Hamas. It would also include security assurances for the Israelis, including ways to prevent Hamas from acquiring more arms and building more tunnels. The resolution would incorporate a European Union offer to take charge of Gaza’s border crossings.

The international monitoring and verification mission would likely be a joint UN-EU effort, according to the diplomats, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the discussions are private and sensitive.

The diplomat said the three European countries have shared the elements of the possible resolution with council members, including Jordan, which has circulated its own resolution calling for a cease-fire. But the officials emphasized the discussions are in the early stages and there is no timeframe for introducing it.

One diplomat said council members are wary of undermining efforts to revive the Egyptian-led talks. He said some members are also warning about unforeseen consequences of the UN’s most powerful body jumping in with a binding resolution on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. If either side violates the resolution, it could lead to calls for the Security Council to impose punitive measures “and some sort of escalation that is not in our interest,” the diplomat said.

Jordan has circulated its own resolution calling for a cease-fire, condemning civilian casualties and an end to excessive use of force against Palestinian civilians.

Jordan’s UN Ambassador Dina Kawar told reporters Wednesday the proposal is still on the table “but we’re taking our time to talk to the Americans, to the Europeans.”

“There (are) some ideas circulating so we want to make sure that it incorporates everybody because the whole idea is to have a Security Council resolution that’s effective,” she said.

Other council diplomats say Jordan’s support for any resolution is crucial. But one diplomat said the Jordanian proposal contains no security guarantees for Israel and “really doesn’t say much about how we would sustain the peace.”

“It is essentially a Palestinian draft that has been endorsed by the Arab Group,” the diplomat said. “It’s kind of burned already. Everyone knows it comes from the Palestinians.”

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  1. The West considers Hamas as only moderately terrorist, the way a woman is moderately pregnant. But the West is fully antisemitic and not moderately.

  2. The E.U. has allowed the massive migration of muslims to immigrate there. These nations are occupied by Islam, and to scared to do anything about it.

    Europe and the United States allowed unrestricted immigration from Muslim Countries in exchange for free flowing oil. This has been policy since the oil crisis of October 1973, when OAPEC initiated the embargo in response to US involvement in the Yom Kippur War.

    Six days after Egypt and Syria launched the surprise military campaign against Israel to regain territories lost to Israel in the Six Day War, the United States chose to re-supply Israel with arms.

    OAPEC decided to retaliate, announcing an oil embargo against Canada, Japan, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The oil crisis, or “shock”, caused many global short-term and long-term economic and political effects. By promising unlimited immigration OAPEC countries promised to never allow the situation to occur again.

    Since 1973, the growth of Islam and mosques has increased to the point of Europe being completely compromised. The United States is increasingly being occupied by Muslims many living on welfare and other social programs, considering this as a form of jizya.

    As a result of all of this, the world is under the increased threat of terror attacks, The Unified Nazis and the E.U. will do whatever the Islamists want done in Gaza in order to appease the muslims in their countries from acting up. Thinking that this appeasement will placate Islam keep their countries safe. In reality they are only delaying the inevitable.

    What the U.S.A. and it’s allies need to do is withdrawal from the U.N. and the E.U. then allow their military to sweep the scourge of Islam out of their respective countries in a massive deportation. All Muslims removed to Saudi Arabia, preferably through air transport and ejected from the planes at an altitude of 10,000 feet sans parachute. At the same time Israel should be allow to sweep Gaza clean of all traces of terror groups and anyone opposing Zionism.

    Until then Israel need to tell the U.N. and the E.U to deal with their own stuff and butt out of Israels buisness.