Ex Muslim Revealing The Truth About islam

November 16, 2012 | 4 Comments »

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  1. How silly! would you insist that an Orthodox Jewish man cut the hair of a woman? they are bound by the same law, so do be careful.

  2. No one has to insult the prophet or the scriptures. All we need is to translate representative portions of the Koran that demonstrate what Muslims actually believe and give people the choice. What we must counter is the Islamicist apologists and spin doctors who only present the misleading statements issued by Mohamed when he was starting out and needed to attract the gullible. After he had sufficient strength, the conciliatory phase was over and the “convert of die” phase began. This of course dominates most of the scriptures as is made abundantly clear by this knowledgeable and articulate speaker. Circulate it! Especially among Democrats.

  3. A Toronto barbershop has found itself at the centre of a human rights complaint after its barbers refused to cut a woman’s hair.

    Faith McGregor, 35, went to the Terminal Barber Shop on Bay Street, back in June looking for a haircut.

    But she was turned away.

    Faith McGregor, 35, has filed a human-rights complaint after barbers at a Toronto barbershop refused to cut her hair. (CBC)The barbers, who are all Muslim, told her their religion didn’t allow them to cut the hair of a woman who is not a member of their family.

    McGregor filed a human rights complaint.

    Barbara Hall, the head of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, said she isn’t surprised by the action.
    She said that as Canada becomes more diverse, rights are coming into conflict.
    “No right is absolute,” said Hall. “So no right trumps another.”

    At the Muslim Association of Canada, many expressed shock that the complaint is being heard.

    Note the reaction of the HRC, This institution has been politically terrorized and co-opted by Islamic Interests. The HRC is helping Islamic culture to encroach upon and bully Canadians.

    This is the aggressive encroachment of Islamic values on the Canadian population where they are trying to force us to live according to the values of their religion. Where does it end? Will we have to convert to Islam to have to get a haircut? Will we have to sign anti-Israeli petitions to shop at a store that might have an Islamic Employee?
    How did freedom of religion translate into forcing all Canadians to live by the standards of one specific aggressive and powerful religion.
    The answer mostly is oil and money – our government leaders and their influence on the HRC and our legal institutions has sold out the Canadian public and our human rights in return for profit.

    This gets worse and worse and worse. Londinistan and Eurabia here we come. When will they ask us to end the infidel occupation of Toronto and Calgary?
    Imagine how bad it will get in Canada and America if they are successful in burning Israel and when they have been successful in wining Afghanistan.