Finally, a Curbing of Jacobson

Peloni:  Jeffrey Tucker and Leslie Manookian discuss the basis for and consequences related to the recent ruling which held that mandated enforcement as interpreted by the 1906 Jacobson ruling can not be applied to the so-called Covid shots precisely because they  are not sterilizing and therefore not protective.  They also discuss, among many other topics, the fact that this is the first time that a strict basis of interpretation was applied to the Jacobson ruling rather than the far less stringent rational basis.

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The Health Freedom Defense Fund has once again come to the aid of rights and won a hugely important case in Los Angeles and for the entire country. A court decision has declared that prior Supreme Court rulings for vaccine mandates are inapplicable to the Covid shot for simple reasons: it is not truly sterilizing and therefore not protective of public health. It is first court decision to narrow Jacobson on record, and the implications for health freedom are profound. Leslie Manookian explains the case, the decision, and the implications. She is interviewed by Jeffrey Tucker.

June 16, 2024 | 1 Comment »

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