From the river to the sea, Palestine is for Jews

August 12, 2014 | 85 Comments »

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  1. Max Said:

    War is Peace.
    Knowledge is Spam.

    What you are say is the Ted Belman and Israpundit is part of a conspiracy plot ????????????

  2. yamit82 Said:

    Ted my comment to Max was blocked by spam filter.

    It went down the memory hole – same place where public information about the elite goes.

    War is Peace.
    Knowledge is Spam.

  3. yamit82 Said:

    Not you, me.

    I am correcting your English grammar. I should have said, ” Never let ANYBODY [ male or female] know how smart you are”, easier to con them.

  4. @ Max:

    So you are saying that all of your “.01 percenters” are of like minds and lpull in one direction????? A cabal? Like the protocols attributed to the Jews but now it’s just the mega rich??

    Exactly how rich are the Top 1%?

    People often wonder exactly how much income and/or wealth someone needs to have to be included in the Top 1% or the Top 20%;

    Wealth or income class

    Top 1 percent

    Mean household income

    Mean household net worth
    Mean household financial (non-home) wealth

    As of 2010, the top 1% of households (the upper class) owned 35.4% of all privately held wealth, and the next 19% (the managerial, professional, and small business stratum) had 53.5%, which means that just 20% of the people owned a remarkable 89%, leaving only 11% of the wealth for the bottom 80% (wage and salary workers). In terms of financial wealth (total net worth minus the value of one’s home), the top 1% of households had an even greater share: 42.1%.

    Total assets are defined as the sum of: (1) the gross value of owner-occupied housing; (2) other real estate owned by the household; (3) cash and demand deposits; (4) time and savings deposits, certificates of deposit, and money market accounts; (5) government bonds, corporate bonds, foreign bonds, and other financial securities; (6) the cash surrender value of life insurance plans; (7) the cash surrender value of pension plans, including IRAs, Keogh, and 401(k) plans; (8) corporate stock and mutual funds; (9) net equity in unincorporated businesses; and (10) equity in trust funds.

    While the wealth disparity is today more extreme than in the past, it has always existed and the problem is less the wealthaccumulation but the power of the wealth to control economies to both protect their assets and to increase them through influence on policy and law makers not only in America but everywhere. No society is immune, neither capitalist , socialist or communist, Muslim or Buddhist.

    You cannot change human nature but you can control and modify it and that’s what Torah Judaism is all about.

  5. CuriousAmerican Said:

    So who are these elite, cause I do not know who to trust?

    The people with the money.


    The .01 percent that own 95 percent of the wealth . It’s not a secret, it’s not a conspiracy, it’s open knowledge. These are the people that do not have a little bit extra money and are the same as you , these are the people that simply own everything, they own everything you have from your work to your house to your media.
    Just get any list of the rich. Use Wikipedia, get some books, stop watching the distraction of the b_oo_b tube.
    All the information is public, it’s taught in Sociology 101 in Uni where I first understood it and learned it – it’s just not talked about in the media very much. You have to take charge of your own concentration and education.

    It’s wealth and ownership!

    Not ideology, not politics, not necessarily politicians, not occultism.
    Just money and ownership.
    Simple, How do people not know who owns them? Some kind of psychological denial?

    Now once you figure out your own system, people familiar with Israel and fluent in Hebrew, should figure out the wealth owners in Israel and they will know who is responsible for the political decisions and why they are made.

    Politicians don’t make decisions by themselves, they are controlled by the wealth owners – though some politicians might be part of the group of real wealth owners – but these are very few.

  6. honeybee Said:

    Never let a man know your smarter then he is [ my rule]

    I’ve always been attracted to women smarter than me.

    I love beauty and brains and not necessarily in that order.

    3 of my favorites:
    Natalie Portman–Kate Beckinsale–Dr. Victoria Zdrok

  7. winta Said:

    the Torah outlines the boundaries of the Jewish Country!

    “To your descendants I have given this land, from the Egyptian River as far as the great river, the Euphrates.”
    Bereshit (Genesis) 15:18

    The speculative map below is mostly based on the commentaries of Rashi and Malbim about the boundaries of the future described in the Book of Ezekiel, chapters 47-48. The details of the future map of the Land of Israel are mentioned only cryptically in the Tanach and various Talmudic sources.

  8. honeybee Said:

    Ghost Riders are Cowboy

    The song tells a folk tale of a cowboy who has a vision of red-eyed, steel-hooved cattle thundering across the sky, being chased by the spirits of damned cowboys. One warns him that if he does not change his ways, he will be doomed to join them, forever “trying to catch the Devil’s herd across these endless skies”

    The original version was the Comanche chasing the Buffalo you know.

    The white man even stole their songs.

  9. Max Said:

    No I heavily rely on White House Press Briefings to understand Texas.

    Say what??????? Max Honey yore face is getting red !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Max Said:

    How can you read it and disagree

    Because Google doesn’t give dates of tribal occupations and they don’t anecdote their information. Kiowa are Ks, OK. Indians, Cherokee were forcibly moved from N Carolina. Comanches & apaches are linguistically Shoshoni. Comanches were enemies of the Apaches and forced them west into NM & AZ. Really Max do you receive all your information from Google???

  11. honeybee Said:

    Kickapoo are originally from Iowa.

    So you do drink Kickapoo Joy juice!
    Anyway , I made you think. If you see them ghost riders in the sky you had better apologize.

  12. honeybee Said:

    Superstition has nothing to do with it – read the article

    I did and I disagree.

    How can you read it and disagree when it says what you say -except that it says more.

  13. honeybee Said:

    The Comanches wandered down from Alaska trough Canada to northern Texas, so move over Max.

    They can have it – too many Islamofascists here now. I’ll retire in China where they have no qualms about crushing any political-religion that threatens the state.

  14. Max Said:

    The maps and history say one thing – you say another – who do I believe history or a historian of great reknown

    You believe me, Silly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Max Said:

    Wherever nomadic tribes went – that land was theirs.

    The Comanches wandered down from Alaska trough Canada to northern Texas, so move over Max.