GA, the first domino to fall

If you don’t see the videos look at my comment where I provide them.


May 25, 2021 | 5 Comments »

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  1. @ Michael S:
    I see the same as you with Duck Duck Go, Michael. Big tech has their fake fact checks deployed at every venue to level ridiculing disinfo at any point of concern over the 2020 election – labeling all such concerns as conspiracy theories. I see the source I found in February has since been scrubbed, but it showed that the story was in fact true about a week after Trump left for Fl. In truth, Raffensperger’s complicity in the fraud will not be proven due to his brother’s Chiniese connection and, likewise, if it is proven false, this would not render him innocent of the crimes he has committed. So, the actual relevance is minimal, though not insignificant as far as motivations are concerned. Raffensperger has taken many actions that place him in an uncertain state of affairs. So as I say, much rides on the character of the members of the state legislature in GA(and other states), where China has a very great financial investment.

  2. Peloni,

    I searched the line,

    “Raffensperger’s brother is the Cheif Technical Officer at the Chinese Telecom conglomerate, Huwaweii”.

    Three of the listings on page 1 were about Qanon Research. Typing

    “Raffensperger’s brother Huwaweii” led to “fact checks” that denied the connection. The search was on DuckDuckGo, which claims not to keep track of searches. Coincidence, right?

  3. So BradRaffensperger believes that if “you just continue to speak the truth…you continue to show numbers,”. It should be recalled that Raffensperger is the Sec. of State of Georgia where he has acted as Gov. Kemp’s main tool in opposing a fair accounting of votes showing Trump won the state. Raffensperger achieved this goal by, among other things, first certifying a fraudulent vote as legitimate and then libeling a legitimate inquiry into this fraud as fraudulent. It should also be reflected as quite relevant that Raffensperger’s brother is the Cheif Technical Officer at the Chinese Telecom conglomerate, Huwaweii(yes, he did claim this was Fake News, but it seems the only Fake News aspect of the report was Raffensperger’s denials). But happy news, now that Raffensperger is up for reelection he feels that the facts will set him free from speculations or further inquires as he prepares to face his public. I would suggest that this is likely true. That is if we stick to a strict script where the facts being discussed reveal that Raffensperger will be elected or not on the same fraud-based technology that resulted in the China-Class victory of last winter. So if this is the fact he is hanging his hat on for reelection, it is likely to pan out for him because as Secretary of State he is in control of the machines, and, of course, he has his contract with Dominioln which is still binding. Unless the legislature steps in. In reality, the outcome of the re-consideration of the 2020 election in GA as in AZ, PA, MI,etc will all,ultimately, be decided by the content and courage of each state’s legislatures. There will be a lot of pressures applied of varying forms(please don’t forget the murder of Harrison Deal whose car just happened to exploded with the force similar to a small tactical nuk) placed on those involved. Much lies upon these men and women who have shown themselves to be of limited courage up to this point, and have succeeded in evading such an onerous burden – much as was seen with SCOTUS. But now, as will soon be the case with SCOTUS, the action is soon to be laid upon them to act in accordance with their duty in such a way they will be unable to apply further tactics of evasion. We will see in GA if these legislators will fill the role setup by their ancestors and, as stated in the Declaration of Independence, act “to provide new Guards for their future security” of their nation. It is a great responsibility tha faces these men and women whose financial compensation has a base salary of only $17,342. So if the legislature does its job, big if here, Raffensperger is likely to have a complicated reelection campaign. If they don’t do their job, the complications will still be there but Raffensperger is likely to be able to “continue to show numbers” and runaway with a wide election victory(as he intends).