Gaza rocket hits building, kills three in Kiryat Malachi

11/15/2012 09:23

132 rockets fired from Gaza into South in 24 hours after IDF launches operation to root out terror; IAF strikes more than 100 terror targets in Strip, Palestinians say 13 killed.

Iron Dome fires interceptor rocket south of AshdodPHOTO: REUTERS

Gaza terrorists continued to fire rockets into southern Israel on Thursday morning killing three people and injuring two others in Kiryat Malachi.

In total, some 132 rockets have been fired from Gaza into the South in the last 24 hours after the IDF launched a campaignWednesday to root out the terror infrastructure in the coastal territory, beginning with the targeted killing of Ahmed Jabari, the chief of Hamas’s military wing.

A house in Ashdod and a school in Ofakim near Beersheba also sustained damage from rockets on Thursday morning. Rockets also landed in the Eshkol Regional Council area, Gan Yavne and Ashkelon.

The IDF Spokesman’s Office stated Thursday morning that the Iron Dome rocket defense system successfully intercepted 13 rockets since midnight. The system had intercepted a further 30 rockets on Wednesday night.

Courtesy of IDF Spokesman

The IAF continued to strike in Gaza overnight Wednesday, striking over 100 terror targets. The strikes targeted Hamas rocket arsenals throughout the territory.

Palestinian sources said that 13 people were killed in Gaza as a result of the IAF strikes, with more than a hundred suffering injuries.

Schools within 40 km. of the Gaza Strip were declared closed Thursday, and residents were urged to follow directives from the IDF Home Front Command. Magen David Adom paramedics treated 13 Israelis for injuries suffered overnight prior to the fatal strike in Kiryat Malachi, the organization said. Of the injured, four suffered light wounds while nine more suffered shock symptoms.

Gaza-border communities are in lockdown, with residents ordered to remain in their homes if they live within 7 km. of Gaza.

Explosions have been reported as far away as Dimona, some 75 km. from the Gaza Strip.

At an emergency meeting in Tel Aviv on Wednesday, the security cabinet authorized Defense Minister Ehud Barak to mobilize reservists if needed.

The cabinet also agreed that the IDF should continue to act against terrorist infrastructure and activity in Gaza. It instructed the Foreign Ministry to begin a diplomatic public relations campaign to explain that Israel was acting in self-defense against military targets, because the continued rocket barrage had become intolerable.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke on the telephone on Wednesday night with US President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton. He was also scheduled to speak with UN Secretary-General Ban Kimoon.

The prime minister thanked Obama and Biden for taking the position that Israel had a right to defend itself.

The military operation immediately increased tensions with Egypt, which condemned Israel’s actions and recalled its ambassador.

Yaakov Lappin and Tovah Lazaroff contributed to this report

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25 Comments / 25 Comments

  1. @ yamit82:
    Since the continuous Arab war against Israel just got worse, I should not be complaining about malfunctioning nuclear reactors over here. However, this problem will eventually affect Israel too. As Iran gets its nukes, all your deranged neighbors will also want their own nuclear reactors for “peaceful purposes” to play with. And maybe Canada will sell them CANDUs. Never mind that they’ll be on earthquake-prone regions, and owned by people with extreme anger management issues.

    In the meantime, I hope that you and all Israeli Jews will be safe, and that Israel will teach Gazans a lesson. I don’t expect anything beyond that. Not with the kind of government you have.

  2. They should have also bombed Jhmed Jabri’s funeral – it was only used as a rally for terrorists. Anyone mourning him is a terrorist.
    Whenever they have a strike on terrorists, they should have a second strike and a third and a fourth on the same place so that no one can come to get the bodies so they will lie there and stink on display for weeks as a warning to all the rest of them.

  3. Bernard Ross Said:

    Canadian Otter Said:
    TV news showed Gaza rescuers carrying many “injured” old people and little children out of buildings and into ambulances.
    It should be a policy of Israel to EMBRACE the retaliation against the civilians of those who target Israeli civilians. There should be no apologizing for the targeting of civilians in Gaza

    Absolutely! They should bomb the hospitals and ambulances as well. No one there should be allowed medical treatment until the population rejects Hamas and forces their leaders to have peace and STOP ATTACKING ISRAEL!!!!

  4. @ Laura:

    With this event,I can’t help thinking that this deja vue, all over again. This cannot be ended. It was supposed to have ended in 1967, in 2005 and on and on it goes.

    Here we go ’round the mulberry bush,
    The mulberry bush, the mulberry bush.
    Here we go ’round the mulberry bush,
    So early in the morning.

  5. A Voice from Hebron by Gary M. Cooperberg B”sd

    Why are we Afraid to Win the War?

    After being relentlessly attacked by hundreds of missiles fired upon our civilian population in the south of Israel, Mr. Netanyahu ordered a campaign to target terrorist leaders. Yesterday he prepared us by telling visiting ambassadors that we have the right to defend ourselves against such dastardly actions.

    While it is certainly admirable that our armed forces are capable of limiting our attacks to only the leaders of our enemies, it is a monumental waste of our efforts. What our leaders fail to grasp is that we are truly in a state of war. Can you imagine how World War II might have ended had the allies limited their attacks to only nazi leaders? Our enemies are openly targeting our children. How dare we allow our enemies not to fear for the lives of their children? War is not a picnic. The only way to win a war is to overpower and demolish our enemies until they beg us to stop. I don’t hear Hamas begging us to stop. Instead they are vowing revenge. That is normal. What is abnormal is for us to allow this to continue.

    We all watched on television how thousands of Arabs surrounded the burning car of their leader. With the same effort it took to bomb that car, we could have wiped out thousands of our enemy civilians. That would have stopped the whole thing in its tracks. That would have saved Jewish lives far more than this futile limited campaign to attack only leaders.

    We have no peace partners. We only have enemies bent upon our destruction. How dare we negotiate our very existence with them? Today it is clearer than ever that we are facing an enemy which seeks nothing less than our complete destruction. Any normal nation would do all in its power to completely destroy that enemy. Anything less is an act of treason.

  6. Whoever still doubts that the media is completely subservient to the power elite, they should just look back to February last year, when the Fukushima reactor blew up. Canada is an exporter of uranium and nuclear reactors. After the first few days of headlines about the quake, the tsunami and the nuclear reactor’s crisis, the later was hardly heard of any more, except in statements designed to calm everybody.

    Fukushima is still an ongoing threat to the whole planet. The radioactive plume from Fukushima heads straight for us in Vancouver Island, and mountains of debris will be reaching our shores. Fish is radioactive, our soil and air are radioactive, but nobody would know from acccessing the Canadian/US media. There are only a few dedicated websites that reveal the daily news of malfunctioning and near-misses at US, Canadian and other nuclear plants. ENENEWS is one of the best.

    A New Jersey nuclear reactor developed a crack just a few days ago. The media were silent. If there was ever an example of blatant suppression of news all over the Western media, it is the one concerning the threat of nuclear reactors.


    You are correct that the power elite is not concerned with liberal-conservative differences. Still, the money to pay for their CBC still comes from us taxpayers, many of whom support the CBC sacred cow, in the belief that it’s an assertion of Canadian nationalism to counteract US media dominance. That’s how they sell it, anyway.

  7. Canadian Otter Said:

    @ Max:
    The CBC is fully funded by Canadian taxpayers

    The CBC is run by the Canadian Power Elite, not the taxpayers. No input is received from Canadian Citizens to determine policy. The ruling government, whichever is in power, appoints all the directors and bosses of the CBC – their only ideology of both parties in this respect is appeasement of the elite.. The media itself censors all news of this simple fact of who appoints the directors. Every time any new boss is appointed – every news item will say “so-and-so’ WAS appointed” never naming WHO appointed them.

    The government makes these appointments based on their personal relationships with the power elite (IE the rich) and with the consideration that they will work for those same people after they have finished public office. A simple phone call from the elite can and does get anyone fired or hired in the CBC and can and does get shows, programs news items and news biais canceled or promoted.

    All this can be verified any anyone by research – all that is required is to be curious enough to find out the truth. If anyone wants to know who is the real political power in Canada, simply research who directs MSM and CBC news policy through the simple mechanism of ownership. Can a single ordinary citizen name who owns say… CTV, Global TV? Why not?

    Again, I repeat , the public has ZERO input as to the policies of the CBC – the Government serves alone to exercise the will of the rich in this department. It has nothing to do with ideology or being liberal – all policies of the CBC are in line with maintaining and aggrandizing the wealth of the rich. In this respect, Islamification, Islamic appeasement, Anti-Israeli and Anti-semitism serves to advance this elite financially.
    It is all about the money, it has always been and always will be.
    There is no Liberal ideology per se that is self-sufficient or stands as it’s own as philosophy. Liberal ideology is just fairy tales told to the public to appease their anxieties with illusions that serve the purpose of empowering the elite.

  8. @ Max:
    The CBC is fully funded by Canadian taxpayers. The liberal class literally worships the CBC: CBC-TV, CBC AM radio, CBC FM radio, all in local and national versions, all in francophone and anglophone versions – a mammoth corporation dedicated to spread the leftist gospel.

    The government recently cut a timid 10% of their budget over several years. It should give them nothing! They should beg for donations like NPR and US public television.

  9. Slaying of Hamas commander threatens fragile Middle East peace …

    WASHINGTON — The Globe and Mail

    Published Wednesday, Nov. 14 2012, 8:26 PM EST

    So you see, it was those damned Israelis with their act of aggression that has RUINED the peace in the middle east.
    Oh yeah!
    Israelis just refuse to sit still and watch themselves being annihilated.

    Actually the Canadian news media has hired many Muslim columnists and commentators. So which side do you think they propagandize for – Islamic Jihadists or democratic countries? Canadians live under the delusion that their news media is fair and balanced.

  10. Laura Said:

    Typical of the enemedia taking the side of the savages against Israel… but now that Israel finally acts to defend itself in response to this intolerable situation, it is all over the news.

    i admit, it is the voice of rage talking now. that bing said, i would just LOVE to see some of these ‘journalists’ (aka as rabid antisemites with a sick agenda) round up against a wall and SHOT!
    that’s it, that’s all!
    lt col.eisner would be perhaps the best person to just give a brief explanation that ‘swift justice was rendered to those that collaborate with the enemy’.
    and end his brief comment with an invitation: “next!?”

  11. Shy Guy Said:

    Folks, the missiles are now reaching Tel Aviv.

    So it appears – so far reports of sirens and noise of explosions. This is why it is so important to flush out the SOBs and see what they’ve got.
    Every death in Gaza is the fault of The Jihadists. Israelis are not killing anyone, Israelis are the instrument by which they have chosen to commit suicide.
    It’s great right now that the Islamic factions are all fighting each other. Hezbollah, Iran and some Paley factions are busy fighting the FSA and other Lebanese and Hamas is alienated from Assad.

    Divide and exterminate. Do it now – Get them all. Get Hezbollah while the opportunity is there and they are at war with the Sunnis and Christians.

  12. @ Laura:
    Most CBC and NPR radio news broadcasts (I don’t watch TV every day) start with the Israeli aggressive reaction, number of Gazan victims, and damage. Somewhere two thirds into the broadcast they mention the Gazan rockets, followed by accounts of third parties’ attempts to stop the “circle of violence”.

    It’s an obvious formula to create – and then with repetition to reaffirm – a picture of aggressive Israel attacking Gazan children because of some rockets launched by militants against Jews. Subtext: racist occupiers, after all, they had it coming, let’s not waste our sympathies on them.

    The script itself stays this side – barely, partially, and in appearance only – of media accuracy. But its formula has been scientifically crafted to sway the audience to feel sympathy for Gazans. No doubt about it.

  13. @ Canadian Otter:
    Why no cameras showing Israelis running for cover? Typical of the enemedia taking the side of the savages against Israel. Also typical of the enemedia ignoring months of rocket attacks from Gaza by hamas, but now that Israel finally acts to defend itself in response to this intolerable situation, it is all over the news.

  14. Pallywood part 2

    Further to my previous talkback, here is a new report by A7:

    “Miraculous Recovery by Injured Gaza Man? – Pallywood is in high gear as Gazans dupe BBC viewers in time-honored style. Footage from the BBC captured by watchdog group Honest Reporting shows a heavy man lying on the ground and being carried away by residents, apparently after being injured by an Israeli attack. Moments later, that same man again fills the frame, except he is walking about and obviously unhurt.”

    Maybe Gazan Pallywood will fool most foreign viewers, but those of us familiar with their productions can tell at once in some of their most obvious cases. The “injured” old man I saw on CTV News looked just fine – although slightly embarrassed.

    Pallywood should be widely denounced and ridiculed on YouTube.

  15. Canadian Otter Said:

    TV news showed Gaza rescuers carrying many “injured” old people and little children out of buildings and into ambulances.

    It should be a policy of Israel to EMBRACE the retaliation against the civilians of those who target Israeli civilians. There should be no apologizing for the targeting of civilians in gaza. In fact the world should be told that even the unsuccessful targeting of Israeli civilians will bring immediate retaliation on foreign civilians. The enemies must be clearly shown that killing jews is VERBOTEN and the price is MASSIVE. There must be a DECLARED end to the policies of proportionate, limited and restrained response. This policy is the direct cause of terror against jewish children. The face of all those who wish to tie the hands of jewish response must be severly and mercilessly slapped, as if by a rifle butt.

  16. When a missile is fired into an israeli civilian area there should be at least 100 missiles fired into gazq civilian areas. Right now there is no price paid for the civilian support of Hamas policy to eradicate jews.

  17. Our condolences to Israeli victims and their families. We’re praying for you.


    Maybe this is not the time to say it, but my anger against those Jews who supported the decision to withdraw from Gaza is even greater than against those who actually launch the rockets.

  18. Pallywood never stops. TV news showed Gaza rescuers carrying many “injured” old people and little children out of buildings and into ambulances. The rescuers rushed extremely fast, so there was not time to notice much. But the victims looked fine, with no apparent sign of blood. The whole dramatic scene was impressive.

  19. Max Said:

    I hope they try something real stupid so the IDF can carpet bomb the entire strip into the stone age.

    They’ve been doing “something real stupid” for over a decade. It’s just that we are dumber than they are.

  20. Shy Guy Said:

    Israel Radio Channel 2 just reported that police sappers have detected phosphorus in several rocket remains fired in from Gaza.

    Good! I hope they try something real stupid so the IDF can carpet bomb the entire strip into the stone age.

  21. Israel Radio Channel 2 just reported that police sappers have detected phosphorus in several rocket remains fired in from Gaza.