Republicans are no different from the Democrats

After arguing that when it comes to big government spending, the Republicans are no different from the Democrats, McCarthy goes on arguing the same when it comes to embracing the Muslim Brotherhood. Here’s the part dealing with the MB. I especially like the part where he tears into Sen McCain.

Time To Move On From the GOP? Andrew McCarthy

The Middle East, meanwhile, is aflame. A heavy contributing factor is the American policy of embracing and empowering the Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamists allies, very much including al Qaeda. The Brotherhood is a committed enemy of the United States. In 2007-08, the Justice Department proved that it considers the destruction of Western Civilization from within to be its principal mission in the United States.

In 2011, President Obama launched an unprovoked war in Libya against the Qaddafi regime, which Republicans had been telling us for eight years had mended its ways and become an American ally – such that Republicans in Congress supported transfers of U.S. taxpayer dollars to Tripoli. Obama’s Libya war was guaranteed to put Islamists in power and put Qaddafi’s arsenal at the disposal of violent jihadists. By refusing to foot the bill, congressional Republicans could have aborted this counter-productive aggression – in the conduct of which the administration consulted the U.N. and the Arab League but not the branch of the U.S. government vested by the Constitution with the power to declare and pay for war. Instead, Republicans lined up behind their transnational progressive wing, led by Senator John McCain, which champions the chimera of sharia-democracy – McCain called the Islamists of Benghazi his “heroes.”

That pro-Islamist policy is directly responsible for the heedlessness of establishing an American consulate in Benghazi. It led to the attacks on our consulate and the British consulate, and ultimately to the terrorist murder of four Americans, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya (weeks after British diplomats had the good sense to leave town).

The scandal brings into sharp relief an alarming fact that has long been obvious: notwithstanding their abhorrence of America and the West, Islamists are exerting profound influence on our government. Known Islamists and officials with undeniable Islamist connections have infiltrated the government’s policy councils; simultaneously, American policy has moved steadily in favor Islamists – such that the government supports and funds Muslim Brotherhood affiliates that are hostile to us; colludes with these Islamists in purging from agent training materials information demonstrating the undeniable nexus between Islamic doctrine and jihadist terror; collaborates with these Islamists in the effort to impose repressive sharia blasphemy restrictions on our free speech rights; and, we now learn, knowingly misleads the American people on the cause of murderous Islamist tirades, of which the atrocity in Benghazi is only the most recent example.

A few months back, long before these policies resulted in the killing of our American officials in Libya, and even before these policies abetted the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt (albeit after these policies assured our NATO “ally” Turkey that there would be no blowback for openly supporting Hamas), five conservative Republicans called for an investigation of Islamist influence on our government. Five members of the House – i.e., less than one percent of the Congress – was willing to stand up and confront a profound threat to American national security. The Republican establishment had the opportunity to back them, to prove that the GOP could at least be serious about a profound threat to our national security. Instead, senior Republicans – the Islamist-friendly transnational progressives to whom the party disastrously looks for foreign policy leadership – castigated the five. Speaker Boehner followed suit.

As the weeks went on, and event after event proved the five conservatives right and the apologists for Islamists wrong, the Republican establishment went mum. When the Islamist empowerment strategy coupled with the Obama administration’s shocking failure to defend Americans under siege resulted in the Benghazi massacre, the Republican establishment was given a rare gift: an opportunity, in the decisive stretch-run of a close presidential contest, to exhibit national security seriousness and distinguish themselves from Obama’s dereliction of duty. To the contrary, Gov. Romney and his top advisors decided to go mum on Benghazi; and congressional Republicans essentially delegated their response to Senators McCain and Lindsey Graham – the very “Islamic democracy” enthusiasts who had championed U.S. intervention on the side of Libyan jihadists in the first place (only after having championed the American embrace of Qaddafi).

This has to stop. The current crop of Republican leaders has shown no stomach for the fight. In fact, notwithstanding that President Obama lost a remarkable ten million votes from 2008 in his narrow reelection last week (i.e., 13 percent of his support), House Speaker John Boehner is treating him as if he has a mandate to continue his failed policies – as if the country and its representatives have no choice but to roll over on the immensely unpopular Obamacare law and concede on feeding Leviathan even more revenue and borrowing authority without deep cuts in spending (see Jeff Lord’s account, here); as if the country shares Boehner’s insouciance about the Islamist threat.

By reappointing Boehner and his leadership colleagues today, Republicans are telling us that their answer to failure is more of the same. They have a right to make that choice, but there is no reason why Americans who are serious about our challenges should follow along. The Republican establishment is content with more government, more debt, and more entanglement with our enemies. When called on it, they tell us they are powerless to stem the tide. But the problem is the lack of will and a sense of urgency, not lack of power. It is time to find a new vehicle to lead the cause of limited, fiscally responsible, constitutional government. The Republicans are telling us they are unwilling to be that vehicle. If that is the case, it is time to move on.

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  1. Sarah Palin is as dumb as a politician can get. That’s unfortunate. The entire Republican Party is equally as dumb if not finished as a political force in the USA. If this Party could not win an election against the Chicago Thug Machine, what in the future can? Give me a breal. Barack Hussein Obama, a man with a zero past, with a certain zero future gets reelected twice. Are you all kidding me? The Republicans sent up Namby Pamby Walter Mitty against this gangsta, and loses big time. Now you all are endorsing Nutsy Palin for the role of loser in chief. It’s over for the Republicans, get used to it.

  2. @ Ted Belman:
    Palin of course will be grest as POTUS2016 but wish she would desengage from McCain who she remains loyal to & is influenced regarding foreign policy. As the article above notes, McCain promotes his neo-Conservative dangerous belief that nation building & elections make for a democracy among backward Islamist barbarian nations/tribes, hence the fatal operation to protect from behind in Libya & maybe evven the gun-running from Lybian Alqaeda to Jihadists in Syria. Unfortunately, Palin defers to McCain (see her latest tweet applauding his expertise regarding Benghazi)& infact supported US flyover type intervention in Libya, too. Would hope that Palin would explicitly denounce any support for Jihadists in contrast to McCain & other neo-conservative/Bushites.

  3. Makes me long for the good-ol’ days of the Cold War. Will there be a Republican leader that can rally the masses from thier thorazine political shuffle and get things right to vote for something greater than self-interest? Or will it take a concerted multi-generational effort to get non-libs into our educational systems?

  4. I’m in the middle of reading his book “the Grand Jihad”. This book should be required reading for all those dolts in Washington responsible for national security. But they are too dense and too ideologically rigid to be moved from their “religion of peace” mindset in any way.

  5. When Senator Rand Paul mounts a serious challenge for the 2016 Republican Presidential Nomination – he will make McCain look like Meir Kahane. Hillary will be the pro-Israel candidate in the race.

  6. American Elites = European Elites = DEVILS 🙁

    Maybe not as bad as the Eurodevils only because so many Americans have guns.

    GOP is not in the mood to deal with the issue of Islam. More interested in collecting their salaries, their pensions, enjoying great health care ( which they deny to their middle class loyal followers people ), their private gym and the perks ( both financial and sexual ).

    I wish all the best for the Red States to separate and form their own country.