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  1. You don’t engage in dialectic talks with a scorpio about coexistence or peace.
    You don’t sleep while a scorpio creeps near your head
    Spineless leaders Rabin-Pérès chose to perform this stupid Oslo gamble , failure came very soon . But the trap was closed on our feet and even right wing Sharon and Netanyahu had to follow the same stupidity.
    Israeli people was gullible and still is , to swallow that hook and line .
    The army’s failure results from the “passive-defensive only” posture implemented by all governments since 1992. Maginot line ended in total disaster in May 1940.
    Bar-Lev line ended in Egypt attacking us in 1973 , this ” intelligent-technological” fence around Gaza ended yesterday its mockery job. Such hi tech line is a waste , a smokescreen for impotence.
    Let’s crush the scorpio .

  2. Some useful information about war in Israel on Dennis Davidov’s Telegram channel, not found in other media sources, not even Israeli ones. Nice to know that at least one terrorist leader was killed in Israel’s strike on his home.

  3. This is a positive sign:

    Denys Davydov
    2 hours ago
    ? Israel has officially declared a state of war. Clause 40 is put into effect. It was last used in 1973. Now the Israeli Defence Forces have complete freedom of action and can act independently at their own discretion. Although it is obliged to report to the political leadership.

  4. I think re: Israel wimping out under international pressure, you might be correct.

    On the other hand, this time seems different to me. This has been a very carefully planned offensive by a genocidal Iran and Hamas, and over 600 Israelis are already dead.

    As Caroline Glick pointed out, there is no coexistence possible living next to a genocidal statelet.

    This is Israel’s Pearl Harbor. There is no going back to the methods used in the past, since every one of them has failed.

    All of those individuals inside and outside of Israel who take the side of the Hamas and Iranians are on the side of genocide, no different from Hitler’s henchmen.

    There will be countries which will help Israel in this effort.

    This time was not just another set of rockets. This time was not even like another Intifada. This time the Iranians, Hamas, and Hizb’allah want to use everything they have to wipe out Israel and the Jews, short of nuclear weapons. They are waiting to see if Israel is alone in this fight or if other countries will stand up for Israel.

    If all the other countries around the world let Israel stand alone, then all the Jewish people from around the world from every continent must mobilize to help Israel defend and protect herself and her people.

  5. Caroline says the right things. We’ll see, if ANY of it comes to pass. Otherwise, we can expect Israel to wimp out over international pressure.

    The first nation I noticed, that has turned against Israel since the attack, is Russia. Before Sabbath had even ended, he was calling upon Israel to stand down. I hope all the “Russia doves” here noticed that.

    Also, the first countries who stood WITH Israel were the US and its NATO allies, and the Republic of Ukraine. I hope the “doves” here noticed that as well.