God’s Jewish Warriors — CNN’s Abomination

CAMERA does a great job on this abomination

CNN’s “God’s Warriors”, hosted by Christiane Amanpour, is a three-part series intended to examine the growing role of religious fundamentalism in today’s world. Unfortunately, the first program in the series, “God’s Jewish Warriors,” is one of the most grossly distorted programs to appear on mainstream American television in many years. It is false in its basic premise, established in the opening scene in which Jewish (and Christian) religious fervency is equated with that of Muslims heard endorsing “martyrdom,” or suicide-killing. There is, of course, no counterpart among Jews and Christians to the violent jihadist Muslim campaigns underway across the globe, either in numbers of perpetrators engaged or in the magnitude of death and destruction wrought.

August 25, 2007 | 5 Comments »

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5 Comments / 5 Comments

  1. Just as important as denouncing CNN for its 3 part series God’s Warriors, is to track which of the MSM applauded the series and to take them to task as well.

  2. The following is my response to CNN. Thank you for posting CNN’s comment page. This approach ought to be a more common practice on this blog.

    “www.CAMERA.org presents the serious flaws in Amanpour’s presentation of Jewish Warriors. Your program is so inflammatory that it brings into question the legitimacy of Israel’s existence. Is that CNN’s purpose? Every reasonable observer understands that Israel acquired Judea and Samaria in a defensive war, but that was not mentioned. Every international jurist will have to admit under questioning that Judea and Samaria are “disputed” territories with Jewish claims being as strong or stronger than Palestinian claims – not mentioned. Every reasonable student of Arab national history knows that Judea and Samaria will become Jew-free under a Palestinian run state; that is the stated Palestinian goal, even by moderate Palestinians. Will not “Palestine” then represent a truly apartheid government? Is that the goal of CNN? – an irredentist state on Israel’s borders that will harass it to extinction. Whose inner vision of the future world does CNN serve? What is CNN’s interest in demonizing Israel? Who paid for this travesty of justice? Where is rebuttal time? Let us face the fact that using Amanpour as the interviewer on this subject was not much fairer than engaging Ahmadinejad to run the show.”

  3. Why is anyone surprised at the pro-Muslim drivel that Amanpour produces & reports? Did you forget how this woman made her entire reputation and career? By turning Bosnia’s Islamofascist, Alija Izetbegovic, into “a secular democratic leader” on camera! Izetbegovic, who said that “there can be no peace between Islamic and non-Islamic institutions, and Islam must take over as soon as it is numerically possible”, who was literally a WWII Islamo Nazi who fought under this flag , became a virtual Ghandi on the screen with her reporting. Head-chopping mujahaddin from the ME who came to Bosnia, were air-bushed into “weaponless victims” and arms shipments from Iran to Bosnia, were completely ignored by Amanpour. So why is anyone surprised when she trashes Israelis over her beloved Islamo-fascist terrorists, now?


  4. CNN deserves to be roundly and publicly condemned for this piece of propaganda in the guise of journalism, by both Jews and Christians for it is offensive to both that they should be in any way likened to radical Islamists, which incidentally are not nearly as small in number as Amanpour and the rest of the politically correct ninnies would have you believe.

    I expect that CNN will be self congratulatory as to this hatchet job on Jews and Christians.

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