GOP Outperforming 2012 Early, Absentee Voting Numbers in Florida, Iowa and North Carolina


The Republican National Committee (RNC) and the Trump campaign say Republicans continue to lead in early and absentee voting in the state of Florida, and have closed the gap in Iowa.
Republicans now make up 1.5 percent more of the vote share than at this time in the 2012 election, while Democrats make up 5 percent less.

As of Friday, Republicans still maintain a slim lead in total votes cast in Florida, according to the RNC.

In Iowa, Republicans make up 2.5 percent more of the total ballots cast, which has closed the gap in ballots cast by roughly 20,000 in this day in 2012. Democrats have cast 23,000 fewer ballots than in 2012.

Republicans are turning out in greater numbers than in 2012 in North Carolina, where they have cast 93,000 ballots more than in 2012.

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