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According to Israeli Diplomat: “Abu Mazen Lied to Us Thrice”

    1. He said he wouldn’t support the Prisoner’s Document and did
    2. He said he wouldn’t join a Unity Government with Hamas if it didn’t agree to the three conditions and he did
    3. He said he wouldn’t turn the $100 million Israel released to him over to Hamas and he did.

Yet Olmert is still going to meet with him. What for?

MK’s Blast Olmert

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Thursday, for reportedly telling the Winograd Commission that he had prepared the plans for war in March 2006, four months before it broke out.

Shteinitz doesn’t believe Olmert:

    “As head of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, I was never shown documents, statements or intentions by the political echelon to prepare for war and neither were the subcommittees,” Shteinitz insisted. “A country preparing for war does not cut security budgets, meaningfully decrease training on the ground and lower reserve call-ups. Olmert’s testimony… has no real basis.”

MK Eldad said that

    “even if we assume Olmert isn’t lying, his situation is a thousand times worse after this statement. If this was the plan he okayed without checking if the Home Front was ready for implementation and the IDF was capable of carrying it out – he should be tried for criminal negligence.”

Olmert and Kadima Plummet, Netanyahu – Up

Netanyahu told reporters on Wednesday. “The nation wants either new elections, or at least a major change in the composition of the government.” MK Gideon Saar (Likud), asked today what could save the Olmert government, said, “Nothing.”

[The part that I have made bold, suggests that existing MK’s will change parties after 11 Kadima MKs bolt. They will coalesce around Netanyahu.]

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