“Land for Peace” – the walking dead

Jerusalem Summit – Occasional Briefs – # 001/2007

I urge you consider the significance of the following:

1. The Collapse of the “Land-for-Peace” Idea.

In a recent publication “Israel’s Deterrence after the Second Lebanon War”, Maj. Gen. (res.) Uzi Dayan, former Head of the National Security Council and deputy Chief of Staff, who is widely recognized a longstanding, mainstream moderate, conceded that the concept of “Land for Peace” was no longer valid. In it, he admitted that:

    The land for peace idea has now collapsed [sic]. Hardly anybody in Israel really thinks that if we give territories, we will get peace… We have to find another way, and a new concept is urgently needed…

2. Intensification of the Humanitarian Crisis in the Palestinian Administered Territories.

Recent reports indicate that the Humanitarian Crisis in Judea, Samaria and Gaza is reaching unprecedented proportions with initial signs of malnutrition and starvation beginning to appear – see ‘Food insecurity’ rampant in West Bank, Gaza

3. Dawning Realization among the Palestinians that Statehood is not for Them.

There is growing disillusionment among Palestinians themselves as to whether they are worthy of statehood – see “Palestinians: We don’t deserve a state”

4. Manifest Willingness of Palestinians to Emigrate – If Given the Opportunity

Several recent opinion polls – including those conducted by major Palestinian universities – show that significant numbers of Palestinians are willing to emigrate “if given the opportunity”-

Should Israel not seize – with alacrity – the opportunity to give them an opportunity??

6. Palestinian intransigence regarding Israel’s Right to Exist

A poll recently published by Near East Consulting (NEC), an institution that conducts regular surveys of Palestinian opinion, reveals that when asked the question:

    “Does Israel have the right to exist?”, an overwhelming majority (75%) of the respondents answered with a resounding “No”.

Analysis of the results according to the age of the pollees gives even more cause for concern. — the younger the respondents, the greater their tendency to reject Israel’s right to exist. For example, among those aged 18-21, about 90% stated that Israel had no right to exist. For younger age groups, the refusal to acknowledge this right was virtually absolute, reaching almost 100%. Accordingly, there appears little hope that future generations will be the harbinger of better understanding.

7. The Unavoidable Conclusion

In view of all these factors:

    * The Undeniable Collapse of the Land-for-Peace Concept
    * The Intensifying Humanitarian Crisis among the Palestinians and the Onset of Malnutrition & Starvation
    * Growing Palestinian Disillusionment with the Prospect of Statehood
    * Significant Palestinian Willingness to Emigrate
    * Overwhelming Palestinian Unwillingness to Accept Israel’s Right to Exist

I once again refer you to the Jerusalem Summit’s Humanitarian Paradigm for the dissipating (rather than solving) the Palestinian predicament – see

This is inevitably emerging as the only cogent, coherent and comprehensive way that will

    * Alleviate, and even eliminate, the humanitarian plight of individual Palestinians
    * Ensure the continued security and survival of Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish people

Provide a significant boost to the economies of the developing World Transform poverty stricken refugees into affluent émigrés.

Surely the time has come to place this proposal on the national agenda and to commence serious public debate as to its implementation and ramifications.

Best Wishes

Dr. Martin Sherman
Academic Director

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