Hamas Secret Tunnels Exposed

By Ted Belman

My good friend Mordechai ben-Menachem was interviewed on FOX Radio about the tunnels and he advised that:
– 60 tunnels have been found
– 5000 tunnels are estimated to exist.
– the cement for the tunnels was ordered and paid for by UNWRA
– the US funds 37% of the UNWRA budget.

gaza tunnel

Mordechai Ben-Menachem, a former researcher/lecturer at Ben-Gurion University and soldier in the IDF joined Leslie Gold for an update on the Hamas tunnels targeting Israel. Mordechai told Leslie that close to 60 tunnels have been found so far leading into Israel that Hamas could use to secretly attack Israel.

Listen here:

July 31, 2014 | 11 Comments »

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11 Comments / 11 Comments

  1. They need to execute 100 Hamas prisoners and then 10 per day until the officer is returned unharmed.

    But knowing the nebbishes in charge , they will surrender half of Tel Aviv in return for his dead body.

  2. @ yamit82:
    I’ll like to suggest that tonight we pray for the soldiers and field commanders and in particular for the apparently kidnapped officer.

    Things are really heating up as shown by the fact that some maggots are popping out of the unJewish sewers ready to undermine those that see clearly.
    One of those slimy creatures tacked into me in another column here. No big deal.
    I understand that el fantastico is going nuts trying to get out of the mess he placed all of us into.

  3. @ yamit82:
    You have a more comprehensive ability to choose a course of action matching the Israeli mess than I have.
    Obviously we are in one hell of a mess and we cannot rely on the flotsam passing as leaders. Every minute that that those folk remain there, will make our future deadlier for all of us.
    What would a solid way to go about for the better for our people?

  4. @ Max:
    ISRAEL will never lose. The unJewish scum that usurped government control since Oslo will always lose by design.

  5. @ SHmuel HaLevi 2:

    BB’s grand plans seem to be unraveling quickly. No he really is in a lose lose situation. That’s what happens when you play it safe and try to avoid risks from the beginning.

    BB Is A Pragmatic Fish Eater

    Many are familiar with the ancient parable about the slave who cooked for his master a stinking fish. The master gave his slave three options: Either eat the stinking fish, receive 100 lashes, or pay with his money for the fish. The slave opted for the punishment to eat the stinking fish, but after eating more than half the fish with great effort, he could not take it anymore, and announced to his master that he can’t continue, and would like to receive the lashes. The master began thrashing the slave, and after several lashes, again the slave could not stand the pain, and chose the third punishment – to pay. And so, in the end, he ate the fish, received lashes and paid a high price to atone for his sin….

    One can easily remember this parable when watching Prime Minister Netanyahu in action. While one may pity the poor Prime Minister, one can not forget his past actions nor forgive his wretched and dangerous decisions today.

  6. @ yamit82:
    Laurel & Hardy had a skit that went something like this.
    After Laurel would truly mess up, Hardy would, while punching him softly with the index finger… say:
    “That’s another fine mess you got us into”…
    I just received while visiting #7, a Home Front warning message for rockets approaching one of the Gaza vicinity Jewish towns.
    I guess that the “CEASE FIRE” d’ jour is going marvelously… As soon as Netanyahu himself run up his white flag, things will be peachy.
    Come on man! El Netanyahu is very good at kissing derrieres, do it…
    Peace is just around the corner…

  7. SHmuel HaLevi 2 Said:

    Can anyone tell us what has been accomplished by our thousands of generals, super duper high tech equipment and el Netanyahu & associates leadersh…p?

    Good for those holding cement and building materials monopolies in Israel and Gaza. Windfall profits expected.

    Destruction of Hamas was never a war aim of the IDF. They alwas had limited and vague war aims “to bring quiet and security” to the South in Israel and to extract a cost (degrading) Hamas. The tunnels after the first day revised the declared and approved war aim to search and destroy of the Tunnels and leaving the rest intact as Iron Dome seemed to have allowed the military and BB to take a more limited response to the Rockets and mortars.

    The military never had a goal of destroying Hamas and never pursued Hamas past moving 2-3 km into Gaza and relied on air power which caused massive destruction to structures but never reached command and control nor the leadership of Hamas both political and military.

    The object of the IDF was always to act to give our political leadership the advantage in negotiations that are always imposed on Israel in our wars. So winning militarily is defined as how many points are made in battle like how many enemy killed how much destruction to both the capabilities of the enemies capabilities both passive and active.

    We have lost almost 20 soldiers from just plain 120mm mortars on Israeli territory in the last few days because our stupid military leaders place their command and control and staging areas inside Israel close to the border with Gaza and in range of the mortars. Our geniuses never thought to move back our forces beyond the range to those low-tek but lethal mortars. I don’t think there was ever a concerted effort to locate the mortars and put them out of action which left our unprotected troops sitting ducks…

    Truth is most of the reservists called up were not active but waiting for assignment.

    The deaths and injury to our soldiers in the last two days should have not occurred but for the obvious stupidity and irresponsibility of the military leadership.

    Israel opted for their long held military philosophy of causing havoc and destruction to the civilian population in the hopes that they will in turn put pressure on the enemy to wave the white flag. Easy targets lot of destruction but leaving much if not most of the enemy leadership and capabilities intact. This is designed to deter future conflict by raising the cost of conflict to the enemy so high they will hold back even if they have restored and increased their overall capabilities. Hamas and Hezbollah are very dependent on the cooperation of the Local populations… Too much misery and destruction it’s thought will make them think twice from attacking Israel in the future.

    Premise is peace and Quite is measured by such deterrence not on the capabilities of the enemy.

  8. We have just been informed that 5 more soldiers were killed yesterday “near Gaza” by mortar fire.
    About 61 now lost. 200 plus wounded.
    Beside piles of speculations in neutral. Can anyone tell us what has been accomplished by our thousands of generals, super duper high tech equipment and el Netanyahu & associates leadersh…p?

  9. I know my question is not proper but what the h…
    The Licenciado Vidriera asks.
    Who allowed those huge quantities of cement and steel to get to Hamas anyway?
    What was the GSS and MOSAD doing with the information, or they were and are too busy entrapping Jews with spray cans, (if any), in here to bother?
    We have been made aware by persons living in the Gaza region that they detected, recorded and reported sounds of underground excavations but our loverly leadershi…p shut them off!!! They would not do that, would they?
    We certainly can rely on the disgraces in and out of uniform to stop Iran any time now… NUTS!
    After a month they got to a CEASE FIRE with HAMAS…. What a Team!

  10. My good friend Mordechai ben-Menachem was interviewed on FOX Radio about the tunnels and he advised that:
    – 60 tunnels have been found
    – 5000 tunnels are estimated to exist.
    – the cement for the tunnels was ordered and paid for by UNWRA
    – the US funds 77% of the UNWRA budget.

    No wonder the UN and US now condemns Israel. The info about the tunnels should be spread to the entire world. Those who helped Hamas should be exposed not to get away with their crimes under a guise of a concern for human sufferings with a one sided approach that is more favorable to terrorist Hamas.