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  1. “No” is leading the yes. Maybe his Jihadi Israeli hating Muslim base as led by the English nobility and the antisemitic Church of England is sleeping right now

  2. It’s BRITAIN for pity’s sake.

    Britain is the new home of Islamic Jihad in Europe so it’s pointless playing their “voting game”.

  3. The article is a web of lies, falsehoods, defamations, and blatant racism and anti-semitism.

    As mentioned in another thread, double standard has always been applied towards Israel.

    Why did not this Jew-hater react against the human, social and environmental destruction performed by the US military in their war against Afghanistan further to the 9/11 terrorist attack?

    Why did not this Jew-hater react against the 21,000 Afghans civilians who have died as a result of the US war.

    Why did not this Jew-hater react against the U.S. military which dropped an estimated 1,230 cluster bombs that unleashed almost 250,000 bomblets on populated areas, on homes, schools, in markets and on roadways?

    Why did not this Jew-hater react against the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights who did not prosecute the USA for war crimes?

    Accusing Israel is nothing than demonstrating the usual, historical and basic Jew-hatred by Non-Jews worldwide who use Israel as a scapegoat.

  4. @ Avigail:

    Maybe you can but all I get is “Polling Loading” and it never loads and there is no place for comment.

    One doesn’t even know how to respond to the likes of delusional Mr. Prescott. He has no idea what legal terms like “proportionality”, much less “occupation” means!

    Are the Hamas rockets still coming from Gaza? Well until they stop, one can not even embark on the question of proportionality because until they do, whatever Israel is doing to stop them, hasn’t even entered the threshold of proportionality. Once they do stop one can ask if lesser measure could have achieved the same result.

    In Mr. Prescott’s inverted universe, cause follows effect as there would be no Gaza “prison” if the Gazans weren’t trying to kill us! The “stangulation of the poor Gazans did not precede they’re murderous activities toward Israel and is really strangulation when Israel only denies them materials to war against us while we provide them with free electricity, fuel, meds and other vital supplies? Naturally to Mr. Prescott and his sick ilk.

    He acknowledges Israeli warnings before bombings but complains that the poor Gazans have nowhere to run to. Well if warnings are given, why not run to an area were no warning has been given – yah think?

    I could go on but my stomach is weak.

  5. We live in the world that calls evil “good” and good “evil”. (Isaiah 5:20)

    In the face such adversity, the Israeli leadership should show courage not to have a cease-fire that benefits its enemies.