Hilton: Flatten the curve not the economy

March 24, 2020 | 10 Comments » | 352 views

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  1. Hilton seems to make sense. I’m glad we have a President who understands what he’s talking about; because I sure don’t.

    I wish Hilton the best, I wish America the best, and it wouldn’t be prudent for me to say what I’ve wished for Schumer and Pelosi. As for my Democrat Governor in the Deep Blue state I live in, she has turned a rather sensible regime of social distancing, which we began before the government got involved, into a martial law nightmare that makes incarceration in a penitentiary start to look like a better option.

    I have family in China, the country which has been blamed for this and every ill on the planet. The situation there is this: The virus began in Wuhan, catching every level of China’s cumbersome bureaucracy flatfooted. They recovered in time to pretty much lock down the country for less than two months. At the height of my daughter’s quarantine there, they were able to get outside for exercise (Under Gov. Brown’s draconian measures here, we would be breaking the law if we went out for a walk without a dog). The Chinese whooped the virus; they really did. The number of cases dropped dramatically; but then, with travelers going to China from a now-completely-infested world, cases are again arising in travel hubs such as Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangdong.

    I got down to pray this morning, for my daughter in Guangdong; and while praying, I envisioned a map of China, with Shanghai and Guangdong in bright red — indicating a large concentration of cases. Then, in my vision, a wall of flames started to envelop the coast of China. I asked, WHAT’S THAT!! Then an angel, or whoever he was, assured me: “That isn’t the virus. Those are angels, sent from heaven to FIGHT the virus.”

    I felt good after that, then came to my computer to see what’s going on. I saw that naughty-little-girl-Nancy-Pelosi-who-throws-a-tantrum-when-she-can’t-get-her-way was up to her old antics, along with Sickening Schumer. Then I clicked to a different website, and saw that the stock market was rebounding; and to another website that said the Fed was throwing out all stops to support the economy. Then I thought,

    “It’s the angels. Praise God, who answers prayer!”

  2. @ Michael S:
    “β€œIt’s the angels.”
    I envy you , Michael. I really do.
    They way I look at it – the “germ games”, the consolidation of wealth in fewer hands than before, bringing down the price of labor, and wiping out smaller competitors and investors are over and it’s time to start calming own the masses and praising those who started the whole thing for successfully ending the crisis, curbing the “pandemic”, and saving our lives, the economy, etc., etc.
    BTW, if the Democrats are really such @#$% (I am NOT defending them), do we want a permanent ONE PARTY government composed of virtuous Republicans?
    Hilton: Flatten the curve not the economy (for those who cannot see the video here):

  3. If they are going to lure the American manufacturers back into the US, they gotta to have the lure ready, i.e., cheap labor and a large, desperate labor force ready to take any job that comes along which may pay even less than the manufcturers were paying the Chinese.
    What is more disturbing (actually, terrifying) to me is that Hilton said that “we have to keep protecting the elderly” (meaning that the policies for the isolation of the elderly must stay in place). The reason for that is, most likely, to keep the elderly, many if not most of whom are perfectly able-bodied – at least for the light work, from participating in the work-force and to further break up family units using a plausible excuse (“for their own good”).
    This is an attack on the civil rights and freedom of a large segment of the population (~20% or every 5th person in the country over the age of 60) with possible mandatory testing, mandatory vaccinations, mandatory isolation (possibly in special newly-build “complexes” (camps)), mandatory routine treatments with possibly untested drugs, prohibition of gatherings and approaching each other and their family members too closely, limiting visitation, written correspondence, etc.
    You can fill in your own blanks.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if those “no-visitation complexes” later become famous for their unusually high death rates, especially of pneumonia (after all, this is a “high-risk” population).
    Watch this and the expression on their faces:

  4. @ Reader:
    Hi, Reader

    If you envy me because God encouraged me when I prayed, well, GOOD! Try it yourself — it’s wonderful! I can’t handle the stress of trying to analyze all the problems of the world and come up with solutions. In fact, I don’t think either of us was made for that. We have to know that not Donald Trump, not Nancy Pelosi, but God Himself is willing and able to supply our needs. So pray, pray! Pray in Hebrew! Pray in Pig Latin! Pray in Vietnamese! Pray with bongo drums or a harp. King David said God hears a broken and contrite heart, which, believe me, I have when crying out for our children; and He ANSWERS! He does. Anyhow, I found myself singing this song. It’s from the Jewish Bible, no “Jesus” stuff in it:


    It’s from Jeremiah 32:17, and it goes,

    “Ah, Lord God! Thou hast made the heavens and the earth by thy great power!
    Ah, Lord God! Thou hast made the heavens and the earth by thine outstretched arm.
    Nothing is too difficult for thee!
    Nothing is too difficult for thee!
    Great and mighty God, great in counsel, mighty in deed,
    Nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing,
    Nothing is too difficult for thee.

    I hear what you’re saying about consolidation of wealth, etc. The socialists think one can remedy this by stealing the wealth from the rich and giving it to the poor; but of course, then the rich have no money to run their businesses and have to lay off all their poor employees.

    The Bible has a better idea, namely, the sh’mitah or “letting fall” of debts every seven years. The rabbis have tried to make a show of this with a phony “release of debts” that isn’t really a realease (I release your debts, but you have to contract to assume them again right after they’re released — it’s a farse). So the rabbis don’t really do the sh’mitah; nobody does… but GOD does! He lets the economy do its ups and downs, so people, businesses, banks and governments HAVE TO release debts. He did that in 2008/09, and seems to be about to do it again.

    I don’t understand the details of it; I don’t have to. What I DO have to do, is pray and know God takes care of those who love Him, who humble themselves and seek his face. Then I can go through life at peace. It keeps me at peace, while others around me are losing their heads.

    In my “mini vision” while praying, God assured me that he was staying the plague against my children. I believe Him. Now I can go about, doing the things that need doing — like eating breakfast.

    Oh — Do we want ONE PARTY? My daughter is living under one (The Chinese Communist Party). They get mixed reviews, not good on average. Millions died in a famine they caused 60 years ago. Two seems better than one; but twelve, which Israel seems to have, has some shortcomings.

  5. @ Michael S:
    “If you envy me because”
    I envy you because of your optimistic fatalism (or fatalistic optimism?)
    I have to dig for reasons and causes.
    Of course, it is not good to steal from the rich to give to the poor (although remember Robin Hood?) but I think that stealing from the poor to give to the rich is not good either.

  6. More testing could help bring people back to work. Certainly if one had this and did not know they have anti-bodies in their system that would repel getting it. So if tested those people could could back to work.

    This is a safe way of opening the economy back up.

  7. We keep getting clarifications from government agencies, concerning exactly what we are and are not allowed to do. An example:

    “Bear and cougar hunters: Successful cougar and bear hunters are temporarily not required to check-in their animal at an ODFW office, though they do still need to report basic information about their harvest within 10 days. Hunters need to call the office in the district where they harvested their cougar or bear and report their name, ODFW ID number, date of harvest, location of harvest (wildlife management unit), sex of animal and confirmation number for electronic tags. Or, they can email all the above information to ODFW.WildlifeInfo@state.or.us


    This is good news: You will not have to call the local Fish and Wildlife office, and get put on hold because they are closed or out shopping for toilet paper on the black market, when a black bear or cougar is eyeing you over as a prospective meal. However, although it is not technically illegal to BE in the forest, it is illegal to leave home to get there, unless it’s to walk your dog.

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