Hollande Win Will Boost Anti-Israel Left

More French Jews are now considering aliya. Twice previous numbers.

Hello to my American friends,
As you know, the Socialist François Hollande won the presidential elections in France, last Sunday. It is a catastrophe for France.

Hollande was elected by the Muslisms:

    a survey (of 10,000 Muslims) shows that 93% of the Muslims voted for him.

    As 2 million Muslims participated in this election, Hollande got 1,720,000 Muslim votes more than Sarkozy did: (0.93-0.07) x 2,000,000 = 1,720,000

    But at the end, in the whole population, he got only 1,139,316 votes more than Sarkozy.

So, without the Muslims’ votes, Sarkozy would have been re-elected.
All the Muslim criminals feel now empowered.

Criminality is already on the rise (1,700 cars were burnt in France for the first night). Muslims are screaming anti-French and anti-Jews watchwords in our streets.

Veiled women, wearing the illegal burqa, are strolling in our streets.
And, as if this wasn’t enough, Hollande wants to give to all the foreigners the right to vote in our elections!!

France will face a very hard situation. We are heading for civil war in a few years.

That’s the last news from occupied France.

By Jonathan S. Tobin, COMMENTARY 05.01.2012

The head of the CRIF, the head of the umbrella group representing French Jewry, is coming under criticism for saying a victory for Socialist Party presidential candidate Francois Hollande is a potential disaster for Israel. Richard Prasquier stated in an opinion column published last week in Haaretz that anti-Israel elements within the Socialist Party will be able to exert disproportionate influence in a Hollande administration.

While Prasquier said Hollande had expressed friendship for Israel, he left little doubt that the strong ties between the Jewish community and incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy left some Jews worried about the consequences if the polls are right and the Socialist wins on Sunday. Of special concern was the fact that while Sarkozy has been the most ardent European opponent of a nuclear Iran, Hollande is untested on the issue and will govern with the support of leftist foes of Israel who will play a large role in his government.

While Prasquier has landed in hot water for his candor, there’s little doubt he was telling the truth. Though there is probably little difference between the views of Sarkozy — who is well-known for his dislike of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — about the moribund Middle East peace process, Sarkozy’s leadership on Iran will be missed if he loses. Without Sarkozy pushing the West to make good on its threat of an oil embargo of Iran, it is entirely possible that European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton will have the leeway to make an unsatisfactory deal with the Iranians that will not resolve the problem but will spike plans for stepped up sanctions.

Just as telling is Prasquier’s description of France’s political alignment:

    The main question that arises for the Jewish community, if François Hollande becomes the president of France, is the influence that might be exerted by those Socialist leaders who have negative views towards Israel’s policies. Beyond the Socialists, but still in Hollande’s camp, are the leftist parties and the Greens who express a deep hostility towards Israel and are at the forefront of every anti-Israel demonstration, declaration and petition. The fact that Jean Luc Melenchon, the charismatic leader of the renewed Communist party, only managed a disappointing 11 percent result, might well reduce its impact on French foreign policy, but I expect a surge in leftist and Communist manifestations of anti-Zionism.

Tellingly, Prasquier plays down the influence of Marine Le Pen’s far right party that did so well in the first round of the French elections. Though support for a grouping that has been a font of anti-Semitism isn’t good news, he rightly points out that it is not the National Front that is French Jewry’s biggest problem these days. As the recent terrorist attack in Toulouse illustrated, the Jews have more to fear from radical Islamists and Israel-haters than the traditional anti-Semitism of the old French right which has little influence on the government. But if the anti-Zionists of the left regain influence, prospects for good relations between France and Israel as well as for French support for stopping Iran will decrease. Given Hollande’s lead in the polls, it appears Prasquier’s fears will soon be put to the test.

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14 Comments / 14 Comments

  1. @ yamit82:

    “Mouton Rothschild?? Hmmmmm Why would you bring up the Rothschilds?”

    Mouton Rothschild is one of the greatest wines of Bordeaux.

    Very tasty (and very expensive).

    * * * * * * * *

    Give it a rest, Yamit.

  2. @ Eric R.:

    I am also very concerned about an open Islamist butt-kisser like Hollande with access to nuclear triggers. (It is scary enough having Obama in office here….)

    However, Israel, in that instance, would fire back and destroy millions in at least several major French cities. It wouldn’t be an even exchange, but France is not Iran. I don’t think they are prepared to pay that kind of price just to defend Muslims.

  3. Thank God in the UK we got rid Ken Livingstone unfortunately we still have Gallowy and many Anti Israel MP`s

  4. @ yamit82:

    Curious American

    They should have left a long time ago.

    Why should they have left and to where?

    Because France was getting ugly. This does not mean their departure is morally right. It is the product of ugliness. But it is practical for saving lives.

    And to where?

    Why Israel, of course, where you could instruct them on human kindness.

    Mouton Rothschild??

    Because Mouton Rothschild is a famous wine, and the French are wine lovers.

    I loved Billy Sunday

    Billy Sunday died in the 30s. You never loved him.

    Jesus He Knows Me

    Yes, He does, and He is calling you to accept him as your Jewish Moshiach.

  5. @ CuriousAmerican:

    They should have left a long time ago.

    Why should they have left and to where?

    The French are not intrinsically anti-semitic

    Such a definitive statement, so you must have a sound basis for your claim. What?

    They might regret the loss of Mouton Rothschild and so might might exceptions for them.

    Mouton Rothschild?? Hmmmmm Why would you bring up the Rothschilds? I loved Billy Sunday, Hyman Appleman and Billy Graham was the cats pajamas.

    Genesis – Jesus He Knows Me

  6. @ Bert:

    There are about a million Jews remaining in Europe. Many of them are potential candidates for emigration when the pressure becomes sufficient.
    The next question is what will make U.S. Jews also willing to emigrate? Stay tuned.

    Somebody here better come up with a good working definition of who is a Jew before your hopeful prediction materializes. We already have a serious negative problem with phony Russian non Jewish Nazi Slavs and Christian Ethiopians. Such a immigration could render Israel a non Jewish State and defeat it’s raison d’etre.

    American Jewry? Most of them are no longer Jewish and intermarriage would render at least one spouse ineligible. That is certainly a problem we don’t want or need.

  7. Looks like the Jews can count on no one but G-d. When we know Whose we are, we will do what needs to be done. Israel will stand alone in this world with all of the nations arrayed against her. However, He who watches over Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps!

  8. Getmany will fall next to the anti-Zionist bandwagon. Then, the U.K. This train ain’t stopping.

  9. My greater fear is this – assuming (as I do) that Israel attacks Iran, and there is a massive counterstrike by Hezbollah, with its rocket launchers smack in the middle of Shiite villages in South Lebanon, combined with Israel’s recent announcement that it will spare no effort to take out the missiles, the ensuing civilian deaths (and there will be many), trumpeted by Marxo-Nazi media in Europe, will result in widescale pogroms against Jews by rampaging Jihadis. Now in Antwerp, I have heard that the IDF (or ex-IDF) serve there as “security” and will open fire on rampaging Mohammedan fanatics (the ensuing unrest will rip Belgium to shreds and they will deserve it), but what can the Israelis do in France, with a far-left Jew-hater like Hollande in power? Any attempt to use Israeli agents to fire on rioters might even result in a French nuclear attack on Israel and a second Holocaust.

    Israel has been so focused on Iran, she appears to have overlooked the threat of a Marxo-Islamist France – a country that can use her 500,000 Jews as hostages against Israel.

  10. @ Andy Lewis:

    The next question is what will make U.S. Jews also willing to emigrate? Stay tuned.

    Licking yer chops over that, huh Bert?

    If the economy plummets, he might not have long to wait.

  11. They should have left a long time ago.

    The French are not intrinsically anti-semitic; but they just don’t care about the fate of the Jews as long as their pâté de foie gras soirees are not interrupted.

    They might regret the loss of Mouton Rothschild and so might might exceptions for them.

  12. France now has a “leader” who toadies up to Muslims and shares their anti-Jewish anti-Israel bigotry. Here in America we have a Muslim in the White House. Actually, not just Obama; many of his “advisers” and staff and running dogs are Muslims as well.

  13. Before we become too upset at the election results consider the following. This election will contribute pressure on French Jews to emigrate. This means more French Jews coming to Israel with a gain for Israel and a loss for France. As France becomes more Muslim their troubles can only increase.
    History shows that most Jews will not move unless they are forced to do so. There are about a million Jews remaining in Europe. Many of them are potential candidates for emigration when the pressure becomes sufficient.
    The next question is what will make U.S. Jews also willing to emigrate? Stay tuned.