WHAT A GREAT SPEECH. Huckabee is a real friend of Israel.

[Huckabee supports Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, accelerated building, defeat of Iran and permanent partnership]

December 8, 2010 | 7 Comments »

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  1. To Tabitha;
    Please be more specific with respect to your assertions….. who are his new affiliations?

    If I’ve learned anything over the last two years its that I like to independently verify everything I’m told..
    (google is very good these days)…

    Additionally, Ted, who runs this site, is a staunch Zionist, and he will be the first person to write something on this site if it turns out that Mr. Huckabee isn’t who he says he is..

    But… how do you account for the 14 trips he has taken to Israel…. Someone who is anti-Semitic at heart doesn’t visit Israel 14 times…. and if he visited the Palestinian states that many times, we’d all know about it….

    One thing I can assure you… the Jewish Community in the US is not going to just back anyone for President in the next election… whoever challenges President Obama will have to prove his sincere loyalty…

  2. By Debbie Schlussel

    Fred Thompson’s choice of pan-Islamist Spencer Abraham first as his campaign manager and now as one of three “national campaign co-chairs” (there were four–but one resigned because of drug-dealing convictions) was far worse. But Mike Huckabee‘s choice of Ed Rollins as his campaign manager–though not half as bad as Spence Abraham–is pretty bad.
    You probably remember Rollins as the brilliant Reagan campaign strategist. But I remember him as the man who ran Ross Perot’s insane Ron-Paul-esque campaign.
    And now, I remember him as one of three Republican bizarros who participated in the October Arab American Institute national conference in Dearbornistan, sponsored by Hezbollah restaurant La Shish and populated by all sorts of Hezbollah and HAMAS supporters. As I first reported, the Arab American Institute had no problem accepting money and catering from and enlisting as a sponsor the restaurant that gave $20 million to Hezbollah and gave shelter to Muslim illegal aliens, including CIA/FBI agent mole Nada Nadim Prouty.

    Ed Rollins: Mike Huckabee’s New Campaign Manager Hangs w/Hezbo, HAMAS Supporters

    The only other Republicans appearing were 9/11 Truther Ron “America Created Monsters like Chavez” Paul and Grover Norquist (who received millions from Islamic charities linked to Al-Qaeda and got Bush Administration jobs for individuals tied to Al-Qaeda). And Ed Rollins, Huck’s new campaign manager, hung with them and a cavalcade of HAMAS and Hezbo cheerleaders. The Arab American Institute, run by James Zogby, refuses to denounce any terrorist group except Al-Qaeda. And even that “condemnation” is shaky. Rollins was on a panel with Zogby’s brother, pollster John Zogby, and Democratic strategist Peter Fenn.
    You know what they say about “the company you keep.” And this is the company Ed Rollins–the new chief of the Huckabee campaign–keeps. Rollins well knew what the Arab American Institute is about. It’s hardly a secret. And the sponsorship of its convention at which he appeared by La Shish was all over the conference info and literature. Talal Chahine, La Shish’s owner, had long been a fugitive and federal indictee, and it was well known he’d laundered $20 million to Hezbollah through the restaurant. Yet he appeared anyway.
    So, will Mike Huckabee denounce Hezbollah and HAMAS? He hasn’t explicitly done so. And the presence of Rollins atop his campaign says even more. If this is the kind of guy–who looks askance at terrorism ties and support–that Mike Huckabee hires to run his campaign, imagine what his White House will be like.
    What was it that President Bush said (but didn’t mean) about how “you’re either on our side or the terrorists’ side”?
    Mike Huckabee’s new campaign manager spoke and participated in the terrorists’ American front group’s national convention and encouraged them to become more involved in American politics.
    I think that tells us on whose side he’s now on. I used to like and respect Ed Rollins. After October, that changed forever.
    The question is: Once they learn about this, what will the many pro-Israel Evangelical Christians now supporting Huckabee do with this info?

  3. I thought so too, until I learned (this morning, in fact) of his new affiliations with some pan-Arabists…working with them, etc. He can’t be trusted either.
    Let’s hope we can come up with someone who is really trustworthy…
    and soon…

  4. “Lets just hope he’s the next President Of The United States.” This nation will never elect a! We threw G_ _ out with the bathwater now we deserve the crap like we have now a socialist liberal from Kenya the obomination of desolation! We relied on the next lying politicization to solve our political incompetence!

  5. At the 28th annual Beit El dinner, Mike Huckabee said he was “grateful to be amongst so many in the room who have shown courage in seeking to stand with Israel… the right of the Jewish people to have a homeland did not originate with the Balfour Agreement or the United Nations, but with God himself.” You can read more about this speech at Mike Huckabee speaks at Beit El Dinner with more details on the effects of voters at Huckabee, a True Friend to Israel Huckabee will be visiting Israel again at the end of January 2011.

  6. Huckabee plans to defeat Iran in 2013? That’s pretty late in the game. If their weapons program is not destroyed in a matter of weeks, or at most a few months, Iran will have nuclear-armed missles aimed at Israel. Promises are easy to make.