If this doesn’t get the US out of the UN, what will?

Anne Bayefsky’s “Eye on the UN.”

Before leaving the subject of the UN, I want to share one more video — this from

As Bayefsky explains:

“The Obama administration joined the UN Human Rights Council in one of its first foreign policy moves. As justification for what it labeled “principled engagement and strategic multilateralism,” top administration officials pointed to the Council’s new Universal Periodic Review (UPR) system. They called the UPR a “good mechanism” (Brimmer, Assistant Secretary of State) and an “important change (Koh, State Department Legal Advisor).

“On Friday, November 5, 2010, senior American representatives went to Geneva to participate in the first UPR-review by the Council of the human rights record of the United States.”

Be forewarned: when you see this it may make you sick to your stomach. Sick, because of the obscenity of UN behavior, but also because of the groveling of the representatives of the US. What has America become?

Please view this to the end, to see the American response to a human rights critique of the US by the likes of Cuba, Egypt, Qatar, Iran, China, and North Korea. (Sound crazy? I kid you not.)

Share this broadly so American citizens can be informed of what is happening. Not many will know about this.

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  1. If I were President I would cut every red cent to the UN till they rid the UN of this department or to Israel is forced onto the Security Council even worse to annoy the shit out of the OIC, NAM, China, Russia, and the Chavista/Castro bloc. Oh yeah not to mention, I not give them a cent also until they correct there mistake and put Taiwan back in to piss the shit off of China, since China will huff and puff but isnt starting no WWIII or breaking any relations with anyone unless they want someone to buy their shit. If they want to go to Europe, there easy to deal with, the US has them under a finger. They need the F-35 and the poor UK under Labour has no Navy. Also France-Germany joint EU isnt going to take them very far as Ireland, Greece, and eventually Portugal and Spain fall.

  2. I agree with Bill Levinson. If the US pulls out of the UN, we will simply be attacked by our “allies” (such as Egypt now, but others like Norway soon enough) because of our “irresponsible” actions. The dog, on the other hand, will be on hand every day to remind those scoundrels what we think of them. The dog should demand and get full diplomatic honors, and not be required to clean up after itself. The US, of course, should withold all support and funding. Moreover, the dog should have an official “translator” (/handler) in attendance, to affirm our veto power. The translator should wear orange overalls.

  3. No Iran is Islam with all her warts. Violence against women is part of Islam and not the worst aspect of Islam if you aren’t a woman.

    I agree with this. Islam in fact destroyed Iran.

  4. Someone should show the picture of that Iranian woman to our media people and our other “Intellectual Elites”. They should understand that it’s their support that results in this woman’s demeanour and all this utter insanity. They should also understand that if sharia hits the West, their supplies of red wine will dry up very quickly.

    That’ll show them…

  5. If I were President, my first act would be to select an animal shelter by lottery and then adopt a dog to be the United States’ ambassador to the UN General Assembly.

    A real conservative and a real American patriot would be advocating our withdrawing from the UN and defunding it and it’s constituent agencies. The UN represents Globalism, one world government, is racist, corrupt and anti ideals upon which America and Israel were founded upon. You hold the UN to ridicule but do not advocate abandoning that den of vipers and inequity? Hmmm.

    Iran is an insult to Islam and one of the world’s worst perpetrators of violence against women.

    No Iran is Islam with all her warts. Violence against women is part of Islam and not the worst aspect of Islam if you aren’t a woman. Until you drop your PC relativism and accept that Islam is the problem not just some individual and specific criminal aberrations, you are a contributing factor whoever minute of supporting Islam in the overall battle to preserve your own way of life.

    As for the Chinese delegate, I wonder if he will offer a meal of Puppy Parmesan or Kitten Mi’aow Mein (his country is well known for its cruelty to animals, including the conversion of dogs into fur coats) or perhaps offer to sell the organs of a political prisoner.

    True as do all Asian Countries treat animals abominably. That said, The Country of the USA is not immune from being labeled Animal cruel. Sport Hunting, puppy mills, animal experiments used by most cosmetic manufactures, grotesque unnecessary animal medical and psychological experiments, The treatement of Geese for goose liver pate’, penned cattle known as feeding lots. Yes the Chinese are the worst but America is no better because America should know the moral and ethical difference.

  6. Alice in Wonderland. A shameful spectacle. But the most revolting thing about this spectacle was our own delegation actually taking seriously and responding to the complaints about America by countries which regularly violate human rights and deny their citizens any freedom. There’s no way that a truly proud, patriotic American could actually sit there in the UN and read the words written on those pages. The reason that these bureaucrats were able to do so is precisely because they are neither pround nor patriotic Americans, but radical left-wing globalists who not only reject the notion of American exceptionalism but believe America is the primary problem in the world and who’s goal is to weaken and subordinate American power and sovereignty to international institutions. The fact that most countries in the world are not free and many are under the horrific system of islamic sharia law doesn’t cause them to rethink for a moment that our foreign policy decisions and even domestic policies for that matter, should be based on international consensus.