In conversation with President Trump

Peloni:  A very important interview with President Trump.  He broke ground on a good many things in this interview, such as no US troops in Ukraine, period, that the threat of Ukraine entering NATO was caused the war, that the economic war on Russia made it possible for Russia to prosecute the war, no mention of pushing ‘peace’ on Israel, that Iran flushed with cash is a real problem, no national ban on abortion, war with China was unlikely, that Covid escaped the Wuhan lab, foreign students who graduate from college will get a green card, and he will release the JFK file.  Also, he notably dodged the issue of prosecuting Fauci.

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  1. Felix
    This conversation has nothing to do with this post. Hence, I will respond to you in Chit Chat.

  2. The reality and it is a hard reality is that the capitalist system and it’s distain for animals, etc, caused this virus to develop into dangerous pandemic.

    I am accusing you Peloni of censuring this information on Israpundit and I wish to know why you do this

    I provided Israpundit with the URL of an hour plus ten minutes interview with the leading virologist in the world, an Australian called Eddie Holmes. He refutes every bit of the lab leak idea.

    Why you do that Peloni?

  3. @Michael

    Since you PRETENDED that this post was about Donald Trump

    This is a bizarre accusation. The post is an interview with Trump covering multiple policy topics which include many details which have not been previously revealed.

    Your advocacy for Ukraine seems to have distressed you over something I wrote, but I don’t think anything I wrote was inaccurate described, and discussing Trump’s statements is not propaganda.

    As to Deny’s commentary, I lost all interest in him after he gave us notice of the impending coujnter offensive which never came after the fall of Bakmut. Then there was the report of how at the end of the failed Ukrainian summer offensive, he explained that the Ukrainians having taken a small village would somehow lead to their ultimate victory in that failed campaign. These, along with the tale of Snake Island and the Ghost of Kiev are what constitutes propaganda. We will of course see what comes next, but I have little interest in the excitable tales of Ukraine’s victories from those who have told us so many tales which turned out to be simply tales, and tall ones at that. Which has been my experience in listening to Denis.

  4. Peloni,

    Since you PRETENDED that this post was about Donald Trump, I will stay on-topic here:

    (CNN accepts criticisms of Donald Trump, but none of Jake Tapper)

    Concerning the ACTUAL topic of your propaganda piece, namely, your continuing to deny that Russia invaded Ukraine, you’ve missed quite a bit.

    BTW, if you’ve noticed, by the odd chance, you’ll see that Putin’s “non-invasion” hasn’t been doing too well:

    Strike on Sevastopol Military Base. New
    Civil war in Ruzzia |
    Dagestan on fire

    (just a sampler)