It’s decision time for Israel in the North as Hezbollah escalates

Behind the lines: The choice, a much grimmer one now because of the long period of drift, is whether to destroy those forces or to allow them to continue their strategy of Israel’s slow strangulation

By JONATHAN SPYER  JUNE 7, 2024 17:48

FIREFIGHTERS TRY to extinguish a forest fire that started from a Hezbollah missile fired from Lebanon at the Biriya Forest, on June 4. (photo credit: David Cohen/Flash90)

Escalation on Israel’s northern front reached a hitherto unseen intensity this week. Israel carried out a series of pinpoint strikes against Hezbollah and IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps) targets, both close to the Israel-Lebanon border and far beyond it.

These included, according to several reports, an airstrike in the Aleppo area on Monday in which several Iran-linked operatives were killed. Among the dead was an Iranian IRGC official, Sayeed Aviar.

The opposition-linked Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that 17 people associated with Iran and its militias were killed in this strike. According to SOHR, the targets were a copper smelting plant and a weapons depot maintained by the militias in the northern Aleppo countryside, between the towns of Hayyan and Tamoura.

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