Belman: Netanyahu will nix the Levy Report

The ceasefire deal, so far.

By Ted Belman

At the opening of the Likud/Yisrael Beiteinu campaign PM Netanyahu emphasized that he would do a lot for settlements and stressed Jerusalem is ours but Liberman was more specific:

    “There is a dispute between [Israel] and the world. The dispute is over construction in Jerusalem and the settlement blocs.

The corollary to this is that we agree with the world regarding massive building in Judea and Samaria but we do not agree with them on the settlement blocs and Jerusalem. This implies that the Levy Report won’t be approved.

This point is driven home by the fact that Netanyahu made no mention of the Levy Report at a time when it was important to state his party’s intentions regarding it.

Furthermore the ceasefire was part of a larger deal involving the Sunni Bloc of Egypt, Turkey, Qatar and Jordan. This deal set out understandings on Syria and Iran in which Israel was a partner. In it:

    1. The US and Egypt committed themselves to stopping smuggling into Gaza. Egypt was rewarded with 29 fighter jets and Israel was rewarded with $700 million worth of ordinance and bunker buster bombs.

    2. Hamas agreed to enforce a ceasefire of rockets and Israel agreed to liberalize restrictions.

    3. Turkey abandonned opposition to Israel’s participation with NATO and effectively began cooperation with Israel, notwithstanding her rhetoric. She received in return the installation of Patriot missiles.

    4. Obama and Netanyahu agreed not to try to influence their respective elections.

    5. Netanyahu agreed to withhold attacking Iran until March 1/13 and Obama agreed to place the military option on the front burner at that time.

    6. Netanyahu agreed to participate in a renewed peace process in March under the auspices of the US and the Sunni Bloc. What has yet to be disclosed is what has been agreed regarding parameters for negotiations.

I think Obama’s formula of ’67 lines with swaps has been abandonned and Obama has agreed that Israel can build in Jerusalem and the settlement blocs and Netanyahu has agreed not to build elsewhere and to bury the Levy Report.

Since getting his bunker buster bombs, Bibi has been aggressive in pursuing construction Jerusalem and in the Blocs perhaps because he had tacit approval.


Stay tuned

December 26, 2012 | 16 Comments »

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16 Comments / 16 Comments

  1. Israel needs a leader who has the guts (or b_lls)who is more concerned about reclaiming and retaining the Holy Land belonging to the Jews than trying to satisfy the liberal lefts and anti-Semites of the world.

    He or she can begin by opening His Temple for His people to pray. It is not just a historic building. It is the house of G-d.

    Again world if you support Israel then by G-d keep your opinions to yourself.

  2. There is nothing to guess about Mr. Netanyahu It is all plain and simple.
    He will not adopt the Judge Levi Report.
    He will not build anything.
    He will perform mega disengagement.
    He will abandon Jerusalem including Har Habait. Please read his remarks. In Hanukkah is said that the KOTEL will forever in our hands… The Kotel only.
    Mr. Bennett landed a bolo punch on that wind bag.
    The likud-Beitenu is at 34 today. Our forecast based on cumulative Northern Isreal data is 32 today.
    If Mr. Lieberman bolts the happless “union”. Likud can lose the election.

    Expect nasty things to start popping soon.

  3. Whether they like it or not, Israel is being forced by the Palestinians to either go back to 1967 armistice lines
    or annex the whole of Judea and Samaria. The Palestinians are forcing Israel into an all or nothing choice. Israel will have no option but to choose the all solution. The Torah says that if someone is trying to kill you, you should get up early in the morning and kill them before they do you harm. This is the current situation that Israel and particularly the lefties refuse to face.

  4. @ Bernard Ross:

    Here is something reminiscent
    Guess we can feel free to implement some policies now.

    😀 I posted that research or one similar to dweller during our lengthy discussion on the merits of anger,

    Of course our resident genius knows better and rejected the claim and research. Mustn’t depend of intellect and books, you know but only gut feelings as long as those feelings are not angry ones. 😉

  5. @ Bernard Ross:

    Lets face it the Palis have a president a PM. A National anthem, a National Flag, Judiciary, a Finance minister, a Parliment, police and and an army they call police. They are recognized by more countries than not and have embassies in many countries. They belong as a national entity to many international organizations including the Olympic. For all practical purposes they exist as a recognized autonomous national entity. What’s missing is clear defined recognized national borders and full recognition by many key international bodies and countries.

    Their problems are more internal than between Israel and themselves for example besides the rhetoric few Arabs in the West Bank really want to be inundated by hundreds of thousands of their brothers who are more backward than themselves have less education and skills and even poorer. A large swath of that Pali ex pat population would be considered as a criminal element and the West Bank Arabs know it damn well and want no part of them.

    They would compete for available jobs, housing and resources. They would drain the economy and be the cause of much internal conflct.

    Abbas knows that the donor nations who keep his kleptocracy alive will have little incentive to continue the payments once they formally declare statehood. They don’t want a State nor the responsibility of Statehood, they want Israel destroyed and to keep stealing a major portion of the billions they receive each year from international donors and Israel. Why would they want to kill their golden goose.

    Our problem is that America is calling the shots pushed by Europe with a compliant BB ready to do what they demand. You can always read BB in what he doesn’t say than what he does, which must be heavily discounted. I see BB making modest incremental concessions because the country and the politics won’t allow him to do more than that but he would if he could. He wants to go down n history as the PM and leader who made peace where all those before him failed. He has said as much in the past.

    Israel has one advantage over America we can throw the bums out with a simple majority of 61 votes against him. Sometimes a credible threat of throwing them out is enough to keep them in line without having to do the heavy lifting. That’s why I want a weak Likud. I want BB as long as he is PM to go to sleep worrying if the next day he will be deposed and wake up each morning with the same fear.

  6. yamit82 Said:

    I say that the deal is already made at least the parameters and the lack of serious opposition by Israel to the Palis going to the UN is a strong hint.

    I agree but what is the deal you see?
    I see the lack of reaction to the Pal state as signfying the deal of being a present for Abbas to leave soon without having accomplished anything but he will have created the “state”(non) Whether BB builds or not it appears to be agreement across the board in Israel that E1, and settlements, is part of Israel. So perhaps BB makes a show to counter the “state” show. Not much came from the internationals either on the building, maybe another show. Everybody gets to have a role in the show. I think the gaza operation was also a show to usher in the new understandings decided before hand. I dont believe there is going to be a formal deal, only understandings, like with hamas. This has the advantage for everyone to appear to get something and appear to give nothing. Basically the status quo but Abbas wants some posterity before leaving?

  7. Ted I know you like Hotovely and she is popular but has never opposed BB when he went against the Likuds platrform and principles. Housing freezes and evicting and beating Jews. She attacked Barak Instead of BB. She has no power or any significant constituency in the Likud and subsequently no power either. She is as complicit as BB for backing him and not opposing. Anyone who chooses party and personal position over principles can never be trusted or relied upon to do what is needed when it is needed.

    Jewish Press Dec 26.

    “The Likud has been hemorrhaging seats in the polls ever since they started attacking Bennett, and the latest poll shows Bennett’s HaBayit Hayehudi party up to 15 seats”.

  8. @ Bernard Ross:
    Oh how naivety flowers on this site: Few of the projects BB announced have yet to be approved by any of the institutional planning commissions. The bureaucracy can hold up any project for years or effectively kill them before they see the light of day. This is one of the main reasons BB wants to control the Housing Ministry and Land registry office. It gives him more even total control of what when and if anything is built in both the public and private sector.

    Why would Obama be concerned about building projects that before the first bulldozer is employed he will already be out of office and so will BB.

    BB gave up nothing he had already not given up before his election spin announcement and Obama’s grand deseign for Israel has not been effective. What these lowlifes say publicly is calculated each to their own advantage politically.

    Last night we were told by channel 2 military correspondent the arms smuggling to Gaza has resumed at least small arms and Egypt and Americas promised help in stopping smuggling has yet to be seen on this front. Egypts declaration of intercepting missiles is a report unconfirmed and not proven, so they said they stopped a shipment. I believe it’s spin orchestrated by Obama and BB in order to mitigate the sour feelings many Israelis have over how BB handled the mini pyrotechnic coflict with Hamas. The press leaks about a resumption of negotiations between BB and Abu Mazzen was put out even before the Gaza show and only the American and now the coming Israeli elections have delayed them. Everyone was waiting for the results before the big giveaways begin. Have to know who will be the players before the fire sale.

    I say that the deal is already made at least the parameters and the lack of serious opposition by Israel to the Palis going to the UN is a strong hint. Another is Iran, BB and Israel have ceased talking about Iran except in our election political spinning by BB; in order to scare possible Likud voter defections. BB’s putting over a million Israelis under the gun of Hamas and waiting to seriously respond is indicative of where he is going. Every Israeli killed by Hams and IJ missiles and attacks in the last 3 + years can be laid at BB’s feet. Obama owns him.

    In 1996 BB won with the Chabad slogan BB is good for Israel. I say BB is worse than any Leader from the left and is not just bad for Israel but very bad.

  9. I think Obama’s formula of ’67 lines with swaps has been abandonned and Obama has agreed that Israel can build in Jerusalem and the settlement blocs and Netanyahu has agreed not to build elsewhere and to bury the Levy Report.

    I agree but I believe it only deals with the short term. I do not believe there is a real peace negotiation on the table but that there will be a faux negotiation that continues with the new status quo you have elucidated. I do not believe the islamic govts coming to power will come to a public agreement with Israel in the short term but will agree to an under the table stability similar to that with gaza. It suits the sunnis to maintain stability with Israel so as to consolidate their hegemony with the arab govts. against the shiites and Iran. However,the public posture may be more belligerent to bely the facts(se Turkey, gaza,egypt,etc). The islamists(MB) are getting a big payoff by assuming control over muslim nations and probably have bigger fish to fry while maintaining the Israeli “enemy” for consolidation of internal power. I do not think the saudis will topple abdullah but rather integrate the MB into the govt. It may be that there will be further opportunity down the road for Levy and C as long as no agreement is consummated. The pals will continue to play with their new “state” but there is a question as to whether Meshaal will have a role in west bank. In any case I beleive the Pal scenario will be subordinate to the sunni scenario.

  10. Bill Narvey Said:

    That Netanyahu did not speak on the Levy report, does not necessarily mean he rejects it.

    Beit Ezra, Hevron. Who are you fooling?

    Netanyahu is not to be trusted. He has been campaigning out of both the left and right sides of his tuchos over the last 2 months. There’s a reason for that. His word on anything is worthless. He’s a conniving pragmatist, who believes in establishing a terrorist state alongside Israel, if only the Fakestinians would roll over and play dead for a day or 2.

  11. Bill Narvey Said:

    The problem with surmising there is some kind of specific deal between Obama and Netanyahu, is just that. It is a surmise.

    I more than surmise it, I intuit it from all the other things I report which are factual.

  12. That Netanyahu did not speak on the Levy report, does not necessarily mean he rejects it. There can be tacit endorsement of that report without even raising it by devising certain policies and taking certain actions.

    Have the other parties taken a specific position, for or against the Levy report and made it one of the issues in the upcoming election?

    The problem with surmising there is some kind of specific deal between Obama and Netanyahu, is just that. It is a surmise.