Iran Builds Gaza into an Anti-US, Anti-Israel Forward Base

DEBKAfile has an extensive report on the threat of Hamas.

Hamas soon knocked that notion on the head. After hurling some 150 missiles against Israel, one of its officials, Nizhar Riyah, issued a clear statement of intent Monday, May 21:

    “Hamas is determined to wipe Israel off the map and replace it with the state of Palestine,” he said. Hamas will fight “until the last Jew is expelled” – not only from Sderot but also from Ashkelon and “all of Palestine.”

It is American policy and Israel’s subservience to it, that got us to this point.

    1. Rice insisted that Israel leave the Rafah crossing resulting in the inflow of vast supplies of weapons.
    2. Rice insisted on Hamas participation in elections resulting in their electoral victory
    3. Rice insisted on the ceasefire which allowed Hamas to build its military strength in preparation for war
    4. Rice also has her “benchmarks” which so far Israel has resisted.
    5. Rice wants to supply Fatah with arms to counter the arms she allowed Hamas to get

To prepare for the two eventualities (US withdrawal and possible strike at Iran), Tehran is building a military and logistical base in the Gaza Strip. Combined with Hizballah’s support structures in Lebanon, the Gaza base will comprise not only a threat to Israel, but also to US bases in Israel and Jordan and the American and European fleets present in the eastern Mediterranean.

DEBKA concludes, Israel’s only option is war sooner rather than later.

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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. Aside from the possible payoff side of all this – Rice and McCormack – the only other word to describe all this, is “buffoonery.”

    Even the Monty Python crowd couldn’t make up all this State Department (a department from sanity)stuff.

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