Iran is behind attack on Israel and Hamas must be ‘eliminated’ | John Bolton

October 25, 2023 | 5 Comments »

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  1. Hamas, Iran officials are in Moscow for talks, Kremlin says

    So hopefully Russia the ally of our direct enemies keeps getting hurt badly in its current direct war.

  2. Fr., GB, G and the US have the opportunity to unite and support Israel in the destruction of Hamas, Hezbollah (“South Lebanon” MUST be demilitarized or be destroyed under the supervision of the West for the UN CANNOT be trusted)) and then confront nuclear Iran. This is the time for the West to show the world if it stands for or against genocidal Islamists.
    Putin and Xi have NO LOVE for genocidal Islamofascism and will not move one way or another.

  3. I will wait, on commenting on Bolton. Meanwhile, Hizbullah is parlaying with Hamas and Islamic Jihad. WARNING: Article includes an audio of a Jihadi phoning his parents to brag that he just killed ten innocent people with his own hands. His mother responds, “God bless you”.

  4. Bolton spoke the truth about Israel’s position. This is a war started by Iran, but paid for by the US Government under Obama and Biden. Iran would never have been able to underwrite this war had not Obama and Biden been determined to give the world’s greatest state sponsor of terrorism the green light and billions of dollars to move ahead against Israel.

    But that is not all the harms done by the US government. The US government has been funding the PA and Hamas as well. There are armored tanks in the West Bank ready to deploy against innocent Israelis because of the generosity and Jew hatred of the US government and the EU.

    Now the US is drawn into a war with Iran. It’s all on Biden and Obama.

    It is sad that Bolton needed to inject his own animosity towards Donald Trump. That animosity blinds his ability to see the obvious: That Donald Trump did all in his power to disempower Iran, to kill Soleimani, to empower Israel, and was the most pro-Israel president in Israel’s history. And if Trump had been elected, this war would not have happened. Iran would be a shadow of itself. Israel would be making a further agreement with Sunni nations. No innocent Israeli children and families would have been butchered. No hostages would have been taken. There would have been no attempted coup against the Netanyahu government, or it would have had no support from the US. There would have been no war in Ukraine.

    Could it be any clearer the amount of destruction the Obama-Biden team have done to the world?