Why Trading Land For Peace Is Destroying Israel | Thomas Sowell

October 25, 2023 | 4 Comments »

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  1. and there you have it: the issue is that the Palestinians want to annihilate Israel and the Jews. This will not be solved by negotiations, cease fire, or Israel giving up.

    The world around Israel that criticizes Israel has absolutely no right to do so. They are simply Hamas supporters who want Hamas to destroy Israel.

    Israel cannot listen to these countries, but must persevere in destroying those who insist on attacking innocent Israelis. The majority of the American people are with you. The majority of the American people think Israel should just level Gaza period.

    Even this will require planning regarding the defeat of terrorism in the West Bank, Because that must be done as well.

    Coexistence with these terrorist populations is no longer possible.

    Challenge the nations who talk about innocent civilians: you think they are innocent? You take them. Every country telling Israel these are innocent civilians has to take the Palestinians or shut up about them.