‘Iranian Defector Enabled IAF Syria Strike’


Kuwaiti newspaper Al Jerida reported Friday that the intelligence for Israel’s alleged attack on a Syrian target in early September was provided by Gen. Ali Reza Asgari, who defected from Iran a few months ago. Asgari was allegedly involved in the development of Syria’s missile program.

Another Kuwaiti paper, Al Watan, quoted diplomatic sources in Europe as saying that US jets circled above the Israeli fighters and gave them aerial cover during the operation.

It also said that Russian experts are trying to understand how the IAF jets managed to entered deep into Syrian territory without setting off two Russian-built radar systems that were in place in Syria.

September 28, 2007 | 6 Comments »

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  1. The last article I referred to the last time I posted here, not long after the Israeli strike, made reference to US/Israeli collaberation:

    Israelis ‘blew apart Syrian nuclear cache’
    Uzi Mahnaimi in Tel Aviv, Sarah Baxter in Washington and Michael Sheridan
    ….America was also consulted. According to Israeli sources, American air force codes were given to the Israeli air force attaché in Washington to ensure Israel’s F15Is would not mistakenly attack their US counterparts.

    At that time I asked,

    Why would US F15Is be in the area?

    It has been my contention that the US relationship in the Mid-East is complex because of divided interest. Thus, the US will support opposing sides if it is believed there is an overall benefit. Sometimes this support is, more often in cases with Israel, under the table in order to avoid conflict with other nations with whom the US has to deal.

    These other nations are aware of the US/Israeli collaboration, but it is a diplomatic courtesy not to be publicly, in-your-face, overt about what you are doing. It is less antagonistic to nations who are not the direct target; these nations take it less personally if you are low key and are more likely to let it slide.

    Nigel wrote,

    “…. considerable evidence exists which indicates that Iraq’s WMD program did in fact exist and was transferred to Syria.

    Now, if anyone makes claims about Arab WMDs, it can be “legitimately” dismissed as “more US lies” and/or “more lies from the Jewish lobby to get us to fight Syria”.

    I strongly suspect that when the next major Arab-Israeli war occurs, Iraqi WMDs will be deployed – though not by Iraq.
    Will enough people wake up in time to prevent these hideous agendas from coming to fruition?”

    It seems more than likely that there was some type of massive WMD related transfer to Syria from Iraq when Saddam was “cleaning house” before the US invasion. I believe you are correct in your assessment of what may occur at some future date as a result.

    Though Syria is not an oil rich country, as they say in real estate, “location, location, location,” makes Syria a desirable partner, or rather, proxy in the region. Thus they receive support from Iran, Russia, and others who are looking to increase their power and influence in the M.E.

    I doubt not that Saddam had deals with Assad which after the fall of Iraq have made Syria a deadlier threat.

    There are three sides to the Middle-East conflict, being the two sides and the others who pretend not to be on a side. No doubt at some point this must boil down to only two sides.

    When that happens, will Israel face the whole world alone? I don’t know the answer to that question.

  2. Ted

    I do not have a schema, nor want one, as I think that is the end of creative thinking.

    I am for the Communist Manifesto for sure. Have you read it in your political maturity? As opposed to as a student say.

    That is a very important document.

    Then as years went by the ideas of Marx were made into a schema, (hope that word explains mechanical thinking).

    The best example I can give is the thinking of Leon Trotsky in the late 20s and 30s, especially in relation to Fascism and Stalinism. This was the opposite of schematic or lazy thinking.

    The central point in answer to what I am for is that we do not know tomorrow, we only know the past to enable us to grasp the present (living reality) with a possible guide to tomorrow.

    Of course I can see the potential of technology and science if it could be freed. But I do not want to put forward a set of dreams.

    Hope that answers your very difficult question as to what I am for.

    Like you I am trying to understand reality.

    All I can say at present. Of course the US elite can be forced to attack Iran’s nuclear bomb. But the appearances as presented to us says not.

    Sarkozy to me is more authentic. With Bush what can you believe or think of this man. He goes this way and that, and he has proved he cannot be trusted.

    The point I made above…the central point… is that the Russians, Chinese and Indians must have been terrified at what they saw happening in Yugoslavia.

    In that regard that whole experience there is much bigger than the fate of the Serbs.

    Jared Israel has dealt with this at great length on many occasions and Jared is not a Marxist in any way. His quandary is what happens when an Empire moves in behind the Human Rights brigade.

    You Ted and your associates on Israpundit must now have a handle on the role of Kamm, Cohen and such like, and of the Media, and how this whole operation works.

    I can see it now happening in Burma. They are saying to themselves (I think) that IT IS GOOD THAT THIS IS AN ARMY DOCTATORSHIP.

    This povides the way in.

    I am very ignorant of the politics of that country. But I sense that these monks are a foil, and that very powerful “Western” forces will move into place.

    Putin and the Chinese are in the line of fire in this regard. These are weak people. Essentially anti revolution and always seeking a deal with the West. ie not at all a threat to the west.

    Russia gave up all of that when the Stalinists and their socialism in one country (an impossibility because as you know we have a world market) and that was about 80 years ago.

    Since then they have been trying to survive.

    You may have missed my point.

    Russia is making friends with these Fascists as in Iran and Syria because it is petrified of the Big Empire and its huge power. That is the reality in the world. I do not argue with you when you mention if there was a vacumn there would be other Imperialists etc.

    In supporting the Jews as I described from 1933 on until his murder Trotsky was doing more than this. He was really affirming the issue of the nation state, and of nationality as a vital issue.

    This is written big into the Jewish and Israeli soul.

    This is why it has caused me great pain when I have seen Israpundit being used as part of this Empire.

    If we learn nothing else from Yugoslavia learn this. This was a country really dismembered at very short notice. For some reason the image from the Jesse James film comes into my mind. The posse of petty bourgeois “wild” westerners were chasing Jesse and Cole, they came to the whore house, found these guys totally unconnected with James, and to the horror of the women strung them up ANYWAY.

    Something like that happened Yugoslavia.

    Milosevic was not a wild man. He was something of a softie actually. He was murdered by this horrific machine which is our reality.

    Now of course it is terribly hard for American Jewish leaders to see this. They have spent maybe 150 years in America. They have been trained into a whole way of living and thinking. Going to dinner dances, moving in those circles, members of the expensive golf club. So they adapt and compromise.

    Speaking of reality…The US cannot butt out. That is the whole point.

    Capitalism has created a WORLD SYSTEM. And the life of this Bush proves that. He began 7 years ago not wanting to know about the world.

    But America simply cannot butt out.

    Now I do agree with Francisco and Jared. And John Loftus. I do think that this US and EU Empire are with the Islamofascists, AGAINST THE EVER PRESENT DANGER OF REVOLUTION, to be specific the socialist revolution.

    I warn you Ted and all your associates…There IS an American working class and it has a very revolutionary history.

    I think this Ahmadinejad is very crafty. He and they are all the time testing the US and in the course of this are learning more and more, and they are learning how far they can push the Empire.

    I do think they share a hatred of Jews but from different perspectives.

    The US elite want the Jews in their place and kept there. They do not care so much about the Iranian Bomb. They could allow it to happen.

    Sarkozy is closer.

    Yes it is dog eat dog in this horrific world, potentially a wonderful place but at present is a horror story.

    But I do not have to tell you as a Jew that!

  3. More seeps out about Operation Orchard, much of it sheer speculation. Certainly Israel cooperates with the US on critical intelliegnec and special ops missions in the Middle East, but not always. Would a former Rev Guards general provide useful intelligence on Iranian WMD including nuclear and CBW and missile delivery systems?
    I would gainsay that was the price on his defection together with his family to an intelligence witness protection prpogram here in the west. What is clear is that the Bush Administration and the Congress are cranking up the heat on Iran after Ahmadinejad’s victory lap last week in the US at the UN and Columbia, He stuck his thumb in our eye, so to speak, when he said the matter of Iran’s nuclear development program was ‘a closed matter’. Maybe Sy Hersh in his patently ridiculous Der Spiegel interview pooh poohing Iran’s nuclear capabilty is playing the lapdog to the black turbaned mullahs in Tehran. But then I’ve taken to calling him the ‘Noam Chomsky of investigative journalists”. What isn’t a closed matter is the looming possibility of a raid by the U.S., Israel or both on Iran’s nuclear weapons and missile delivery centers within the next six months. Stay tuned.

  4. Felix

    Totally aside from being against US imperialism and humanitarian intervention, what are you for? Certainly against Islamification and the use of it by big powers to advance their interests. You want the US to butt out or to be altruistic rather than imperialistic.

    How do you see the world with the removal of US imperialism.

    Intervention can take place anywhere as you say but also by anyone. Others will rush in to fill any vacuum. Surely intervention by the Russians or Iran or anyone will increase.

  5. This is the most complicated issue to understand and Israel is right at the centre of it.

    First of all there is the American Jewish organizations including Israpundit support for the Iraq war.

    One effect of this is to label the Jewish cause with that of the American cum EU Empire.

    Note that Israel was against this war.

    Then there was the American Jewish leaders support for the NeoCons dismantling of Yugoslavia and the eventual murder of elected President Milosevic by the Hague NATO Court system.

    Part of Israel proper was also against this horrific NeoCon war.

    These are all facts and cannot be swept under the carpet.

    Another fact here is the role of Stalinism and the promotion by Stalinism of antisemitism especially in the 1960s as outlined by Paul Johnson in History of the Jews. That has not died althopugh logically it is not as prominent today.

    That plays into the situation also.

    This Stalinist antisemitism is also a factor here and is reflected in the present so called Left hatred of Israel and Zionism.

    All of these issues are inter connected.

    What American Jewish leaders cannot understand is that their actions play into this scenario.

    Both Russia and China watched in horror as the Human Rights brigade were mobilised in order to destroy Yugoslavia.

    This has had the sharpest effect on the thinking of the Chinese, the Russians and even on army juntas as in Burma.

    I predict that the Yugoslavian experience is not over, that Kosovo is a small part of this whole, and is now being played out with the severest of problems for Israel.

    My theme and project is that the NeoCon operators and philosophy, that intervention can take place anywhere, is by far the main culprit.

  6. Hmmm. So a Kuwaiti newspaper is alleging that an Iranian defector provided intelligence for an alleged Israeli attack on an alleged Syrian target. This alleged intelligence was provided by someone who was allegedly involved in the development of Syria’s (alleged?) missile program.
    Another Kuwaiti newspaper alleges that “diplomatic sources” are alleging that US jets aided the alleged Israeli fighters, allegedly providing cover during their alleged operation. Allegedly, Russian experts are trying to understand how the alleged IAF jets managed to allegedly enter deep into Syrian territory…….

    Will this absurd story ever become at all clarified? Or is it simply a lot of alleged nonsense, designed to distract and divert various target audiences in reasonably predictable ways?
    Many in the “Islam aware” and “pro-Israel” community will welcome this “news”, thinking that Israel is finally defending itself – forgetting about the 10s of thousands of Syrian missiles which remain intact, even if there is any truth to this nearly month old story.
    Many in the “peace” and “pro-Palestinian” communities will welcome this “news” as further evidence of “Israeli aggression” against “defenceless Arabs”.
    The internet is alive with debates, criticisms and speculations – all about an event which is alleged.

    What is not simply alleged – but grounded in an abundance of evidence – is the pro-Islamist agenda of the US (ultimately, the Globalist) Establishment.

    When the facts there are absorbed, it begins to make sense why the US Establishment would engage in bizarre obfuscation games and lies over Saddam’s (alleged) WMDS – even though considerable evidence exists which indicates that Iraq’s WMD program did in fact exist and was transferred to Syria.

    Now, if anyone makes claims about Arab WMDs, it can be “legitimately” dismissed as “more US lies” and/or “more lies from the Jewish lobby to get us to fight Syria”.

    I strongly suspect that when the next major Arab-Israeli war occurs, Iraqi WMDs will be deployed – though not by Iraq.
    Will enough people wake up in time to prevent these hideous agendas from coming to fruition?

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