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  1. About a month ago I attended a joint reception for Cornell Univ. Washington area alumni and the American Technion Society–the two institutions developing the Jacobs Innovation Institute on Roosevelt Island. A young woman Lt.Colonel, the Israeli Missile Defense Organization liaison to the U.S. spoke and did quite a presentation. The ID is an amazing achievement, because the engineers and developers brought it to fruition in such a short time. The programmers would work ’til 4 in the morning, provide their changes in the extensive code and the testers would take the changes and test them throughout the day. This process would repeat over and over for months, as I recall. The Israelis were extremely innovative. There was one small component that they needed, and an engineer got the bright idea that it could be satisfied by buying a piece of a toy from Toys R Us. Saved a lot of money buying it off the shelf.

    Of course, most of the engineers working on the project were Technion grads, my favorite Israeli university.