Is there an arms embargo or not?

By Ted Belman

When I too quickly sent out my article Enemies Now, Shoshana Bryen of JINSA wrote to me to strongly suggest that I retract it. Later she gave me all the reasons why.

I asked her whether there is an arms embargo and she sent me this email

    I did a three part JINSA Report on the misunderstanding of QME that exists – you can find if on our website At the time (Jan) there had been no deals concluded by the Obama administration with Israel and even deals signed under Bush were undelivered. But the C-130J is now being delivered. Let’s see what happens.

    (Its not exactly an embargo if you delay paperwork, etc. and just don’t deliver the goods. The Apache helicopter was denied by Obama after the Gaza war. Now they say it isn’t denied it just isn’t agreed to – meanwhile, no Apache.)

    Fortunately, Rep. Mark Kirk understood that the X-Band radar had to have spades turned before Bush left office. They arrived in Israel before Obama’s inauguration.

Qualitative Military Edge, Part I: What it is and Where it Went

If the Obama Administration continues the arms sales practices of its predecessor, how does Israel compete?

QME, Part II: U.S. Arms Sales to the Arabs, and Help (?) for IsraelJINSA Report # 957

Increased U.S. arms sales to Arab states come at the same time Obama Administration policy shifted from support for Israel’s right of self-defense to support for a new “peace process.”

Israel’s Qualitative Military Edge, Part III: The Palestinians
JINSA Report # 958

Israel’s Qualitative Military Edge must exist at the level closest to the country’s citizens as well as being balanced with countries far away.

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  1. Every retreat and every concession Israel has ever made with the Arabs or will make only sets the stage for the next conflict which is always more costly than all the previous conflicts.

    Uncle, this reasoning must stop. We all know the last two encounters with Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon and with Hamas in Gaza was terminated without victory. This should never had happened.

    Government leaders have to be held responsible for these disasters. In both situations the IDF could have destroyed the enemy and put the fear of G-d in them. No, they send brave men and women of the IDF and tie one hand behind their backs to fight a limited action and gain nothing.

    Listen Israel has the ability and should take out the Hezbollah missiles in Southern Lebanon, they are a threat to Israel and her people and the action is justified whether anyone likes it or not. This is not about a popularity contest with the rest of the world, it’s all about keeping Israel safe.

    The next encounters they should kick ass and if the leaders don’t see it that way, time to replace them.

  2. the nationalist government of Binyamin Netanyahu, and its Cabinet ministers, are allowing Defense Minister Ehud Barak to “go wild with destruction.”

    Barak never learns.

    He is Forrest Gump plus Goober Pyle divided by Lucy Ricardo.

    A lesser version of Jimmy Carter.

    The Lord’s curse upon His Chosen People for some unpardonable sin perpetrated in antiquity (probably relating to “The Joey Bishop Show”).

  3. No wonder Woods had to withdraw from the tournament!
    Excuse me. 🙁 I have to wash my typing figers out with soap.

  4. Total Madness

    Typical Jewish madness.

    Gave it all away in exchange for “acceptance”.

    The illusion of acceptance.

  5. Tiger Woods Has Far More Serious Problems Than Previously Acknowledged

    Hmm interesting. Is that where his dick is located? or is it an extra dick? a spare if you will, incase his primary dick is disabled or burned

    out from over or extensive use?

    Built in obsolescence? But why the neck it hardly seems an optimal location for… You Know whatever dicks are used for.

    He would need to be quite the contortionist in order to be able to use it functionally.

  6. When it comes to the Sinai, the Israelis have violated a cardinal rule of warfare: never fight for the same ground twice.

    Well actually it was more than twice. 1948 we captured parts of northern Sinai and returned it under the armistice agreements, 1956 almost to

    the canal, 67 up to the canal, and in 73 retook all the parts we gave up after the initial gains by the Egyptians.

    Many like to use Einsteins definition of insanity when observing crazy people or entities. I would use Israels abandonment of Sinai for nothing.

    What did we give up?

    Large territory needed for minimal defense.

    Two of the most modern and essential forward air bases.

    Training grounds for the IDF and IAF, lacking today.

    over a thousand miles of pure white sandy beaches with fabulous clear water and exotic marine life. Surfing as good or better than anything in California.

    Vast tourist potential

    Short winter

    Enough oil and gas to make Israel almost permanently energy and politically independent.

    Enough oil and gas reserves to be an export commodity.

    All kinds of mineral wealth including uranium deposits.

    Would have added tens of thousands of good paying jobs to the general Israeli workforce.

    a place to expand our overpopulated center of the country’

    We found at a depth of several thousand ft. an underground lake with enough water to make the Sinai bloom.

    A place to expand our population cheaply.

    There is much more:

    Madness to give Sinai especially when we had already fought 5 wars and won them all. Especially when at that time Egypt had no superpower patron

    (Sadat had kicked the Russian out of Egypt) and the saudis were reneging on their aid promised to Egypt. The war of attrition had pretty much

    wound down and we had already invested billions in infrastructure and military bases all over sSinai with vanguards of civilian sttlements from

    Yamit to Ofira.

    It was due to us that America committed to Build Egypts military based on American arms tactics and training.

    At the time of we withdrawing from Sinai there was no real fighting between we and Egypt and Egypt had almost no options of going to war and

    they had no superpower in back of them.

    Only a populist demagogic Government like Begins would have agreed to such madness. The right would have gone to civil war if the left had made

    such an agreement but here a phony Israeli right wing party prompted by the weakest president of all time.

    Total Madness

    Every retreat and every concession Israel has ever made with the Arabs or will make only sets the stage for the next conflict which is always

    more costly than all the previous conflicts.

  7. I am dead serious.

    Egypt will attack again, at which point let’s hope Israel belatedly learns its lesson.

    When it comes to the Sinai, the Israelis have violated a cardinal rule of warfare: never fight for the same ground twice.

  8. It is just a matter of time before Egypt again attacks Israel.

    At that point, Israel will have a second chance to annex the Sinai.

    Even if you are not serious, I believe your scenario is inevitable. Actually I

    believed it would be a lot sooner like within 10 years after we

    evacuated. I have been pretty good predicting events but grossly deficient in predicting when. Nobodies perfect 😉

  9. I would trade most of current Israel for the Sinai.

    You won’t have to make that trade.

    It is just a matter of time before Egypt again attacks Israel.

    At that point, Israel will have a second chance to annex the Sinai.

    Then you will return and change your screen name to “sinai82”.

    I have prepared by securing the url of a photo featuring a different baby with a winning appearance.

    Until that time, however…

  10. Can someone explain how I can insert my avatar, I think I followed all directions but it doesn’t appear?

  11. Rightly so, she gave up maybe the most beautifully exotic place on earth. I would trade most of current Israel for the Sinai.

  12. Dearest Mother,

    Each year on this day, I thank the Lord that you have a weakness for Sinatra music and cheap whiskey.

    Otherwise, I would never have been conceived.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  13. Indignantly, he demanded to know how a pious man such as himself was allowed to die when so many people who were filled with iniquity survived.

    “WHY!”, the man demanded of the Lord. “WHY DID YOU NOT PROVIDE?”

    The Lord responded to the pious man: “I provided you with a car. I provided you with a boat. I provided you with a helicopter. I provided you with everything you needed to survive.

    You didn’t die because I failed to provide. You died because you are a crazy son of a bitch.”

  14. you are a crazy son of a bitch.”

    This is not a well kept secret. We all know he is.

    On a serious note, collectively we can make a difference. Let’s hope and pray we are not like the “crazy’ on the roof and we will recognize the help He will provide us with.

    By the way Ayn I think G-d put out that story, sometimes it the only way we understand. Let’s just say it’s on of His parables.

  15. Not if G-d doesn’t will it.

    There was a flood, and the the entire town evacuated..except for one pious man who insisted on staying in his home.

    “Unlike the rest of you, I have faith in the Almighty. G-d will provide,” he proclaimed.

    As the waters rose, the last residents to leave town offered the man a car ride to safety.

    He refused by saying, “G-d will provide.”

    As rivers now rushed down the street, rescuers offered the man a boat ride to safety.

    Yet again, he refused.

    “G-d will provide.”

    Finally, the man found himself standing on his roof with his head barely above water. A rescuer in a helicopter lowered a rope ladder, but still the man refused to be saved, declaring one final time, “G-d will provide.”

    After he drowned, the man was brought before the Lord.

    Indignantly, he demanded to know how a pious man such as himself was allowed to die when so many people who were filled with iniquity survived.

    “WHY!”, the man demanded of the Lord. “WHY DID YOU NOT PROVIDE?”

    The Lord responded to the pious man: “I provided you with a car. I provided you with a boat. I provided you with a helicopter. I provided you with everything you needed to survive.

    You didn’t die because I failed to provide. You died because you are a crazy son of a bitch.”

  16. On the contrary. Obama will change the Middle East in exactly the manner he intends.

    Not if G-d doesn’t will it.

    Let’s say the up and coming elections may put the fear into some of those liberal democrats and hopefully they put up some road blocks for this lunatic BHO.

    Look we are looking for help so let’s not forget the power of prayer. Each and everyone of us can make a difference. G-d is tuned into the churches and synagogues and the hearts of everyone. Don’t be bashful and even though there are those who don’t attend a church or synagogue fear not, you He will listen to first. Impress Him.

    PS, ask him to make the boogie man go away.

  17. Exactly.

    And by denying Israel any form of military aid, Obama thinks he will change the Middle East. He certainly will do that, but not in the manner he thinks.

    On the contrary. Obama will change the Middle East in exactly the manner he intends.

  18. Removal of the Arabs removes most of their immediate threat.


    And by denying Israel any form of military aid, Obama thinks he will change the Middle East. He certainly will do that, but not in the manner he thinks.


    For years, I’ve been saying that Iron Dome defense is a scam: Israel cannot afford to intercept $100 Kassams with $150,000 interceptor missiles. Nevertheless, cash-hungry military enterprises and populist politicians pushed for the useless system.

    Respected analyst Reuven Pedatzur from Tel Aviv University went public with the same simple arguments.

    Reuven Pedatzur iron dome


    Added Pedatzur: “Considering the fact that each Iron Dome missile costs about $100,000 and each Kassam $5, all the Palestinians would need to do is build and launch a ton of rockets and hit our pocketbook.

    The David’s Sling is even worse, he said. “Each one of its missiles costs $1 million, and Hizbullah has well over 40,000 rockets. This issue has no logic to it whatsoever.”

    Pedatzur is planning his own conference for the end of May, to be held at the Netanya Academic college, and he says he hopes it will bring a more serious analysis and debate to the issue.

    “They aren’t discussing it seriously or taking it seriously,” he said.

    Napalm and then boots on the ground is the only way, the cheapest way and the most lasting way if carried to it’s natural consequence.

    Removal of the Arabs removes most of their immediate threat.

  20. JINSA dismissed Israeli government claims that the White House was ready to address the erosion of Israel’s military superiority. The institute said the January 2010 visit by U.S. National Security Advisor James Jones did not concern Israel’s qualitative military edge.

    “Actually, it was to push Israel into more pointless talks with Palestinians, who declined to cooperate,” the institute said.

    The U.S. aid to Arab states, the report said, has hampered Israeli military cooperation with Washington. More than 20 years ago, the Israel Air Force stopped participating in U.S.-sponsored regional exercises to prevent the leakage of combat tactics.

    “It’s one thing for our lover to take pictures in the bedroom,” the report quoted an Israeli combat pilot as saying. “It is another for them to sell the pictures on the street.”

    JINSA said Israel has lost its advantage over the Arabs regarding the quantity and quality of weapons. The institute said the Arabs also appear to have caught up to Israel in the area of tactics and training. The sole advantage was said to concern the quality of Israeli soldiers and officers.

    “Changing Israel’s local security paradigm at the same time as increased sales to the neighbors — and no new sales to Israel — means the balance is pushed further out of whack,” the report said.

    Read more:

    Shift in 2004
    A major U.S. policy shift came in 2004, when the Bush Administration needed Gulf Arab help for the American-led invasion of Iraq – particularly after Turkey denied Bush entrance into Iraq from the north – and wanted to bolster Washington’s influence and ability to deal with regional problems.

    JINSA dismissed Israeli government claims that the White House was ready to address the erosion of Israel’s defensive capabilities. The Institute said the January 2010 visit by U.S. National Security Advisor James Jones did not concern the Washington’s pledge to Israel’s qualitative military edge but was to push Israel into making further concessions to the Fatah-led PA.

    According to the report, the U.S. aid to Arab states has hampered Israeli military cooperation with Washington. More than 20 years ago, the Israel Air Force stopped participating in American sponsored regional exercises in order to prevent the leakage of combat tactics.

  21. Is there an arms embargo against Israel

    Via World Tribune:

    The United States has diverted a shipment of bunker-busters designated for Israel. Officials said the U.S. military was ordered to divert a shipment of smart bunker-buster bombs from Israel to a military base in Diego Garcia. They said the shipment of 387 smart munitions had been slated to join pre-positioned U.S. military equipment in Israel Air Force bases.

    “This was a political decision,” an official said.


    Since taking office, Obama has refused to approve any major Israeli requests for U.S. weapons platforms or advanced systems. Officials said this included proposed Israeli procurement of AH-64D Apache attack helicopters, refueling systems, advanced munitions and data on a stealth variant of the F-15E.

    “All signs indicate that this will continue in 2010,” a congressional source familiar with the Israeli military requests said. “This is really an embargo, but nobody talks about it publicly.”

    We need to be having a public conversation about this. An arms embargo against Israel? This could arguably be considered aiding and abetting Iran. If America does not stand with Israel at a time when Iran is developing nuclear weapons and wants to wipe Israel off the map, war is promoted, not thwarted. The anti-war maneuver becomes a pro-war maneuver when it causes war.

  22. Looks like Rubin is one of those academics who can’t admit they were wrong. As ayn points out he relys on a single source to support his

    dubious contentions and relys on grammer rather than facts to show he wasn’t incorrect in his analysis..

    The questions by Rubin should be:

    what was wanted and denied to Israel by Bush and Obama?

    What was approved:

    What was actually delivered of that which was approved?

    How long have the delays been of what was approved? The current status of all orders delayed or on hold and past delivery date? How long

    past any reasonable expectation have any current orders not been handled in an expeditious manner as has usually been the norm.

    Comparison of Israels requests approved, denied, or held up, when comparison with our enemies Egypt, Saudi Arabia the Gulf States, Jordan,

    Lebanon and the PA?

    Why has the most advance cruise missile the Harpoon been approved and delivered to Egypt but denied to Israel knowing that Israelo has no

    defenses against such an offensive weapon?

    I have repeatedly pointed out that as of now the Obama Administration has never put any material pressure on Israel. There are wild rumors and irresponsible materials floating around to the contrary. They aren’t true.

    The first lie:The U.S. administration certifies that each specific arms sale to each individual Arab country will not upset the balance in the region and Israel generally retains the right to buy more of almost anything it needs (see exceptions on Apache helicopters and the F-35 next generation fighter coming in Part II of this report). But Israel does not have unlimited resources-if the Saudis have about 153 American F-15 fighter jets of various types and six Eurofighter Typhoons (as it does), and then signs a deal for 71 more Typhoons (as it did), how does Israel compete when the Obama Administration announces 24 more F-16s for Egypt and 24 additional F-16s for Morocco (as it did)?

    Israel, as previously noted, retains control of the quality of soldiers entering the IDF and their leadership.

    That hardly seems enough.

    As proof, for example, take the article by Barbara Opall-Rome in Defense News, May 3, 2010, “U.S. Backs Israeli Munitions Upgrades.” She writes of “ever-expanding bilateral security ties unharmed by the unusually high-profile political rift” that took place temporarily.

    Backed? As opposed to approved and delivered?

    Temp political rift that took place? Here Temp and took place as in past tense belies a disconnect with the facts and the truth of the matter.

    In fact, the United States is equipping Israel with GBU-39 Small Diameter Bombs for its F-15I fighter-bombers and this will be followed by the same system on F-16I planes. These 250-pound bombs are called bunker busters because they are smart bombs that will go through more than six feet of reinforced concrete.

    In addition, Israel has equipped F-15Is to carry the 5,000-pound-class GBU-28 Hard Target Penetrator, designed to burrow 100 feet into earth or 20 feet into concrete.

    These munitions were ordered immediately after the 2nd Lebanese War and according to ALL reports with no exceptions have yet to be approved and or delivered. Some were to replace munitions used during the war itself and others I assume to be used if and when Israel attacks Iran but now we know that Hizbola and Hamas have in the past few years hardened their protection of missiles in bunkers as per Iranian design and Israel in the next conflict will need such munitions to get to those hardened fortifications.

    *** There are no munitions produced by America Israel cannot replicate and most we already have…It all comes down to Budget, so save money for other budgetary needs Israel prefers to receive and always at the expense of our military and civilian industries. the American aid even with American restrictions. American aid has created many anomalies in our defense calculations and budget.

    Example 50% of our defense budget goes to pay pensions and perks given soldiers and officers. After serving min of 20 years they can retire at near full pensions and pursue a second career. Ea year with more retirees their % of our defense budget increases. At the very least this needs to be revamped at the very least removed from our defense budget as it creates distortions and as we can see many necessary real defense needs are rejected or delayed because of budgetary shortfalls. Pensions trump all other security assumptions and American aid goes a long way to perpetuating all our inefficiencies and systemic distortions not to mention the corruption of our military and political echelon.

    The Israel Air Force is also receiving the Laser-Guided Joint Direct Attack Munitions (LJDAM), developed by Boeing Integrated Defense Systems and Israel’s Elbit Systems and able to direct smart bombs more accurately.

    Again what was ordered and when and what has been delivered and when and what hasn’t and why?

    To put it bluntly, GBU-39s can be used against simpler installations like arms-smuggling tunnels dug by Hamas between Egypt and the Gaza Strip along with Hizballah field fortifications.

    The GBU-28s could be fired at stronger Hizballah installations. They could also be used on Iranian nuclear weapons or missile installations some day. Clearly, the U.S. government is neither urging nor advocating such an action and may never do so. But it has not blocked the possibility in terms of weaponry either.

    Rubin takes all of us for fools. We didn’t ask for a list of munitions and their capabilities. Again what was ordered ? What was approved and or not approved bvy America? When were they supposed to be delivered and then were they delivered and if not for how long and why haven’t they been delivered?

    None of these questions Rubin or is source supplies.

    Don’t blow semantic sand in our face Rubin, just the facts pls. even if you don’t like them and even when they show you for a fool or someone with an agenda. Then if not that a fool working for others with an agenda.

    I have said here many times I can’t remember when an analysis of Rubin has been shown in the light of hindsight to have been correct.

    Why bother with him, he is at best disingenuous.

  23. The verbs used by Rubin are “equipping” and “receiving”.

    The verbs I am looking to see are “equipped” and “received”.

    As of now, it appears that what the Israelis have “received” are Obama promises.

    And as Americans just discovered about health care “reform”, Obama promises are not worth receiving.


    May 01, 2010
    Israel’s ship of state now sails without a true compass.
    By Professor Louis Beres

    The Jewish Press, April 23, 2010

    Horace was born in 65 BCE and died in 8 BCE. His ode on the “ship of state” pertains to ancient Rome, but it might just as well refer to Israel after it concedes to “live with a nuclear Iran” and also to “live with Palestine” The more or less concurrent arrival of (1) Iranian nuclear weapons, and (2) an independent Palestinian state, could have an intolerable effect upon Israel. Indeed, this injurious interactive outcome,— known technically in science, medicine and engineering as asynergistic — would likely be far greater than the simple sum of these two discrete parts.

    So, now essentially sailing without oars, the Jewish State flounders without any real strategic understandIng or determination. Although existential security issues are already serious enough for Israel without a nuclear Iran, and also without a 23rd enemy Arab state, the near-simultaneous appearance of these two developments would present Israel with a unique and literally unprecedented problem. The ship of Israel, though certainly built of noble timber, and from sturdy forests, may not hold together against such a probable dual assault. Its sails are already badly shredded. What, exactly, has brought Israel to this perilous point?

    Ironically, in an inexplicable juxtaposition of counsel, Israel has regularly sought direction from misguided friends and sworn enemies. Soon, if Prime Minister Netanyahu should buy into the Mitchell 5-point plan, Israeli police and soldiers will prepare to evict thousands of Jews from Judea/Samaria in compliance with Washington’s Road Map. Following extensive U.S. military training of Fatah security forces – a misguided process presently underway. Palestine could then become a locus of mega-terrorism against both Israeli and American cities. This hazard, of course would be substantially worsened by any subsequent Iranian nuclearization.

    Israel’s ship of state now sails without a true compass. Where once every Israeli understood an absolutely sacred post-Holocaust obligation to survive, this primary awareness has now given way in critical quarters to the twisted agendas of post-Zionism. In both government and in the universities, emerging Israeli architects of Palestine have no real acquaintance with seaworthiness. Instead, vainly seeking the approval of an international community, these unwitting planners of Jewish ruins-in-the-making will discover only the Jihadist “peace” of Fatah, Hamas and al-Qaeda.

    Taking a page from the advanced theoretical economics of President Shimon Peres, Jewish supporters of a “Two-State Solution” still argue that enhanced Palestinian social and industrial development could somehow compel a true inter-communal harmony.What they still fail to recognize, however, is that the deepest explanations of Israel’s growing existential predicament lies not in Plato or Marx, but in Nietzsche, Freud, Kierkegaard and Dostoyevsky. As always, the presumed imperatives of Reason will be thoroughly trumped by the inconsolable passions of Unreason.

    For Israel, the true compass should be easy to read. With any further capitulations on Palestine, Prime Minister Netanyahu would push Israel toward a ludicrously squalid disappearance. For Israel, the Obama Road Map portends only a catastrophic and still-preventable shipwreck. Tills twisted cartography draws succor from the most basic and persisting expressions of incorrect reasoning. It lacks even a residual shred of Jewish dignity. Outside its borders, Israel’s unchanging enemies, especially in Iran, Syria and Egypt, prepare stealthily but mightily for war.

    Earlier, Israel’s armed forces were sometimes allowed to take indispensable preemptive initiatives. But now the future of Israeli preemptions is at best uncertain. Should Iran proceed to final nuclear weapon status, the irreversible result of multiple Israeli and American failures to exercise “anticipatory self-defense,” Israel would be threatened not only by the new terror state of Palestine. It would also be imperiled by an existing enemy state now harboring both the intention and capability of inflicting another Final Solution.

    Fused together in an ominous synergy, a nuclear Iran and a Palestinian State could cause Israel’s ship of state to break apart. Neither outcome should ever be allowed by the vessel’s captain and crew.

    LOUIS RENE BERES was educated at Princeton (Ph.D., 1971). He has published ten major books dealing with international relations and international law. Professor Beres’ work is well-known to military and intelligence communities in Washington and Jerusalem. He is Professor of Political Science and International Law at Purdue, and also Strategic and Military Affairs columnist of the Jewish Press.

    A Nuclear Iran Could Become the First ‘Suicide State’
    President Obama’s naive belief in rationality could turn Israeli cities into cemeteries
    By Louis René Beres
    Louis René Beres lectures and publishes widely on Israeli security matters. Professor of Political Science and International Law at Purdue University, he was Chair of Project Daniel.

    President Barack Obama–today launching a special nuclear security summit in Washington–finally acknowledges that Iranian threats to annihilate Israel are serious. Still, Obama fails to understand that applying so-called economic sanctions to Iran will be ineffectual. Somehow, despite very good reasons to the contrary, the president is now insisting that Israel learn to “live” with a nuclear Iran.
    Click here to find out more!

    Obama confidently assumes that Tehran could be dealt with using the normally-compelling dynamics of nuclear deterrence. The problem with such threat-based optimism, however, is the always-underlying presumption of enemy rationality. Without rationality, deterrence will fail.

    No system of nuclear deterrence can operate unless all of the involved countries value their own physical survival more highly than anything else. Significantly, Tehran’s new nuclear status could coincide with an unshakable leadership belief in the Shi’ite apocalypse. Here, Israel would face not only more Palestinian suicide-bombers (President Obama’s recycled Road Map toward a “Two-State Solution” will only encourage Palestinian terrorism), but also a “suicide state.”

    Barack Obama stubbornly fails to recognize something critical. This is the unspeakable goal of all Israel’s Islamist enemies, which remains Jewish extermination. Oddly, this expressly genocidal goal is unhidden. In the bitterest of ironies, an ancient nation that was ingathered in 1948 precisely to prevent another Holocaust has become the fevered focus of another Final Solution.

    The goal of all Israel’s enemies, especially Iran and the soon-to-be-born (and Obama-favored) Palestinian state, is to be left standing while Israel is made to disappear. For these refractory enemies, there can be no coexistence with Israel. At the end of the day, this is because their own survival is believed to demand Israel’s extinction.

    Pressured by President Obama to exchange land for nothing, Israel is being pushed to collaborate in its own disappearance. Israel’s prime minister should take notice. It would be a fatal mistake for Binyamin Netanyahu to embrace Obama’s cheery belief that reason and rationality govern the world, a belief implicit, for example, in the president’s hope for “a world free of nuclear weapons.”

    Barack Obama will not save Israel. Once Iran had decided to launch nuclear missiles at Israel, perhaps a plausible prospect in just a few years, Washington’s best assistance would be confined to help bury the dead. Even for this “assistance,” whole Israeli cities would first have to be converted into cemeteries.

    Whether in Gaza, West Bank (Judea/Samaria) or Tehran, Israel’s Jihadist enemies wish to kill Jews because every such homicide is a deeply felt and genuinely sacred obligation. For them, killing Jews remains a praiseworthy expression of religious sacrifice. President Obama should bear in mind that such killing is expected to confer upon the perpetrators immunity from personal death. Could there ever be a more compelling expectation?

    In the Islamic Middle East, power over death always trumps all other forms of power. There is no greater power in the Dar al Islam (the World of Islam) than the religiously-authoritative promise of immortality, and this promise is always linked to total war against “unbelievers.”

    The core idea of death as a zero-sum commodity–“I kill you; I therefore remain alive forever”–has already been explained in certain literatures, and in psychology. It is captured perfectly in philosopher Ernest Becker’s paraphrase of Nobel Laureate Elias Canetti: “Each organism raises its head over a field of corpses, smiles into the sun, and declares life good.”

    Just to stay alive, Israel must understand what Freud inner-circle member Otto Rank once called a general principle of psychology: “The death fear of the ego is lessened by the killing, the Sacrifice, of the other; through the death of the other one buys oneself free from the penalty of dying, of being killed.”

    Israel’s enemies, to remain standing, and to prevent Israel from standing up, seek to sacrifice the Jewish state on a joyously bloodstained altar of protracted war and terror.

    This planned destruction of Israel is not about geopolitics. It is integrally part of a system of religious worship that is directed toward the conquest of personal death.

    True peace in the Middle East will never be brought about by political clichés and empty witticisms. Real wisdom is necessary, and this insight will need to be based upon a true awareness of jihadist goals and capabilities. For Barack Obama, this calls for a much deeper understanding of the interpenetrating and existential threats to Israel posed by Iran and “Palestine.”

  26. What kind of war would it be?

    Hezbolah rocketsThe Iranian arms shipment hijacked by Israel, included 3,000 rockets—a bit less than the total number Hezbollah fired at Israel during the 2006 Lebanon war. That shipment would bring Hezbollah’s rocket arsenals to about 50,000, a mammoth amount by any measure.

    In the highly successful first strike of the 2006 war, IAF eliminated about half of Hezbollah’s rockets. No doubt Hezbollah is digging deeper and expects the next score to be much lower. Thus, it is preparing to launch some 20–30 thousand missiles at Israel.

    Such an attack would devastate Israel’s northern communities and prompt harsh retaliation against Lebanon. Even as Hezbollah is becoming an increasingly political force, Iran is preparing it for an apocalyptic war with Israel.

  27. It is up to American supporters of Israel to get out the word.

    Any suggestions?

    I think for now just sending it to everyone on our contact lists and to every blog and media outlet, is OK for starters. See if anyone picks

    it up and runs with it.

  28. This report is damming not only to America but to Israels leadership and our American friends like AIPAC (sic) and so called Christian friends of Israel whose leadership must be as aware as we are of What America is doing or not doing vid a vis Israel and exposing the lies re: America insuring our military edge against all of our enemies. Congress rubber-stamping ea arms request to supply our Arab and Muslim enemies.

    I knew this without the report from JINSA. Convenient to overlook things that don’t comport with conceptions rather than face the absolute truth.

    The Party is over but nobody seems ready to announce it so it lingers on by inertia and a large dose of fear by our political leaders. BB has already wasted precious time and capital in trying to pacify Obama and the Israeli left, their influential, mega industrial and financial Barons here and abroad.

    I would take this report and send it to everyone, so nobody will have an excuse afterwards

  29. When I too quickly sent out my article Enemies Noe, Shoshana Bryen of JINSA wrote to me to strongly suggest that I retract it. Later she gave me all the reasons why.

    You lost me Ted. There is nothing in her analysis parts #1-2-3 to render your “Enemies”.Worthy of a retraction. If anything it supports your contentions.

    America is not an enemy but neither is she a friend, but America is a friend to of Wahhabite Saudi Arabia, totalitarian Egypt, the Al

    Jazeera state of Qatar, Bedouin Jordan, Islamic Kuwait, terrorist Iraq, and just about every other enemy of Israel. Even Russia would be a

    more reliable and attractive imperial master for Israel than is the US. Our American friends sell immense quantities of advanced weapons to

    Saudi Arabia, provide $1.4 billion in annual aid to Egypt, fought for Kuwait, and spent more in Iraq in the last four years than they gave

    to Israel in the last forty years. The US plays it nice: it vetoes the UN’s empty proclamations against Israel.

    Israel can’t compete in an arms race that only American Industry profits from.

    Israel can’t compete with a combined Arab and Muslim force especially if nukes financed by the Saudis in Pakistan fall into certain hands

    and Iran then Egypt get their own Nukes.

    From the day I began posting here on Israpundit I have maintained that our greatest existential threat is Egypt I haven’t

    changed my mind despite the potential Iranian threat.

    It’s time for Israel to revamp her military doctrine and pull our Nukes up from the basement and begin to flaunt them.

    How does anyone know how many Nukes Iran already has purchased from Korea and any of the Soviet republics? Saudi Arabia is rumored to

    have a few nukes in payment for financing the Pakistani

    program. Egypt has an advanced nuke program as do Syria and Algeria. Now Jordan seems

    interested. Israel must have a vibrant policy of nuclear deterrent with a no bullshit policy of preemption even with Egypt OUR PEACE PARTNER



  30. Fine.

    It is not an embargo.

    Call it “Raspberry Sherbet”.

    It is the withholding of American arms from Israel.

    And it should be publicized at ear-shattering levels.