ISIS On The March: Jordan Within Their Gun Sight


Lisa Benson, and Co-host, Jerry Gordon conducted an interview with Dan Diker, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and Mudar Zahran. A debate insured on the merits of Muslim Brotherhood involvement within the ranks of the King Abdullah inner circle, the presence of ISIS in Jordan, especially in Ma’an which is near the Israeli sea side resort town of Eilat, Israel and the tensions between Hamas and Fatah. Withing the first five minutes of the broadcast was the FIRST breaking story of ISIS declaring CALIPHATE. Sources proclaim that ISIS are within gun sight of the Jordon border. A powerful, insightful interview that outlines Mudar Zahran’s desire for a Palestinian Jordan. This broadcast was before the three Israeli teens were found dead – It is a riveting interview to be listened to and shared.

In advance, this ad promoted the show.


July 3, 2014 | Comments »

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