Nonie Darwish, a Muslim apostate, narrated this very graphic documentary VIDEO that you cannot ignore.

If you have the stomach for unimaginable blood lust and brutality, click on the picture.

It was produced by David Horowitz and Phyllis Chesler.



October 26, 2007 | 6 Comments »

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  1. Who are you talking about – the shards of the feminist movement of the 1970s? You know don’t you, that no real feminist movement exists.

    There were those feminists who prepared the way in the 70s and 80s, and who dissolved back into the woodwork sometime during the 1990s being neither writers or capitalizers. They got a life.

    Zombie profiteers only remained to make money off the bones of the organizations left behind, NOW, Feminist Majority, MS, etc.

    So at the start of the war when a few old feminists started speaking out about the position of Muslim women they, we, were shocked that those hollow “feminist” organizations would not stand with us, and were not there for Muslim women. In fact the organizations were wrong consistently on the issues, and denied and silenced us. On the other hand, the left women and the academics tried to shout us down.

    I have been speaking out about using the war as an opportunity to elevate the slave status of Muslim women since the war stared at,, Phyllis Chesler exposed the treatment of women in the Islamic fascist state at the Chesler Chronicles and in the book “The Death of Feminism”. Donna Hughes has a list of publications at

    Elinor Burkett (So Many Enemies, So Little Time) has written on the issues related to Muslim women and did public speaking on those issues. Muslim feminists have been there, are there.

    But the State Dept Office of International Women’s Issues has made no effort to reach out to we feminist who had organizing credentials. Only Republican women have been called upon to organize projects for Afghanistan and Iraq.This, despite that so many women signed up for every on line Q & A they made available. The women in those offices were not free to reach out to us – I remember the day the Iraq constitution was adopted they were almost crying but said under their breaths that they felt helpless and I knew then that they had their orders. They had been told that they had to go along for the greater good. Where have we heard that before?

    So now, having ignored the many US feminists who wanted to be involved and who want equal rights for Muslim women but who needed the State Dept to assist us in the effort, the Bush administration has no base of support for the liberation of Muslim women. AND THAT IS EXACTLY THE WAY THEY WANT IT.

    Every month of this war I wrote the State Dept and my representatives until I finally realized the Bush Adm. only used the women’s rights issues opportunistically. They love being able to call the ladies left auxiliary “the feminist movement”. And they make sure that real feminists have no input into policy making or program development.

    Slowly we feminists are coming out of the fog of war to see how our organizations do not exists, how the ladies on the left are not feminists and how the Bush Adm has betrayed Muslim women.

    The fog cleared for me when Laura Bush put the Burka on to meet with the Saudi Princes.

    What Now?

  2. There will be no Western feminist uproar against the abuse of women in the Middle East until you blame it on the Jews. Europe and America are just waiting for the cue: ‘Get rid of the Jews and the problem is gone.’

  3. There was a panel discussion about Canadian bigotry on CTV’s “The Verdict” with Paula Todd last night which once again revealed how naïve Canadians are when it comes to Islamic values and practices. With the exception of Ezra Levant, rather than point out the bigotry and danger of Islamic practices to women (and men) and minorities, they emphasized the innocence and special cultural value of niqabs and all the symbols of extreme Islam to the cultural mix that is Canada. Those Muslims and victims of Islamic regimes who are trying to escape from such repression must find it very strange how we manage to support intolerance by abusing and extending the ideas of multiculturalism to their extremes.

    By supporting or ignoring the influence of extremists in the West, we undermine those people in regimes who are powerless to rise up against such practices and then they become despondent when they see a progressive western country such as Canada extolling the virtues of such practices under the aegis of multiculturalism. I wrote the following to CTV:
    I think that Paula Todd and her panel were completely missing the point about Niqabs and some other Islamic practices – these are practices associated with the repression of human rights in many other countries and Muslims are fleeing from extremes to the freedom, welcoming environment and security of countries such as Canada. Canada needs to filter out the good from the bad or risk having these practices become the norm in some communities.

    When those symbols of regression, repression and terrorism are glorified by a Multicultural value system in Canada, they are actually being given a stamp of approval for sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, the conquest of other religions by the sword, the indoctrination to terrorism, Sharia law and many other negative consequences of the extremes of Islamic beliefs.

    It is not okay to import these values into Canada because, as the numbers of Muslims grow, some will and have insisted on imposing these retrograde beliefs on others and Canada will be adopting intolerance as a result of an over-abundance of state tolerance for all beliefs regardless of their merit. Not all beliefs are equal, not all customs are okay, not all ways of living are acceptable in Canada, nor should they be. To suggest that some of these intolerant beliefs, values and practices in other countries are fine and acceptable imports leaves Canadians vulnerable to the same kinds of abuses and even violence that people suffer in less-developed and less enlightened countries. We must not blind ourselves to these dangers just because it might inflame religious and political extremists who want to make their ways seem innocent and acceptable to all Canadians.

  4. Feminists don’t raise an uproar for several reasons.
    1. They are frightened (nothing against the ladies, many men are frightened too).
    2. They realize the terrorists aren’t swayed by public opinion and it does no good to complain. It’s much easier to push around and be tough with timid and emasculated white males.
    3. Feminist beliefs in abortion, gay rights, and free love have so atrophied their moral sense that they don’t even know the difference between right and wrong and are incapable of sustained moral effort outside of a very limited set of boundaries.

  5. Shalom Ted,

    The “feminists” are not protecting them because the “feminists” support the barbarians. Anyone can use any name for a title or a description. Recall the term “social-democratic” was used as a synonym for “Marxist” by Lenin in “What Is To Be Done?”

    Even the acronym term “HIAS” is no longer exclusive to Hebrew immigrants.

    President Bush is defining Islam as a religion of peace because the US is a debtor nation needing certain Islamic nations to keep the US economy propped up. A guns and butter welfare economy costs trillions of dollars per year and this requires borrowing – with interest.

    Kol tuv,

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