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  1. What none on the panel eluded to was that The GOP and Big Corporate America support Shariah or at least don’t oppose it. They are the major financiers of Lobbyist Norquist who some claim is the most powerful man in America. He is by all standards the most feared!
    The Pledge: Grover Norquist’s hold on the GOP

    Alan Simpson:

    He may well be the most powerful man in America today. So if that’s what he wants, he’s got it. You know, he’s — megalomaniac, ego maniac, whatever you want to call him. If that’s his goal, he’s damn near there. He ought to run for president because that will be his platform: ‘No taxes, under any situation, even if your country goes to hell.’

    Simpson also wants to know where Norquist and Americans for Tax Reform, with its multimillion dollar budget gets its money.

    Simpson: When you get this powerful, and he is, then it’s, ‘Where do you get your scratch, Grover?’ Is it two people? Is it 10 million people? The American people demand to know where you get your money, Grover babe.

    But under federal law, Grover babe, as Simpson calls him, and Americans for Tax Reform, a nonprofit organization, aren’t required to disclose the identity of its contributors. So the finances of a group that demands transparency in government are opaque. Norquist says the money comes from direct mail and other grassroots fundraising efforts. But a significant portion appears to come from wealthy individuals, foundations and corporate interests.