Islam’s War against Free Speech

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“International Islamic Conference on Inter-faith Dialogue” calls for action against “culture of hatred among nations”

If you don’t know by now that action against the “culture of hatred among nations” means restrictions on free speech about Islam, including investigations of the motives and goals of the jihad terrorists, you haven’t been paying attention. Pakistan recently called for EU action against free speech, and this conference, which was portrayed in the witless Western press as a genuine call for interreligious dialogue, is talking about going to the UN and “taking action at the media level to counter distorting campaigns and confront calls for confrontations among civilizations.”

In other words, if you say Muslims are waging jihad warfare against non-Muslims, they will try to get you vilified, if not prosecuted, for “hate speech” — for daring to suggest that there is a “confrontation among civilizations.”

[EZRA LEVANT also comments]

“Muslim scholars call for action against ‘culture of hatred among nations,'” from Kuwait News Agency, June 7

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  1. Speaking of free speech here is an item that should blow your minds it blew mine:

    German Jewish leaders welcome the Mein Kampf publication

    Hitler’s infamous book was banned in Germany for six decades. Enough is enough, and good Germans demand access to their cultural heritage. German academics spearhead the struggle for publication. German Jewish leaders informally supported the publication (a freedom of speech, you know, we should not offend German sensitivities) and now the chief of Berlin Judenrat one Zuskind formally announced her support for the publication.

  2. The Arab/Muslim countries don’t like free speech when that speech targets their own countries, leadership and religion. They do, however, love free speech when that free speech targets Israel and the West. The free speech that they love combines lies and propaganda in a toxic brew designed to incite hatred against others. Repeated often enough, it becomes the truth in the minds of westerners all too susceptible to their campaign and already predisposed towards hatred of Israel and the West.

    I am not saying that all free speech directed at Islamic/Arab countries is the whole truth. What I am saying is that the Arab/Muslim block have taken every opportunity to use and abuse free speech here in the West but they refuse to even ask for free speech and freedoms in their own countries because that would require an admission that something is rotten in their own theocracies, dictatorships and terrorist entities.