Israel alone won the War

With the media awash in Six Day War revisionism, Mitchell Bard notes for the record,


The United States tried to prevent the war through negotiations, but it could not persuade Nasser or the other Arab states to cease their belligerent statements and actions. Still, right before the war, President Johnson warned: “Israel will not be alone unless it decides to go alone.”1 Then, when the war began, the State Department announced: “Our position is neutral in thought, word and deed.” 2

Moreover, while the Arabs were falsely accusing the United States of airlifting supplies to Israel, Johnson imposed an arms embargo on the region (France, Israel’s other main arms supplier, also embargoed arms to Israel).

By contrast, the Soviets were supplying massive amounts of arms to the Arabs. Simultaneously, the armies of Kuwait, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq were contributing troops and arms to the Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian fronts.3

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  1. Arab and muslim culture and the nature of the regimes involved plus the insidious agitation by Russia egging on and even misleading arab govts. If we add to this volitile mix of the arabs states and russia that Israel was weak and could be taken in battle. If we include the perpensity of arabs to beleive their own rhetoric, americas declared neutrality, americas being bogged down in Vietnam at the time. Israeli seeming indeceisiveness, hundreds of thousands of reservists mobilized in Israel and hundreds of thousands of enemy forces moved to Israeli borders with billions worth of hardware, israel outnumberd 3-1 and mass street demonstrations in every arab capital. the war became inevitable but not so its result. Here again America betrayed Israel as one of conditions and promises by america to Israel in 56, was that america would keept red sea open to israeli shipping when the time came to test comitment america failed to respond which all but made war certainty.

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