Israel has the answer for airport security

‘Are you a terrorist?’ The simple question being asked at an airport which could rumble a suicide bomber

It used to be that intelligent young people would ask simple uestions of travellors while looking them in the eye. This was effective but time consuming. Now the questions are being asked by inanimate uestioners and observations are recorded by computors. Just as effective, if not moreso, but much faster.
h/t Sarah Sue

December 18, 2010 | 2 Comments »

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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. The simple question is a good idea, and if the person fits the terrorist profile to a “T”, it may increase effectiveness to ask the question with a Glock to the head.

  2. Ben Gurion’s critical line of defence consists of polite, highly trained agents…

    Polite indeed. In fact I found the entire procedure quite delightful (and reassuring).

    It will take aeons (if ever) to get the Israeli system into general use, because (1) it was developed by the Zionist Entity (TM), and (2) it wasn’t developed by the geniuses in the various departments of homeland security. Oh, and (3) there will be riots in the Arab Street and steadfast refusals by muslims (on the grounds of racism) to allow the use of such techniques because – see item (1).